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What is Vietnamese Cuisine Known For?


Vietnamese food is all about fresh vegetables and herbs. It is all about eating healthy and this is the reason it is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Are you looking for the best Vietnamese dishes in Hong Kong? So, Visit our website and get more information regarding this topic as well, – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Vietnamese Cuisine Known For?

What is Vietnamese Cuisine Known For?
Vietnamese food is all about fresh vegetables and
herbs. It is all about eating healthy and this is
the reason it is considered one of the
healthiest cuisines in the world. Usually,
Vietnamese people love noodles this is one
unmistakable fact. However, there is much more to
just eating noodles when it comes to Vietnamese
cuisines. Food lovers may know this fact very
well that two best and widely eaten Vietnamese
dishes are spring rolls and bread rolls. Rice,
fresh greens and herbs play an important role in
making Vietnamese food Vietnamese food uses
minimal oil and dairy in cooking delicious
cuisines. It normally relies more on the light
and fresh flavours of greens. This is what makes
Vietnamese unique and healthy at the same
time. If you are in Hong Kong and your heart
craves something light and healthy, just prefer
eating Vietnamese cuisine. Visit Mint and Basil,
in Tung Chung and order your favourite Vietnamese
mouth drooling cuisine.
It Has Got French Flair
No other cuisine than Vietnamese in Southeast
Asia has such a strong French influence in its
food. Even though, it has been more than six
decades since the end of French colonial rule in
Vietnam, you can still taste the flavours of
French culture in every fluffy baguette. The
perfect banh mi baguette is soft on the inside
and crusty on the outside. It is smeared with
pate and loaded up with fresh cucumber, fried
eggs, meat, and other veggies. Other culinary
leftovers from the French colonial era include
coffee and creme caramel. Although coffee in
France is served black and hot. In Vietnam, it
is enjoyed iced and sweetened with condensed
In Vietnamese Cuisine Soups are Clear
Vietnamese soups have an influence of both French
as well as Southern Chinese food culture. One
such example is that Vietnamese cuisines are
clearer. The Vietnamese signature dish Pho is
made with rich clear beef and meat. The clear
soups taste simple but the best part is you can
taste each element distinctly, like right from
the cilantro to the lemongrass to the long-
simmered beef bones and even the fish
sauce. These soups are different to Thai cuisines
which strikes a healthy balance between
featuring the main ingredients and emphasizing
the flavour of both the broth and the sauce.
It is Definitely Not Just About Spices
Unlike some dishes in the Southeast Asia that may
melt your face off with extra spice like Tom Yum
in Thailand, Sambal in Indonesia, or Vindaloo
Curry in India, Vietnamese cuisines are not just
focussed on being hot or spicy. The goal is only
to balance all the five tastes - sweet, salty,
bitter, sour and spice. All the tastes when come
together makes more balanced, aromatic and
subtle dish. A bit of spice is there in the
dishes but it is never screaming hot like most of
other South Asian dishes. The chefs at Mint and
Basil believe that every ingredient has heating
and cooling properties. For instance, duck meat
is considered cool so it is mostly served in
summer. Chicken is considered warm so it is
served in winter. It is paired with a sour sauce
which is also considered cool. Our chefs strive
to create equilibrium between all the elements
in a dish.
When you are in Hong Kong, you can try as many
Vietnamese dishes as you want. Visit Mint and
Basil, you will get to see a lot of variety.
Believe us, you will be spoilt with healthy and
delicious choices. The restaurant offers not
just Vietnamese cuisines, but entire Pan Asian
food (Thai, Indian, Malaysian, and of course
Vietnamese) If you are here for the best
Vietnamese food in Hong Kong, you can get more
than what you might seek. Today different
cuisines travel to different parts of the world.
For instance, if you are in Hong Kong, you can
eat Indian, Thai, and what not but definitely
with a twist. Every dish that travels from its
native land to other parts of the world earns a
new taste (call it a twist). If you are unable
to go to Vietnam and relish your favorite dish,
there is no need to panic because we have got
everything to pamper your taste buds.
Shop K, Seaview Crescent, 8 Waterfront Rd,Tung
Chung Hong Kong 852 2762 8077 info_at_mintandbasi
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