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Title: DesignPay Review

https// What
is it DesignPay is a New Cloud Based Technology
Helps You Create SELL Gorgeous, Jaw Dropping
Graphic Designs, Social Media Visuals, Logo And
Banners With Push Button Ease. If youre selling
or trying to sell anything online. Marketers like
you and me with no technical and designing skills
(assuming that only for yousure about myself
though) have so far had 2 choices when it came to
graphic designs First, Hire a freelancer or
full-time designer and pay the ridiculously
exorbitant fee for every design (and more for
tweaking it later when we see it aint getting
the results we expected it to). Second, Buy an
expensive (read monthly recurring subscription)
and complicated tool like Photoshop or Canva and
try to awaken the creative designer in us (and
failing miserably at it) Heres the good news A
6-figure Marketer, Danny known to bring out
innovative solutions to make running a business
as easy as it. You need to decide today. Do you
want to continue Paying ridiculous fee to
freelance designers for simple designs and
tweaks. Spending hours watching YouTube videos on
how to work with Photoshop and Canva. Staying at
the mercy of others or complicated tools. Or, do
you want to finally take control of your business
and Make thousands of dollars by creating your
own designs. Make bank by selling stunning
designs that you can create in Seconds. Save all
the money that you spend on freelance designers
and monthly subscription on tools you never use.
DesignPay Review. Imagine what all you can do
with all the money you save and make by creating
your own stunning graphic designs. You can take
that vacation you always planned to take with
friends and familyor buy that car youve been
eyeing forever now. Stop putting your wishes on a
hold now, pumping in more money each day in your
businesshoping to see results. The need for good
designs is NEVER going to END. Introducing
DesignPay Review All it takes are these 3
simple Steps Step 1 Select A Template Or An
Empty Canvas There are over design templates to
choose from.  Im talking, Banner templates,
Business cards, Blog post graphics Facebook fan
page covers, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, name
it. You can even choose an empty canvas and
create something on your own. Step 2 Type in the
keyword and edit the template. This is where the
AI comes into play. Step 3 Save, download and
print your designs. Now just hit a button and
save, download and/or print your designs WITHOUT
any additional fee in different formats. With
DesignPay, You can even share your designs with
your team with just a click of a button by adding
them on to the projects on the same platform.
This is something never seen before on any other
platform. Forget about paying exorbitant money to
freelancers for every little design you need or
using complicated tools such as Photoshop and
Canva (paying a high monthly subscription)
and still looking for someone who knows a little
bit of Photoshop to help you out with it. Today
for a super-low one-time price you can pick up
DesignPay Review and create an UNLIMITED number
of designs. No rendering fee and no
in-app purchases. Just buy once and use
forever.  Features 650 Design Templates With
DesignPay, you get access to 650 premium design
templates across different niches. Use these
templates for any of your work or even charge
your clients for these designs at your own
price. Resize Designs At Any Size Resizing your
designs has never been so easy with the click of
a single button. Now you can resize any template
into any size or format such as Facebook Post,
Covers, Twitter, Instagram Posts, Banners, eBook
Covers etc.
5 Million Stock Photos With DesignPay Review,
you can have access to millions of stock photos
in their editor across any niche or category. The
best thing about these stock photos is that they
are copyright free which means you can use them
on your personal and commercial projects. 1
Million Icons Get access to 2,000,000 premium,
and high resolution icons. You dont need to
search for multiple libraries, worry about usage
rights, or pay for these icons anymore. DesignPay
Editing Tools DesignPay comes loaded with all
editing tools such as formatting, alignment,
image filters and effects and font manipulation.
This way you can create whatever youve imagined
in seconds with no design experience
required. Multiple Download Options Once your
designs are ready, you can download them in
multiple formats such as transparent PNG, JPG and
PNG. These designs can now be used for any
purpose you like without any restrictions. Can do
for you Create Edit Graphics, Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, Google Posts, Ads Headers,
YouTube Channel Art And A Lot MoreWithin
Seconds. DesignPay Review Designing Tool Built
For Marketers, Bloggers And Website Owners Who
Have No Designing And Technical Skills For
Operating Complicated Tools Like Photoshop, Canva
Etc. Advanced Features Like Layering Allow You To
Create Jaw-Dropping Graphic Designs Making Your
Website And Social Media Ads And Posts An Instant
Hit Built-In Library Includes Thousands Of
Professionally Designed Pre-Installed Themes,
Images And Templates Make Thousands Of Dollars In
Pure Profits By Selling These Graphic Designs
DesignPay Review Make every post you write for
Facebook, Twitter, Google and others mesmerize
your visitors and lead them by the hand to your
offers. DesignPay helps you create and edit ANY
graphic design in just a few Seconds Allow you to
stop paying through the nose to overhyped
designers Help you make tons of profits by
selling graphic designs yourself for a premium
price and capture the huge graphics design
market And a lot more Overview DesignPay is the
very best marketing graphics creating app out
there with over 650 design templates with 30
built-in formats nothing comes close to it. It
is a simple drag and drop graphics app focused
solely on giving Customers great service and
usage experience. You can use DesignPay Review
online on the cloud app, to manage your graphics
app. It is a complete suite and a lifetime access
to it is the best thing you can add to your
arsenal this week. There is nothing to install.
There is no design skill to learn at all. Simply
let our point-n-click solution do all the work
for you it's just that easy! The Secret To The
Top-10 Successful Online Businesses. LIES HERE
quality graphics and visuals. They dont just go
talking about their products or services they
SHOW the actual product and services. Their
visitors can already imagine themselves using
their products. Even if its a travel website for
booking hotelsthe visitors can see the images of
the hotel rooms, the view from those rooms, the
pool side etc. Their visitors can already imagine
themselves using their products. Even if its a
travel website for booking hotelsthe visitors
can see the images of the hotel rooms, the view
from those rooms, the pool side etc
DesignPay Review ALL these websites manage to
transport the visitors from the present REAL
world to the BETTER future world with the power
of images that invoke imagination. The most
successful Amazon listings not only offer great
visuals from multiple angles. Why? Because
visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain
than text. Thats why major brands like Nike have
focused on making their eCommerce sites a heavily
visual experience. Once they successfully do
thatthe SALE is the EASIEST part. Heres The
Kind Of Insane Amounts Of Money TOP Companies Pay
Just For A Logo No other regular graphics app in
the market does this, except the high end ones
where you pay 2,997 one time fee or 199/month
subscription for just 1 PC license. Even using a
software like Photoshop will require an intense
learning curve, skills and probably hours to
make. But with DesignPay Review, you launch our
readymade templates and BOOM... in minutes you're
done! And you don't have to pay monthly fees or
big one time fees (DesignPay is less than 20 one
time fee and you have lifetime access to it...
how crazy is that?)... yet you can use it on
UNLIMITED computers -- no restrictions! Weve
decided to do something completely different from
the res. As you can see, no-one would do the work
for less than 10,000 for the graphics we
specified. Imagine if you had to be 10,000 out
of pocket? What would that do to your business?
Would you have to cut down on other investments?
Not pay employees? Get into debt? Doesnt bear
thinking about, does it. Also you would have to
wait months to get the complete pack...and thats
without any revisions. Yikes! OK...what about
buying images from a stock site such as
Shutterstock? You can pay per image but this is
extremely expensive. For example The image below
will cost you 375.00. Just one image, a day
would amount to 10,000 (thats 13,000).
DesignPay Review This is why I set about
creating a solution to these problems to make
this important process immediate and affordable
to everyone. As a successful marketer I am all
too aware of the need to grab my customers
attention in the first nanosecond they land on my
pages. Its why I've set out my mission to be
the premier provider of high-quality affordably
priced design in the marketplace. If you are
like me you don't want to be waiting for weeks
to-ing and fro-ing with a designer, only to get
something that was not what you wanted. You want
the best design, you want it now and you dont
want to pay exorbitant fees for it. Not Only Do
Good Designs Save You Money. They Also Make You
Loads Of Money. How? Keep Reading By Selling
Social Media Graphics. Beth from hand craft films
who earns six figures selling stock photos online
- you can see some of her sales below. Or this
seller making thousands a month as a graphics
creator on Fiverr Although there have been a few
tools that were launched to solve this problem
they were lacking in some area or the
otherEither they took too much of your time or
werent as easy-peasy as they claimed to be. So,
I teamed up with my partner, Kessington, and
recruited Ace-designers Team to create a tool
thats going to revolutionise the design
industry INTRODUCING DesignPay Review. Impressive
right! Well, wait till you hear this ALL these
graphics were created by me without ANY designing
skills or the technical mind to use complicated
tools because frankly, I dont have the time to
learn Photoshop I got a business to run here. I
created these stunning graphics using ImagePanda
in just Take Advantage Of Our 80 Early Bird
Discount Now! 3 Absolutely No Sweat Steps STEP 1
Select A Template Or An Empty Canvas There are
dozens design templates to choose from in over 50
niches! Im talking, Banner templates, Business
cards, Blog post graphics Facebook fan page
covers, Facebook posts Pinterest pins, name it!
STEP 2 Type in the keyword and edit the
template. This is where the AI comes into play.
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