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Hemp The Future Of Protein (1)


Hemp protein is a complete and rich source of all the essential nutrients that are contained in the right amounts. Whereas other plant-based proteins lack some or the other nutrient, hemp contains all the 9 amino acids required for the body. It is better than whey, rice and pea protein as they lack fibre and have low antioxidants. It is a purely organic and vegan product that has numerous health benefits. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hemp The Future Of Protein (1)

Hemp The Future Of Protein
Plant-Based Protein
Hemp protein has gained widespread popularity due
to the increased dependence on the vegan
lifestyle among people. Hemp is an organic and
vegan product that is full of nutritional
benefits. The intolerance towards lactose has
created the popularity of plant-based proteins
among others. There is also a high level of
saturated fats in meat that has made people
inclined towards hemp protein.
A Complete Source Of Protein
Hemp vegan protein is a complete and rich source
of protein. Out of 20 amino acids, 9 are
essential for our body. Hemp protein contains all
the 9 essential acids which make it a powerhouse
of nutrients. Other plant-based proteins like
grains, peas, nuts, beans, one or the other acid
are missing. But hemp protein contains all the
vital acids.
Health Benefits
Hemp protein powder contains all the vital
nutrients like zinc, magnesium, vitamin E,
potassium, phosphorus, protein and fatty acids
like omega 3 and omega 6. The right proportion of
omega 3 and omega 6 regulates hormones and keeps
your blood pressure in control. The presence of
fibre aids digestion and boosts immunity.
Other Proteins
In comparison to hemp protein, whey protein and
pea protein contain no fibre and are low in
antioxidants. Rice protein contains essential
amino acids but unlike hemp, doesnt contain all
the 9 amino acids required for the body.
Nutrients Contained
Hemp protein powder contains proteins, fibre,
minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids without
any sugar or cholesterol. In 30gms of hemp vegan
protein, the amount of calories is 120,
protein-12g, carbs-11g, fat-3g, fibre-5g,
magnesium-260mg, iron-6.3g, potassium-380mg and
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