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Top Magento 2 Payment Gateways for eCommerce Site


Do you know the checkout process of your eCommerce site is the major factor that determines the enjoyable shopping experience of your customer? Yes, you heard it right. Hence, Magentofx advises you to integrate reliable & trustworthy payment solutions with your online store. To know the top Magento 2 payment gateways for the eCommerce site, read our blog at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Magento 2 Payment Gateways for eCommerce Site

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  • To build a trustworthy relationship with the
    customer, your online stores need to present a
    smooth checkout process that assure an enjoyable
    shopping experience as a whole. Furthermore,
    integrating a proper gateway is the solution to
    make the transactions seamless for both
    businesses and consumers.
  • However, the challenge faced by online store
    owners while Magento eCommerce website
    development is to choose the best from a wide
    range of payment gateway alternatives in the
    market. Of course, everyone would like to perform
    safely and give customers a reliable payment
    gateway suiting their preferences.
  • Have you made your mind about the type of Magento
    2 payment gateways you would integrate into your
    eCommerce store?

Overview of Payment Gateway
  • In simple terms, a payment gateway can be defined
    as a merchant service that allows credit card or
    other payment forms in an online shop's existing
    software. It enables the process of transactions
    right from eCommerce online stores to the payment
    processes that receive money from the customers.
  • The payment gateways come with security
    validation enabling consumers to provide their
    credit card details. Such information may also be
    transferred between the payment portal of the
    merchant and the concerned bank.

How do Magento 2 Payment Gateways Work?
  • A payment portal focuses on securing user data
    throughout the transaction process. It assures
    security via data encryption like the user's bank
  • The basic steps involve
  • Step 1 A customer places the order. Then, they
    would come on the Checkout or Submit button.
  • Step 2 Upon pressing the Submit button,
    customers need to enter the relevant information
    on the eCommerce platform or website. To approve
    the transactions, the system will take consumers
    further to the secure page.

  • Step 3 Once the transaction is approved, the
    bank confirms whether the customer has an
    adequate amount and can make the transaction or
  • Step 4 The payment portal provides the seller
    with the respective message. For example, if the
    answer is "No", it will send the customer an
    error message notifying them there's any bank or
    customer account issue. And if "Yes" is the
    answer, the dealer will search for the bank
    transaction approval.
  • Step 5 Now, the bank settles the money utilizing
    the payment mode and delivering the money to the
    seller. Once this process has been completed, the
    customer receives an order confirmation message.
  • eCommerce companies can accept transactions by
    multiple online payment methods. And this can
    include everything like credit cards, debit
    cards, and more.

  • Best Magento 2 Payment Gateways

  1. Stripe
  • Launched in 2011, Stripe provides optimal
    multi-currency payment services supporting
    multiple currencies. The main concept of the
    Stripe payment gateway is to simplify the process
    of online companies.
  • Stripe's features involve easy customization and
    scalability. One of the incredible advantages is
    that you remain on-site rather than redirecting
    you to third-party websites during payment. In
    addition, no further integration fees are
    charged. All in all, for users, it's all smooth
    and simple.
  • Additionally, it is a full-integrated Magento
    payment gateway that offers convenience and a
    seamless checkout experience to clients.

2 PayPal
  • Easy-to-use is the main reason businesses around
    the world prefer to integrate PayPal. There are
    several reasons for choosing this Magento 2
    payment gateway. All new PayPal accounts are
    registered free of charge. The PayPal app is also
    available to companies free to download. PayPal
    accounts enable the customers to pay for
    purchasing online without credit cards, by
    connecting directly to bank accounts.
  • In addition, at checkout, priority is given to
    the financial security factors first. This is
    because the seller will only receive the PayPal
    account number and not the bank or credit
    confidential details.

  • Authorize.Net is the payment gateway alternative
    you need if you want your consumers to quickly
    checkout. This gateway is well-known for online
    payments because of its quality fraud protection
    assistance, simplified checkout options, and
    additional subscription-based features.
  • In addition, Authorize.Net supports the CIM
    (Customer Information Manager) version that
    allows storing consumer's payment details.
    Naturally, it's time-saving and productive. Also,
    it ensures that repeat customers do not have to
    re-enter the details every time they come to
  • CIM by Authorize.Net supports several customer
    profiles. It includes details of payment,
    billing, and product shipping. All in all, your
    customers can enjoy a hassle-free checkout

  • The WorldPay method of payment provides the
    customer with more ways of making transactions.
    This is possible through pay-per-link or virtual
    terminal features. This means that customers do
    not have to leave the site to pay. They only need
    to add the card details. The details can be
    further sent to the payment system to get the
    transaction approved.
  • Merchants can also benefit from the integration
    of Worldpay payment methods other than customers.
    It is adaptive to any business size and allows
    all transactions and other key reports to be
    monitored. In addition, the upgraded safety
    features of fraud protection make the security
  • Magento 2 eCommerce stores can easily enjoy the
    prominent payment features when integrating
    payment extensions. This includes WorldPay Vault
    for card saving, WorldPay local card schemes
    payment, and so on.

  • Surprisingly, 2Checkout is a trustworthy and
    reliable payment system that accepts a diverse
    range of payment currencies and eases the
    customer's checkout process.
  • You'll be surprised to know about 300 fraud
    regulations complying with a range of standards
    at 2Checkout. It includes BBB accreditation,
    private protection, and an assured higher safety

  • Amazon payments started in 2007 that allows the
    eCommerce store owners to send and receive funds
    using their API. It is a well-known and flexible
    payment gateway. And two of its services are
    Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) and Checkout by Amazon
  • Amazon Pay enables you to build an incredible
    shopping experience so that they spend more time
    looking for the offerings and less time to
    purchase. It easily integrates with your CRM
    system. It also has several commercial tools,
    such as payment signs, logos, marketing guides,
    and buttons.

Wrapping Up
  • Choosing the most appropriate payment portal for
    eCommerce is essential for any retail company to
    succeed. Providing a smooth user experience not
    only satisfies customers but increases corporate
    revenue. You only have to consider the factors
    and comparisons mentioned above before using
    these best Magento 2 payment gateways for your
    company. Besides this, you can hire Magento 2
    developer at Magentofx for better support in
    finding the ideal payment gateway for the Magento
    store as required.
  • Also, to learn any of these Magento payment
    gateway integration, check our blog.
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