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How to Promote Books on Social Media?


Nowadays the big problem among the majority of authors is that they don’t know how to promote books on social media. They just follow the traditional method and don’t have any idea how to market books on social media. Here are some methods to promote books on social media: Create Your Community on Facebook Create Your Fan Club on Facebook Launch a Twitter campaign Try out Instagram Get bloggers from YouTube to Promote your Book Create Author Website So you need to take time and think about all the social media platforms to promote your book. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Promote Books on Social Media?

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Comment / How to Promote Books on Social Media /
By Alok Kumar Follow the traditional method and
don't have any idea how to promote books on
social media? Today, when every business moves
towards more online presence, it is necessary for
every author to know how to promote books on
social media. If you are an author and want to
know how to promote books on social media, then
you are on the right track.
Painpoints of an Author
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Marketing and promoting are sometimes very
uncomfortable things for a lot of authors. Mainly
because a lot of authors are introverts and they
don't like to talk about themselves on social
media platforms. Sometimes authors don't think
about how to promote books on social media or how
to use social media to promote books. Here are 5
big author pain points which authors can
eliminate Not getting Reviews. Being
Frustrated at External Factors limiting their
Success. Struggling With Marketing. Not
Knowing What Their Audience Love to Read.
Not Knowing Why Their Books are Not Selling. Also
as a buyer, we don't like when people are
constantly selling us, so it's very uncomfortable
for many authors to search constantly for a
buyer. So they have to have a marketing plan that
balances out where they're not only and only
talking about their books. It's good to invest
some time in your marketing plans so that you can
promote your book on social media without getting
people's nos. Why Does Author Need A Social Media
Marketing Strategy?
For most of the authors, making enough sales is a
big problem. You might have struggled to make
decent sales for your books.
And now you might be thinking about " how to
promote my book on social media"
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You know, with a proper social media marketing
strategy and guidance, you can make a decent
amount of money without putting in too much
Social Media Marketing strategy Every Author
Should know
If you are someone who knows how to use social
media to promote your book and has already
published some books on social media, then track
the numbers and the amount you have spent on
marketing in past books. You have decent data to
know the things that have worked for you in the
past and the things that didn't convert into
books sales. You'd realize that either you didn't
do enough or you didn't do it right. According to
this data, you can decide how to use social media
to promote your book. If you have never published
any book and planning to publish your first book,
then you need to follow some renowned authors of
your genres. You need to follow their marketing
strategy on social media very carefully and then
need to do it for yourself. 7 Steps Should Follow
to Publish A Book Here are 7 steps that you
should follow while publishing your book
Write the Book Edit the manuscript
Design the Cover Format Decide to publish
as an e-book or print book Decide the
Budget Social media marketing strategy
Awesome launch plan How to Promote Books on
Social Media Step by step guideline No matter
what kind of book you write or how did you
publish your books in the past, a huge number of
authors can agree that nowadays social media
becomes the best way to promote your
book. Especially today when every business moving
towards a more online presence, having a social
media platform will allow you to market and
promote your book.
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So don't worry to think about "how to promote my
book on social media".Create a buzz, get your
grader excited, and eventually buy your
book. Whether you still writing your books or
have already published a few books on social
media, start building your author platform. But
the question is what is the best way to get
started with social media? Here are the
solutions 1. Create Your Community on Facebook
One of the best ways to promote your book on
social media is to create your community on
Facebook and then promote your book to the
To create your community on Facebook you just
need to create a Facebook group around your book
topic. By doing this you can easily bring
together individuals who have the same
interest. While creating a Facebook group you
should remember that it's more about building
community than promoting your book. So you may
create a group that's about the theme of your
book. This type of group can attract more
fans. So don't worry to think about "how to use
social media to promote your book. Just create
your community on Facebook. 2. Create Your Fan
Clubs on Facebook Another useful strategy to
promote books on social media is to create an
author fan club on a social media platform like
Facebook. Here the fans have a more dedicated
community space where they can connect with the
author and the book itself. With this kind of
author fan club, all the members get an
opportunity to chat and discuss the author and
the books. Many successful authors have used this
strategy to promote their books and actively
build connections with their fans. So just create
your fan clubs on Facebook and don't worry about
"how to use social media to promote your book 3.
Launch a Twitter Campaign Twitter is also a
powerful platform to market books on social
media. When you use Twitter effectively, it will
help you to drive sales and reach the best sales
group in the country. Here are some tips and
tricks that will help you to get the best result
from a Twitter campaign The book title
should be kept short Make your Hashtag
unique Create a landing page Identify a
series of Twittable Quotes from Your Books So,
these are the points that will be beneficial to
promote your book on social media.
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4. Try Out Instagram Instagram might be a great
platform to promote your book on social media. So
many authors love to do marketing on
Instagram. Here are some tips and tricks to do
successfully killing your book marketing on
Instagram Create an Awesome Profile
Use quotes as images Use hashtags wisely
Hold fun contests
5. Get Bloggers from YouTube to Promote Your
Book Getting book bloggers and reviewers from
YouTube can gradually increase your success rate
while promoting your book on social
media. Collaborating with book bloggers and book
reviewers and asking them to do your book review
sharing that review on their social network
like their FB pages or Twitter accounts, can give
your book a lot of attraction. Many renowned
authors love to join hands with popular book
reviewers from YouTube to get a book review and
enjoy a great response. You can do the above
steps to publish your book on social media and
gradually it will increase the sales numbers.
Why Author needs a Website While Promote Books on
Social Media
A website is a place about you. If you see any
product or service, people want to find out more
about the product or services before buying
it. So googled things out and it's good to show
up on the search engine. You can get a little bit
of credibility that way. You might know that any
algorithm changes on social media that can affect
you, positively or negatively doesn't matter. Now
imagine you spent all the time building
connections with your readers and engaging with
them, step by step you grown-up your followers
from a handful to a couple of thousands and more
and then the platform disappear. With that, you
lost your potential customer. So once you have a
presence on social platforms and promote your
book on social media, then slowly get them to
your website.

When To Market Your Book on Social Media
You have to market and promote your book on
social media like a marathon and not like a
sprint. By that, what I mean, you have to look at
it over a long period of time that will depend
on the life span of your book. Every book is
expected to sell quickly for a short period of
time and that time is when the publisher's focus
should be marketing the book and trying to
recover the money as fast as possible. This time
is known as the life span of the book. Now
depending upon the life span of the book there
will be a time span of the book when you should
be aggressively promoting your book. And after
that period you should passively prompt your
book. Based on the time that you looking at the
life span of your book, you have several months
or years in mind, during this time you will be
promoting your book actively and putting your
money to promote your book. So you should have a
budget in mind. The amount you have budgeted
should also be taken based on the buying pattern
of your readers, like, the books to your genres
attain to sale mode during a particular season,
particular holidays, etc. During those seasons
you'll be promoting your books on social media
more aggressively. During the offseason, you need
not be promoting actively and no need to put a
lot of money to promote your book on social
media. The sooner you start promoting your book
on social media, the better result you have. So
think about promoting your book on social media
at least 3 to 4 months before your release date.
If you see the publishing industry today, you'll
see trends where authors are not very active to
promote books on social media. This is how they
lose their potential readers to engage with them
eventually buy their books. First and foremost,
know your target audience or in your case target
readers. Your book will not appeal to
everyone. If you are writing young adult fiction,
your target reader going to be very different
from someone who writes a nonfiction book for
corporate. This will help you understand where
your target audiences hang out whether on
Facebook or LinkedIn. So take some time and think
about it, this will help you to know where you
need to put your time and energy and it'll
clarify your vision on market books on social
media. Remember one thing, it's never too late to
do. So start to promote books on social media
right now!
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