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I support the Legalization of Marijuana


I support the legalization of Marijuana. ... Marijuana users smoke less at a time, so they're smoking less. ... a college study, marijuana users were found to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: I support the Legalization of Marijuana

I support the Legalization of Marijuana
  • By Becky Beauchamp
  • Section 621

  • I support the legalization of Marijuana. I
    believe that it is not as harmful as other legal
    mind altering agents such as alcohol, and that it
    should also be legal for medicinal purposes.
  • "Prohibition...goes beyond the bounds of reason
    in that it attempts to control a man's appetite
    by legislation and makes a crime out of things
    that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a
    blow at the very principles upon which our
    government was founded" -- Abraham Lincoln
    December, 1840 (Paranoia 1).

What is Marijuana?
  • Also called cannabis sativa or cannabis indica
  • Contains a psychoactive chemical called
    tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in its leaves, buds,
    and flowers

Similar PlantsTHC Amounts
  • Marijuana 2-5
  • Hemp (aka cannabis sativa L) 1
  • Hashish 8-14

Good uses of Marijuana
  • Medicinal purposes for such diseases as
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Epileptic Seizures
  • Cancer
  • Crohns Disease
  • Alcoholism!
  • 92 Northern Californian patients who used
    cannabis to treat their booze addiction reported
    very effective or effective results (Damuzi

States Supportive of Medicinal Marijuana
  • Alaska
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Missouri
  • Michigan
  • These states are trying to get marijuana made
    legal to have for adults 21 and over, medicinal
    marijuana made legal, or possession punishments
    lowered in their states.

Myths About Marijuana
Its More Harmful than Alcohol
  • Not a depressant
  • A non-violent reaction ( test patients actually
    became non-violent and pacifistic)
  • Impossible to over-dose
  • User isnt a danger to others simply by doing the

Myths About Marijuana
Its Worse than Cigarettes
  • Marijuana and tobacco smoke are nearly
    identical (Exposing_04).
  • Most cigarette smokers consume 10-40 cigarettes a
    day, marijuana smokers smoke 3-5 or less, so the
    lung damage is less.
  • Marijuana users smoke less at a time, so theyre
    smoking less.
  • You could eat it, and avoid this health risk

Myths About Marijuana
Its Addicting
  • In 1993, 34 of Americans 12 and over had used
    marijuana sometime in their life, only 9 the
    past year, 4.3 the past month, and 2.8 the past
  • For a drug to be addicting, many users have to
    continuously fail in their attempts to quit
    this doesnt happen.
  • Marijuana is less habit forming than either
    sugar or chocolate (Paranoia 1).

Myths About Marijuana
It Can Kill You
  • No one has ever died from marijuana, ever.
  • THC is one of the few chemicals for which there
    is no known toxic amount (Paranoia 1).
  • In a study, people were given 15-20 joints per
    day. The only symptoms experienced were
  • disturbed sleep, restlessness, nausea, decreased
    appetite, and sweating.

You Can Overdose
Myths About Marijuana
It Makes You Lazy
  • Large-scale studies of high school students
    have generally found no difference in grade-point
    averages between marijuana users and non-users
    (Exposing 11).
  • In a college study, marijuana users were found
    to have higher grades, and to score higher on
    "achievement values" scales than non-users (11).

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Myths About Marijuana
Its a Gateway Drug
  • Most users of heroin, LSD and cocaine have used
    marijuana. However, most marijuana users never
    use another illegal drug (Exposing 13).

How Marijuana Would Help Us if Legalized
  • We would boost the economy by using more paper
    products, to plastics as tough as steel
    (Ratical 1).
  • We would get fuel that can replace all oil,
    gas, coal and nuclear power consumption, to a
    rich source of vegetable oil and protein, to all
    manner and form of fabrics and textilesto 100
    non-toxic paints and varnishes, to lubricants, to
    building materials that can replace dry wall and
    plywood, to carpets, rope, laces, sails, . . .
    the list rolls on (1).
  • It is estimated that methane and methanol
    production alone from hemp grown as biomass could
    replace 90 of the world's energy needs. (1).
  • Hemp for Bio-Mass will produce ten to thirty
    tons per acre, or the equivalent of 1,000, to
    3,000 gallons of fuel (Hemp 1).

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