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Building a Performance Review Process That Fits Your Company's Culture


| Performance evaluations can be difficult, both for the person receiving the review and the person delivering it, but they don’t have to be. Learn about tips on delivering effective reviews and a software solution that is helping to bring all members of an organization together to achieve common goals. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Building a Performance Review Process That Fits Your Company's Culture

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  • Performance reviews can be challenging, even for
    the least sensitive among us. Its nice to
    receive praise, but not so nice to hear about our
    shortcomings and areas for improvement.
  • Reviews can be awkward and uncomfortable, but
    they dont have to be.
  • The performance review process is evolving. In
    the past, reviews were almost exclusively limited
    to a sit-down discussion between manager and
    employee. Today, savvy managers are taking a more
    comprehensive approach to reviews, using
    technology to their advantage to get a more
    complete look at employee performance.

  • Theres been some debate in recent years about
    whether annual performance reviews are still
    useful some employees prefer on-the-spot
    feedback over annual reviews.
  • Employers can and should respond to their
    employees requests for more prompt and regular
    feedback, but eliminating annual or biannual
    reviews is not the best solutionboth types of
    feedback are valuable.
  • Lets explore the benefits of formal performance
    reviews and the importance of adopting a review
    process that fits the culture of your

  • A formal, sit-down performance review doesnt
    have to be uncomfortableit all comes down to the
    delivery and ongoing communication.
  • Think of a performance review as an opportunity
    to praise, evaluate, mentor, coach, and help your
    employees find solutions to any problems that may
    have emerged.

  • Benefits for employees
  • They provide an opportunity for employees to
    communicate what is and isnt working and ask for
    additional training and tools.
  • They provide an opportunity for employees to set
    goals for themselves.
  • They provide an opportunity for employees to make
    their case for a wage increase or promotion.
  • Benefits for managers
  • They provide managers with a formal opportunity
    to praise employees, offer wage increases and
    promotions, and identify areas for improvement.
  • They help employers communicate the goals of the

  • A performance review does nothing more than
    create a paper trail if its generic and doesnt
    match your company culture.
  • If your corporate culture emphasizes innovation,
    open communication, and cooperation, it only
    makes sense to evaluate employees on these things
    during their review.
  • A one-size-fits-all review process misses the
    markmanagers should consider factors like
    whether the review process should be goal-based
    or competency-based, and whether the review will
    be ratable (e.g. on a point scale) or open-ended.

  • Author Daniel Pink argues in his book Drive The
    Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us that
    three main factors motivate employees today
  • Autonomythe desire to direct our own lives
  • Masterythe urge to perfect a skill or skillset
  • Purposethe desire to do something larger than
  • Money is a motivator, but praise from a manager
    is an even bigger one. Consider these things as
    you develop your review process.

  • Address any issues constructively, and bring up
    each issue separately, discussing it completely
    before moving on.
  • Involve employees in setting goals during the
    review process.
  • Consider incorporating an employee self-review
    process into the overall performance evaluation.
    Self-reviews allow employees to think critically
    about their performance and additional tools they
    may need.
  • Avoid using negative phrases that can damage
    morale. Use clear, non-judgmental language that
    focuses on the quality of the employees work,
    not their character.

  • Performance review software is an excellent tool
    for customizing employee review forms to suit
    your industry and your organizations culture,
    mission, values, and goals.
  • Coupled with a 360 degree feedback solution that
    enables your staff members to submit and receive
    detailed feedback from managers and colleagues,
    your employees get a complete look at their

  • The workplace is evolving, and so should your
    performance review process.
  • The old carrot-and-stick (reward and punishment)
    approach that prevailed for centuries simply
    isnt as effective anymore.
  • A review process that gives your employees a
    complete look at their performance, which
    includes constructive feedback from colleagues
    and managers, is more in line with the changing
    corporate landscape.

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