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Checklist To Hire Offshore Development Team


To successfully build an offshore team and hire the best offshore developers, you need to move through the right process. Also, make sure you follow this checklist to identify the signs of a perfect offshore team for your startup. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Checklist To Hire Offshore Development Team

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2022s Checklist To Hire Offshore Development Team

  • The conspicuous solution is to hire developers to
    pace up with customers growing demands and
    expectations. But, high hiring costs and a
    limited pool of local talent can create a
    challenge. You may also think about outsourcing,
    but it is a temporary option that isnt
    sustainable in the long run.
  • Thus Hiring Offshore Development Team becomes the
    most effective choice. Not only does it aid in
  • cost-saving,
  • refocus on core competencies
  • scaling at speed

  • The Checklist For Choosing Offshore Development

Industry Experience In Providing Offshore Services
  • Often, the wrong partner is chosen based on
    misaligned estimates for the vague project scope.
    Whereas building successful software takes
    coordination, skill, and time. In other words,
    the right offshore partner and every project
    might have a different ideal partner. So, before
    selecting any offshore development company, ask a
    couple of basic questions while doing the initial
    company analysis.
  • Have they developed industry-leading software?
  • Does their project speak for themselves?
  • Do they pay special attention to details?
  • Do they produce quality content?

2. The Methodologies Used In Project Execution
  • While most consider cultural differences to be
    wholly about language and custom, its important
    to pay attention to professional differences,
    like the preferred development methodology.
  • In some parts of the world, people work better
    when provided with well-defined instructions and
    a strict workflow to which they adhere.
    Precisely, when working with offshore developers
    in India and Malaysia, you will often see the
    waterfall methodology adopted for project
  • On the contrary, for complex projects
    development, the Agile methodology is the top
    choice by developers in the US, Western Europe,
    and offshore developers in Ukraine, Belarus, and

3. Transparency Offered By The Company
  • Many development companies prefer offshore
    development because it links them to top talent
    within their budget bracket. Simply put, they
    spent less money during the hiring process. As
    you plan to hire the offshore development team,
    you look forward to the best collaboration,
    timely delivery, and best quality.
  • So, to ensure you achieve all these, remember to
    do the following
  • Define the goals clearly
  • Choose the expertise needed for the project
  • List the vendors
  • Schedule meeting with the team

4. Technical Expertise
  • Every offshore development project differs in its
    core technologies. Be sure to find out if they
    can manage complex technologies related to your
  • So, if you are looking for a long-term offshore
    partnership, consider an offshore development
    company that can easily manage different software
    development methodologies considering your
    upcoming future projects.
  • Ideally, the chosen offshore development company
    should have a thorough understanding of the
    software development lifecycle, from ideation to
    design and documentation.

5. All Around Experience
  • Before choosing an offshore development company,
    its a must to validate their technology stack
    experience with their teams skill set. The right
    partner company will allow you to stand out from
    the rest of the crowd with their expertise in
    different domains like mobile apps, web
    software development, DevOps, Digital Marketing,
    CRM, ERP systems, etc.
  • So, taking a deep dive into how scalable the
    final solution will be, their experience of your
    chosen partner with the latest technologies,
    along with their past work history, will help you
    come to terms with the final decision.

6. Size Of The Organization
  • Size of your partner offshore development company
    matters! If you are working with a small company,
    there is a probability that at one point, you
    will face a lack of resources and not be able to
    move fast enough when its needed.
  • Furthermore, small companies have stability
    issues with them as well. While, if a company is
    too big, you are probably too small for them to
    put the best resources on your project. So, its
    advisable to check for the company size to ensure
    your project size is in proportion with the
    organizations size.

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