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Title: AIWA22 Review

https// What
is it AIWA22 or Artificial Intelligence Website
Assistant is a drag-and-drop website creation
platform that is AI-powered, cloud-based, and
specifically designed to help you create sleek,
modern websites for yourself and your clients
all delivered hassle-free and customized just for
your needs. Ive got a question for you do you
have a personal or a business website with mobile
app? And do you know someone who doesnta friend
or a local-business near-by? Everyone and every
business need a website and mobile app in 2022. A
website and an app to showcase their business. A
website and an app with an ecom store to sell
products. A website and an app with a blog to
spread a message. And ordinary people like Igor
made over 800,000 on UpWork, creating websites
for others. Muhammad made over 650,000 on
Freelancer, creating iOS Android apps for over
213 people. Chirag and Daditza made 23,055 and
76,570 for creating websites with mobile apps
for others on Fiverr. Want to learn how YOU too
can profit from creating and selling websites and
mobile apps to local-businesses without being a
website and app developer or designer?
Introducing AIWA22 Review and my good friend Abhi
Dwivedi is going to be sharing with you how you
can quickly and easily create professional
websites and mobile apps without WordPress
skills, without being a coder, a web or mobile
app designer, using just a keyword, URL, or
website import, for yourself or your clients and
sell them for thousands of dollars. Youll be
blown away with what AIWA22 lets you do. This is
the most straightforward yet most useful tool
since the invention of the compass. AIWA22 is a
cloud-based website design, development and
hosting platform that allows anyone to create a
professional website and mobile app in any niche,
using just a keyword, URL, or website import.
AIWA22 Review Step 1 Select from 100s of
niches enter a keyword, URL, or website
import Step 2 Pick color theme, site-style
customize with your images and text Step 3
Publish on the cloud with SEO optimization, ADA
GDPR compliance done-for-you Creating websites
and mobile apps with AIWA22 is super easy. Local
businesses are being forced to expand online due
to the pandemic. Businesses like restaurants,
gyms, yoga, woodworking etc. either dont have a
website, a mobile app, or they have an outdated
website or mobile app with no ecom store or blogs
or modern users-friendly design. You can use
AIWA22 to help them by creating and redesigning
their online websites and mobile apps, letting
them promote their business online. Charge a fee
to create these websites and mobile apps for
their businessesand even a monthly retainer to
host their websites (you pay nothing). AIWA22 is
currently available for a one-time free, unlike
other similar apps that cost over 500 a year and
more. Grab It Now. AIWA22 Review Features
DRAG-N-DROP INTERFACE Theyre putting every
beginners worry at bay. You dont have to be a
tech genius to simply drag and drop features to
create your successful website. Simply choose the
block and drag to customize and add onto your
site instantly. AI Website Assistant is so easy
because it is powered by our intuitive technology
that knows your preferences and effortlessly
builds the site on your behalf. Now you can make
big profits with zero effort. ALL-INCLUSIVE ADA
COMPLIANT AIWA22 sites are all-inclusive and
make you a compassionate leader! All the features
of the website are ADA (Americans with Disability
Act) compliant. The smart features include screen
readers that read the text out for those with
visual disabilities. The colours are also
optimized for those with slight disabilities. The
sizes of fonts have been carefully selected to
make them legible to all age groups. Images can
have special captions using ALT Tag that allows
images to be described by the text reader to
those who are unable to view it. Not to forget,
this keeps you away from any legal hassles and
helps you focus on growing your business.
AIWA22 Review SEO OPTIMIZED AIWA22 websites
have been designed to top the charts and make you
1. This can only happen when your website ranks
within the top 3 on Google each time one
searches. All their content is optimized to make
you rank higher and make more profits. Rule
search engines without paying an extra buck to
external agencies! Stock Images Videos Now you
dont have to buy a subscription to any external
site with stock graphics. They have you covered
with our unlimited images and videos. High
definition and perfect for every niche, these
resources can be used within your site to enhance
the visual appeal. IN-BUILT IMAGE EDITOR Dont
spend another precious moment on an editing tool.
You can edit your image using their in-built
tool. It lets you enhance, crop and resize images
to perfection and use them within your site
instantly. UNLIMITED PAGES Skys the limit with
AIWA22. You can create as many webpages as you
like starting now. Single pages or sub-pages can
be built instantly without any restrictions. UNLIM
any other website building tool. It offers you
unlimited storage and bandwidth. This means you
can grow and increase your client-base without a
second thought. You dont have to constantly pay
more to earn more. You simply have to pay once
and go on expanding your agency with each passing
day...there is no restriction whatsoever! EMBED
YOUR OWN CODE Personalization is king at AIWA22.
You can add your unique touch to the website.
Simply insert your own code in any language you
Integrate your social media effortlessly by
adding your profiles within AIWA22. Now make your
content viral using your websites! CUSTOM DOMAIN
You can also integrate any professional domain
name to your website. Simply connect the domain
name by going to the domain tab and inserting
your custom domain. It is possible to customize
your subdomain too. Fret not if you dont have a
domain name yet! You can also search for it using
their in-built features.
AIWA22 Review Can do for you For Affiliate
Marketers create websites promoting certain
products and increase your subscribers trust,
converting them into buyers again and again and
again. For Local Marketers start your own Website
Development Agency. Use their built-in leads
finder tool to find businesses who need a
website, create one for them in minutes and get
paid. Start helping local businesses like
restaurants or gym. For Newbie Marketers quickly
and easily create your first stunning looking
website to promote your services, your offers or
yourself as a brand. No need for complex coding
or website development skills needed. No hosting
or domain needed either. For Video Marketers
create website to embed and showcase your videos,
increase your reach, add more subscribers or
simply use it to sell your video services. AIWA22
Review For Bloggers YouTubers ditch the old
and buggy WordPress and start your blog using
AIWA22 on your own professional looking website
and/or showcase your YouTube channel videos or
brand with your subscribers. FREQUENTLYASKED
QUESTIONS Q How easy is it to use AIWA22? AI
Website Assistant is easy as ABC. Your kid in
school could make profits instantly using this
sophisticated technology. All one needs to do is
point and click and enter a few words to create
websites that will sell for the top dollar. You
dont need to have any experience or special
skills! Q What if I dont enjoy using AIWA22?
That would be sad, wouldnt it? But only for
them! They have designed this technology for you.
So, when you buy AI Website Assistant today, you
also get a 14 day money back guarantee from their
end. If you dont enjoy it, simply say the word
and you will receive the entire amount back
instantly! Q Is AIWA Windows and Mac compatible?
AI Website Assistant works like magic using any
OS or device. It is hosted on reliable cloud
servers so you can log on from anywhere at any
AIWA22 Review Q Do you charge any monthly fees?
For a limited (very short) period of time, AIWA
is being offered at the lowest one-time cost
ever. So you dont have to pay any monthly fees.
But, should you delay your will
lose this incredible opportunity and will have to
pay a recurring fee. Q Will I get any training
or support for my questions? Yes, theyve got you
covered. Their team of experts are available
round the clock to provide you the support that
you need. Step-by-step training is also included
to make you an expert within minutes. Q Do I
need to download install AIWA somewhere? You
have got nothing to download or install ever. We
push automatic updates through the cloud to make
your experience bigger and better. Overview Funnel
s Are Good But Hey, Do You Have A Website Or A
Mobile App? Thats exactly where AIWA22 steps in.
AIWA2222 is a brand new drag-n-drop website and
PWA app creation platform, built on the cloud
that helps you create stunning looking modern
websites and their PWA apps, for yourself and
your clients using just a keyword or a template,
all hosted for you, SEO optimized, no-code and
more. Simply answer a few questions about your
business type, color theme, logo, and contact
details. Your information will lay the foundation
for your unique smart website built specifically
suited to your business needs. AIWA22 Review
Create Websites Mobile Apps using just a
keyword, URL, or website import. No coding. No
designing. No need for hosting. No need for
domain. Create blogs inside websites mobile
apps in just a click. Create e-commerce stores in
websites mobile apps for physical and/or
digital products. Payment platform
integrated. Start your very own Websites Mobile
Apps Design Development agency for
local-businesses. Websites Mobile Apps
Development is a 40 Billion industry.
AIWA22 Review Every single day, over 547,200
websites and 1,300 mobile apps are createdand
about 30 of them are created by freelance
website and mobile app designers and agencies,
for other businesses for a fee. You could be
doing the same. The only thing stopping you from
doing this is the fact that all these people are
web or mobile app developers and designers, and
you probably are NOT. Join me and my friend Abhi
Dwivedi on this FREE live training today, 22nd
February at 10 AM EST where he is going to be
sharing with you how you can quickly and easily
create professional websites and mobile apps.
without WordPress skills, without being a
coder, a web or mobile app designer using
just a keyword, URL, or website import for
yourself or your clients and sell them for
thousands of dollars gtgt Join The LIVE Training -
22nd February at 1000 am EST Ive been reviewing
this brand new app called AIWA22 and this is a
first-to-JVZoo and a must have app for every
marketer, newbie or pro. AIWA22 is a cloud-based
website and mobile app design, development and
hosting platform that allows anyone to create a
professional website and mobile app in any niche,
using just a keyword, URL, or website import. No
coding, no designing, no complex editing,
ecom-ready. AIWA22 Review Create UNIQUE websites
with mobile app every single time using the AI in
AIWA22. No two websites or mobile app will look
the same. Create a website with mobile app for
any of these businesses in need of an online
presence and charge them anywhere between 500 to
1000 plus a monthly hosting fee. Create a
website with an iOS and Android app for yourself
and look professional. Create a website with an
iOS and Android app for friends and family and
help them build an online presence. Create a blog
for yourself and what you're passionate about,
without all the fuss that WordPress comes
with. Create an e-commerce store selling your
products or dropshipping without paying any
monthly fee to Shopify. Create a digital product
store and sell your ebooks, courses and more. All
websites mobile apps are SEO optimized, ADA
compliant and GDPR compliant. You can add your
logo, customize the menu, change the colour
theme, add from over 50 different building
blocks, edit the text, add images, add videos,
customize buttons and pretty much anything you
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