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Whether you are considering life coaching as a career or as a serious Mental Freedom coaching process, the Kim Olver Complete Life Coaching & Personal Coaching Course will help your coaches and yourself to maximize your life potential and lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Your best guide for coaching to achieve life. This is the second in a series of three books. 1 Freedom from mental slavery, 2. Licensed clinical counselor, 3. Certified Coaching Program etc. visit for more info @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mental Freedom Coaching | Relationship Coach Online |

Kim Olver
Website https// Email Phone 1 773-741-0705
Mental Freedom
Kim Olver, LCPC, NCC, BCC, has a mission to help
people get along better with the important people
in their lives, including themselves, at home and
at work. Kim is a licensed counselor, certified
coach, trainer, international speaker and author.
In addition to all of her work with Olver
International, she serves as the Executive
Director for William Glasser International. As
senior faculty for Glasser, she has taught
thousands of people his concepts around the
globe. Freedom from Mental Slavery Kim founded
her company, Olver International, previously
known as Coaching for Excellence, in 2004, and
the Academy of Choice in 2010, while developing
the process of Choice Coaching, which she employs
with her clients and teaches to fellow coach
trainees. Kim also developed a proprietary
process called, Mental Freedom, to help clients
transform any painful emotions they are
experiencing and turn them into something neutral
or even positive. This is not a process that
takes a long time. It is taught in six sessions
and can be applied to any painful situation in a
persons life.
Certified Coaching Program MENTAL
If you are a potential coaching client, you can
opt to learn the powerful concepts in Mental
Freedom by investing in our Mental
Freedom programs or you may prefer our regular
Choice Coaching process. If you are a coaching
student of Academy of Choice or a coach looking
for continuing education, we have a Mental
Freedom program for you Mental Freedom is
about learning six key concepts that can be
applied to any problem you may be experiencing.
It demolishes the victim mentality and insulates
those who practice it from all versions of
self-created misery. Even when you think your
challenges and the challenges of your clients are
someone elses fault, Mental Freedom can help
them manage what is happening and get to a better
place. Mental Freedom examines the concepts of
responsibility and response-ability,
unconditional trust, things we believe we have to
do, changing the narratives in our heads,
understanding the communication from our emotions
and non-medical physical aches and pains and
finding the GLOW in painful situations.
If you arent sure what would be best for you,
book a complimentary relationship coaching
strategy session here Click here for
Relationship Coach Online ..
Certified Coaching Program
Our coaching process helps people stop creating
their own misery by demolishing the victim
mentality and empowering clients to reach their
goals while creating the meaningful relationship
in their lives that will support and encourage
them along the way. Everyone knows the only
persons behavior they can control is their own,
and yet, they spend most of their day trying to
control everyone else. Choice Coaching teaches
coaches how to help their clients become bigger
than anything that happens to them.
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