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Top 10 dental billing companies in 2022


As a dental company owner, you rely on your team to handle the responsibilities of managing billing, insurance claims, and collection. With the time demanded for completing these tasks putting a drain on your office's productivity, you may be trying to decide if you want to implement in-house practice management software with these capabilities. Or, you might be seriously considering outsourcing to a dental billing company. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 dental billing companies in 2022

  • Top 10 Dental Billing Companies In 2022

  • As a dental company owner, you rely on your team
    to handle the responsibilities of managing
    billing, insurance claims, and collection. With
    the time demanded for completing these tasks
    putting a drain on your office's productivity,
    you may be trying to decide if you want to
    implement in-house practice management software
    with these capabilities. Or, you might be
    seriously considering outsourcing to a dental
    billing company.
  • At Adit, we offer automated software solutions
    for these issues but also recognize that for some
    dental offices, it's more beneficial to hire a
    third party instead. Both options work, but it is
    up to you to determine if the benefits of
    outsourcing this aspect of your operations
    outweigh the cost involved.
  • In this article, we review qualities you should
    consider in an outsourced billing service, as
    well as our top ten companies to evaluate in 2022
    to meet your business needs.
  • What Does It Mean to Outsource Your Dental
  • Before we jump into providers, it's important to
    understand what outsourced dental billing is all
    about. When you contract out your dental
    insurance and billing services to an outside
    company, you pay for the complete handling of all
    related billing tasks within your practice. This
    can be a cost-savings when you consider how much
    staff training and non-billable time you reduce
    in the process. But, of course, this money saved
    does go toward some of the cost of your
    third-party biller.
  • When you begin your search for the ideal vendor,
    consider the following qualities before making
    your decision

  • Experience
  • Any prospective billing company should have
    demonstrable experience and superior training in
    this field. Take time to ask questions to
    understand their expertise better and if their
    services fit your dental practice's needs.
  • Reviews
  • Don't just take Google My Business's word for it
    when it comes to determining the level of quality
    and service a dental billing company provides.
    Because reviews can be bought, consider reaching
    out to other dental offices in your area who use
    the firm you are choosing. This firsthand
    knowledge of what it's like working with an
    outsourced billing company will prove insightful.
  • Customer Service
  • Any dental billing company you consider should be
    responsive and always available. These indicators
    of superior customer service will ensure your
    patients will have good payment experiences. This
    includes providing relatable interactions with
    your patients, so they feel valued.
  • Expertise
  • This may seem like an obvious quality to look
    for, but how do you find it? Any company can
    claim decades of experience in billing but not
    provide reliable or competent services. When
    speaking with representatives, pay attention to
    their familiarity and knowledge of their
    services. This should include how your needs are
    met in the process.

  • Accessibility
  • Another important feature your dental billing
    company should offer is easy access to their
    customer service representatives through multiple
    avenues of communication. Whether you send a
    support ticket through their website or access
    customer care through live chat features, make
    sure you choose a readily available company.
  • Proactive
  • Choose a dental billing vendor that reaches out
    the instant there is an issue or delay with a
    billed account. Knowing that there is an issue
    with a patient's insurance or treatment
    description can avoid claim denials.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • While this is undoubtedly an important detail,
    don't base your entire decision-making process on
    a dental billing service's price tag. The whole
    reason to outsource your billing tasks is to open
    up more time for your staff to work on more
    productive opportunities. But, you need to choose
    a service that is competitive in cost without
    sacrificing quality.
  • Our Top Dental Billing Options for 2022
  • Adit Pay
  • Practice management platform Adit offers a a
    billing service software designed to help your
    practice make collections effortless.

  • Powered by Stripe, it's even easier to process
    and track patient payments, and it gives them
    many more ways to pay, including
  • Email
  • Text to Pay
  • In-Office
  • More importantly, this platform centralizes all
    of your dental business financials so your team
    can handle day-to-day account functions with
    efficiency. Because Adit Pay integrates with your
    current PMS, account activity like payments and
    reminder history gets added to patient files
  • Finally, never worry about the security of your
    patients' sensitive data. Adit Pay safeguards
    this information in every digital transfer and
    interaction so youre always in compliance with
    HIPAA guidelines.
  • Antora
  • Antora Solutions is a leading dental billing and
    coding service provider in the United States that
    can scale to meet any practice size. This firm
    provides end-to-end services that are HIPAA
    compliant and strictly adhere to the HITECH Act.
    This commitment ensures your billing tasks are
    optimized. As a full-service outsourced billing
    provider, Antora coordinates with not just
    insurers and providers but with patients to
    ensure their treatment outcomes are of the
    highest quality.

  • EAssist Dental Solutions
  • This award-winning electronic billing service is
    one of the most recognized vendors in the market
    because of its ability to quickly resolve
    insurance claims and engage patients to achieve
    maximum service satisfaction. With over a million
    in revenue earned and growing, this company also
    provides billing support in parts of South
    America and Europe. If you seek a solution that
    reduces workload stress on your administrative
    team, eAssist Dental Solutions may be the best
  • Avitus Dental
  • For dental practices that have multiple branches,
    Avitus Dental may be an excellent fit for your
    outsourced billing needs with its nationwide
    reach assisting busy offices with everything from
    insurance verification to practice software
    options. In addition, this company seeks to help
    dental organizations wanting to not only improve
    patient experiences but analyze and improve cash
    flow with built-in analytics. Avitus Dental is
    well-known among dentists for its outstanding
  • OMS Partners, LLC
  • OMS Partners, LLC understands that collections
    can be challenging, especially if some services
    rendered at your dental company fall under
    medical billing. This company provides dental and
    medical billing services to ensure that payments
    are received promptly. In addition, by handling
    all of the duties associated with coordinating
    with insurers, this outsourced billing service
    can free up time for your staff to focus on

  • Brady Billing
  • If you want accurate, reliable, and quick medical
    billing services for your dental company, Brady
    Billing is a great choice. This company makes an
    unwavering commitment to provide your dental
    office with superior customer service. A unique
    aspect that not many other providers can offer is
    that a dental office created this outsourced
    billing service. With a firsthand experience of
    how busy dental practices can be, this billing
    service truly understands the pain points that
    many hectic offices experience regularly.
  • Dental Claims Cleanup
  • Another company that prides itself in having
    extensive capabilities and expertise to provide
    its clients, Dental Claims Cleanup, is a national
    billing provider. With a broad market audience
    that includes new practice buyers, offices with
    unresolved claims, and even retiring dental
    professionals, this dental biller can help just
    about any oral healthcare practice outsource
    their billing needs easily.
  • Ceterus
  • As an ADA-recommended billing provider, Ceterus
    provides services to established dental companies
    and startups alike. By using their
    state-of-the-art accounting services, this
    provider offers financial tracking and analysis
    of your dental practice, too.

  • Outsource Strategies International
  • Outsource Strategies International (OSI) should
    be a top pick on your shortlist for busy
    practices that are stretched too thin between
    administrative tasks and patient demands. This
    firm offers a robust suite of service tools,
    including eligibility verification. In addition,
    with over a decade of dental billing service
    experience, this company has extensive experience
    handling authorizations and other related
    services that can boost your practice.
  • Dental Support Specialties LLC
  • For dentists needing more than just outsourced
    billing options, Dental Support Specialties knows
    what it takes to be successful at maximizing your
    collections rate each month. This company also
    provides reliable customer support to meet your
    patient's needs and create the best possible
  • Discover How Billing Software Means Getting Paid
  • As a modern dental company, you want to provide
    your patients with the latest and greatest
    account management solutions available. While
    outsourcing to a third-party biller may seem
    ideal, your efforts will have been wasted if you
    don't choose the right service. With practice
    management software that includes comprehensive
    billing features, like Adit, your staff can
    automate the billing process and enjoy more
    streamlined workflows from other features
    built-in our platform.
  • Request your free demo today and learn more about
    the advantages of using technologically advanced
    tools to manage your dental practice, eliminate
    bottlenecks, boost patient experiences, and
    create more sustainable growth for your office.
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