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eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions


Start your online shop by using the right eCommerce credit processor to avoid having your merchant account frozen. eMerchantPro is also a leader in the eCommerce payment processing market. @ Get in touch with us at eCommerce Payment Gateway | Email us at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions

eMerchantPro High-Risk Merchant Online Payment
What is eMerchant Pro?
  • eMerchant Pro offers awesome high-risk solutions
    for your business to run appropriately without
    any hassles.
  • With a high-risk merchant account including
    offshore gateway processes, credit card
    processing, eCheck solutions and several more
    for the benefit of merchants, we have hastened
    the progress of customers with high-risk merchant
    account services.

Why Online Merchant Searching eCommerce Payment
Gateway for Their Business?
eCommerce needs expansion Oh! You are one of
those merchants that are searching for an
eCommerce Payment Gateway. If youre, then
youre at the right place. Here, well talk about
why merchants are searching for an eCommerce
Payment Gateway. Also, that is what it
benefits. If youre running an eCommerce
business you may have been contacting various
types of clients, and that must be amusing.
Thats for sure. It is because when meeting
different types of customers, their preferences
and problems are known. This helps that you do
not have to face more problems in the
future. Now, an eCommerce payment gateway is
payment processing software. This merchant
service helps online merchants to deal with
online payment processing issues. It is fully
customized according to the needs of an online
merchant, But before acquiring this merchant
service, you need to know why you need this for
your business. And well help you to know the
key factors that work on it. Lets get started.
eCommerce 2022 Merchant Services
eCommerce is a big platform that can help any
brand to expand in the international market. It
can help you to get more business connections
globally. Whats more? That depends on your
business sector and marketing strategies. With
the help of digital marketing, you can directly
target the audience of your choice. But to give
them the convenience of paying for your stuff is
extremely important. What does it mean by
convenience for paying? We mean to say that if
youre an e-merchant then youre able to accept
money online. And while you do that, you need to
maintain the processing perfectly so that the
consumers wont feel any issues. For that, you
need merchant services. But is there any problem
while approaching for such a service. You know!
This is harder than it says. The first one to
whom youll go for this service is a local bank
of yours. Its because for any finance-related
issue the first approach we try is our local
banks. But do they provide you with merchant
services without any conditions? Maybe no. oh!
And whys that? Its because youre an online
merchant. And being an online merchant isnt
easy. The reason for that is youre directly or
indirectly get connected to online threats. And
to fight those threats you need the protection of
reliable software. As a high-risk merchant
service, an eCommerce payment gateway will be
best for your safety from only threats. Also, it
may be able to provide you with several
beneficial features.
Benefits eCommerce Payment Gateway
  • Fraud Prevention Tools - To provide you
    protection from online frauds this gateway has
    the support of fraud prevention tools. These
    tools run on the processing of every
    transaction. So, as soon as these tools detect
    any fraudulent transaction, they stop it
    immediately. To secure consumers money, and
    merchants reputation thatll be a great
  • Smart Routing- As your smart decision to invest
    in a high-risk merchant service, this payment
    gateway has the feature of smart routing. When a
    transaction is placed several terminals are ready
    to let the payment pass through them.But if one
    terminal is busy with several other transactions,
    this feature changes the route of the
    transaction. And it completes the process faster
    on time.
  • Global Card Saving- While paying online if you
    need to fill in the card details again and
    again, wont that be annoying enough? It is!
    Right? So, for that, this payment gateway has
    the support of the feature of global card
    saving. This feature lets the consumers save the
    card details on this payment gateway for future
    use. Its just, so that in the future whenever
    that consumer returns to the website, he doesnt
    need to do it again.
  • Real-Time Transactions- Several other processors
    take too much time to reflect transaction
    details on the dashboard. This annoys the
    merchants. But with this gateway, you get the
    feature of real-time transactions. It will help
    you to reflect the transaction faster in your
    dashboard. Also, with the help of a high-risk
    -payment processor, youll be able transaction
    payments faster.
  • 3D Secure Payments - Before processing any
    transaction, you just need to see theres no
    security error. Sometimes the payer for the
    product isnt the real cardholder. And this
    creates a threat to consumers money. With this
    payment gateway, you dont need to worry about
    that. It has the support of 3D secure payments.
    Whenever a transaction gets placed itll send an
    OTP to confirm the identity of the payer. So,
    thatll be better for the consumers, and theyll
    feel a sense of security.
  • Tokenization- When its about data protection
    you cant ignore this factor. For that, this
    payment gateway has the feature of tokenization.
    It turns the sensitive data into insensitive.
    After that, therell be no threats to merchants
    data. So that consumers can feel safe.
  • Easy Refunds- Many places there are where the
    merchants cant deliver their products. So, in
    this condition, they should just refund the
    amount that has been processed. Right? But what
    happens when merchants fail to refund the amount
    in time? They have to face chargeback because the
    buyer thinks that youre acting unreasonable and
    dont want to return the money on time. But this
    payment gateway has the feature of easy refunds
    that helps merchants to return the payments in
    time. Isnt that amazing?

eMerchantPro eCommerce Payment Gateway
An international market is a place where every
business can showcase its talent. And if you
want to stand out and make your appearance you
need the support of an expert. That expert should
know about your business sector eMerchantPro can
lead you to your goal. Were providing high-risk
merchant services for many years. And we have
dealt with several business sectors. Some of
them are forex, online gaming, online casino,
and many more. Also, our experts will answer your
every doubt, so you wont be confused about
anything. DOWN-UP Now, that we have discussed
why merchants are searching for an eCommerce
payment gateway, we should get to the next thing.
And that is how you would get this merchant
service. You dont have to do many things to get
this payment gateway, you just need to drop a
mail, and wait for our response.
With the help of several reliable acquiring
banks, youll get this merchant service very
easily. And to get more information about our
services just go to our blog section.
616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5040, Valley Cottage,
NY 10989 Email at us
Thank You
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