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Leverage the Best Cloud Storage


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Title: Leverage the Best Cloud Storage

Leverage the Best Cloud Storage
  • Is it really worth paying for cloud storage, or
    you can leverage a free service from cloud
    storage providers? Let us look at some of the
    pointers that can shed some light on this.
  • Moving files from your desktop or PC to a cloud
    platform is the smartest thing you can do to
    store, access, and keep your data safe.
  • With most of the files stored online, users do
    not have to panic about investing in external
    physical drives or storage hardware. In the event
    of a physical hardware failure or theft, users
    have complete access to their data, be it
    documents, photos, videos, or any other media

  • But, with all the cloud storage options or plans
    out there, it becomes difficult for users to pick
    the right plan. Thus, following the right advice
    can help you choose the right plan for the right
    purpose. Below, we shall cover key benefits of
    using cloud storage in United Kingdom.
  • So, what is the definition of cloud storage?
  • The simple definition of cloud storage can be
    written as data stored on remote servers
    accessible from a cloud or the internet.

  • Difference between paid vs free storage services
    or plans
  • The choice of selecting a cloud storage depends
    on the amount of storage that is required. Most
    of the cloud service providers do provide free
    cloud storage in Australia, or other parts of the
    world. These free plans usually begin at 10GB
    free space for some providers which is quite
    enough for beginners or starters. Free storage
    can be used by users to store basic documents,
    images, videos, and more.
  • But, if its cloud storage required for small or
    medium sized businesses, then users need to
    upgrade to paid plans. These paid plans are quite
    affordable as well, and are backed with features
    like User Management, Activity Tracking, Mobile
    Access, Digital Signature, Large file size
    bandwidth, and much more.

  • Heres a list of key features that users can
  • Multi-platform or device access
  • Using a smartphone or tablet can be one of the
    most important aspects of cloud storage, but
    multi-device compatibility is key for users to
    upload their data from a PC or laptop as well.
  • File edit
  • Some of the cloud storage providers do provide
    features like online file editing wherein a user
    has the ability to edit their files, store,
    access, and share it on the go. This gives users
    greater flexibility to sync their files with
    various devices.

  • File Collaboration
  • Most cloud storage services provide one of the
    most significant features like file sharing or
    collaboration. This can be sharing with friends,
    family, or colleagues. Sharing files gives users
    the ability to collaborate instantly, be it
    sharing documents, photos, etc.
  • Real-time file sync
  • Real-time editing is another important feature
    wherein users can sync their work automatically
    with the cloud. The cloud interface provides
    ease-of-use to synchronize files based on changes
    made in files or folders on a desktop or laptop,
    these changes are reflected instantly, or can be
    set to a certain time based on user requirements.

  • Version Roll-back
  • For users who wish to keep various versions or
    copies of their files, version history is an
    important feature wherein users can store
    multiple file versions so that they can restore
    them when required. It proves to be a useful
    feature if something had to go wrong with the
    files or data.
  • Media Playback
  • Many users use cloud services specifically for
    music and videos. Thus, cloud storage providers
    do provide features to play music or video
    through online buffering.

  • Digital Signature
  • For businessmen who need to access and sign
    documents on the go, this serves as a significant
    feature to digitally sign documents and share
    them with various people.
  • Is cloud storage secure?
  • Cloud storage is evolving, and it shows secure
    technology for your data. Cloud storage providers
    use state-of-the-art firewalls, authentication
    systems, and encryption to keep your data safe
    and secure from malicious entities or code. Yet,
    it is important to secure data from the users end
    as well. It is a good practice to change
    passwords at regular intervals, and keep file
    sharing secure through granular permissions, etc.

  • In Summary
  • There are various features wherein cloud storage
    gains a greater advantage over external physical
    drives. But, there are conditions wherein users
    may need a lot of storage space, preferably in
    Terabytes, and even keep it offline for secure
    access. This is where external hard drives are a
    better proposition. But on an overall note, cloud
    storage is a good option for new users who wish
    to store files online, and existing users who
    need upgrades for their business requirements.

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