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Coaches With Clients presents...


Coaches With Clients presents... The Rapid Coaching Academy: Professional Coach Training System Session #7: Mastering Your Psychology, Part 1 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Coaches With Clients presents...

  • Coaches With Clients presents...

The Rapid Coaching Academy Professional Coach
Training System Session 7 Mastering Your
Psychology, Part 1
Follow Up From Session 6
  • Did you work on Optimizing Your Environments?
  • Idea environment Tips
  • 1 Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster
  • 2 Quote of the Day
  • Deepak Chopra We think 4 million thoughts a day,
    but 98 of those thoughts are the same day in and
    day out.
  • Mary Allen
Mastering Your Psychology
  • Theres a lot of success books out there
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by
    Stephen R. Covey
  • But they dont really address mastering your
  • Over the next few sessions, were going to talk
    about how to dig deep with clients
  • Be aware of what is driving our clients goals is
    it inspiration or ego?
When To Start Working With Clients On Mastering
Their Psychology
  • Right at the beginning
  • Might already identify areas to work on in the
    intake form
  • In the early stages get clients into action in
    other ways
  • Create an action plan
  • When something comes up
  • Set up expectations
  • Thinks dont always work out like we hope they
  • Its part of the coaching process.
  • You can success in spite of challenges
Where To Draw The Line Between Coaching
  • If you ever feel over your head about something,
    then that might be a clue
  • Hey, I think you might need therapy.
  • Im definitely not a therapist and this seems
    like an issue that you might want some therapy
  • Therapy is a good healthy thing that a lot of
    people get and Ive seen a therapist myself.
What To Say When Youre Not Comfortable With A
New Issue...
  • Another clue is when the issue isnt related to
    their goals and its not something you feel
    comfortable with
  • You hired me because you wanted to do this, this
    and this. Im comfortable talking about this but
    I dont want it to distract us from these goals.
  • Hey, Im really not comfortable talking about
    this stuff. Im comfortable with you bringing it
    up but I dont feel like I have the tools to help
    you. I think a therapist might be a better fit
    for you.
Where To Draw The Line Between Coaching
  • If its a big, pervasive issue like lifelong
  • When in doubt, err on the side of caution
  • Do it very softly, subtly, gently
  • Have you ever thought about seeing a therapist
    about this?
  • You can add it to your intake form
  • There are other options its not your
    responsibility to resolve all the issues in your
    clients life
  • The people who are going to hire you are not
    likely to have these issues
Its Really About Personal Growth...
  • Everything is really about personal growth
  • Everything we want to achieve is for 2 reasons
  • The impact that will make on the world
  • The growth that will have to happen in order to
    achieve it
  • In order to grow we have to let go of the old
Be Present
  • Be in the moment
  • Get present before the coaching session gets
  • Please help me to make the best impact I can on
    whomever it is today to help her or him in
    whatever way they most need.
  • If the client needs help mastering their
    psychology, where are they?
  • When you are centered you create an atmosphere
    that is calming for them
Be A Judgment-Free Zone Listen...
  • Let them say whatever they need to say
  • Give them space
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Youre not going to master their psychology for
  • You are going to help them master their
  • There is a lot of richness and depth to the
    challenges people have
Richness and Depth
  • There is a lot of richness to peoples
  • Its not that its complex, it can be very
  • Sometimes theyll attempt something and fail.
The Patterns Your Client Has
  • Pointing out patterns is another way to help
    clients master their psychology
  • Simply pointing out whats happening is powerful
    in and of itself
  • Create a judgment free environment by globalizing
    that a lot of people do this
  • A lot of people do this when things dont work
  • A greater truth is people beat themselves up.
  • Is it helpful to you?
  • Awareness in and of itself can be curative
  • This is what coaches call a belief system and
    this particular belief system could be setting
    you up for a lot more struggle.
Keep Your Radar Up
  • Notice their language patterns, belief systems,
  • Are they avoiding something?
  • What else is going on?
  • They may be saying something, but then you may be
    hearing other things
  • Indexing saying you and instead of I
Preview Of Mastering Your Psychology
  1. Beliefs
  2. Judgments
  3. Fears 6 Different Ways to Help Clients With Fear
  4. Whats driving clients goals
  5. How to help clients see the greater truth about
  6. How to help clients set boundaries for themselves
  7. How to deal with doubts and insecurity
  8. How to assess/diagnosis the clients real issues
  9. Unconscious tools of influence
Coaching Tool Working With Fear
  • Fear is pretty big, common thing everyone has
  • An insecurity is a fear about themselves
  • Outwards fears fear of heights, etc
  • All fear is a fear of feeling
  • Either a fear of physical feelings (getting hurt,
  • 90 of fears are fears of something emotional
Dealing With Fear
  • Can you think of a fear that you would like to
  • Talk about the situation itself
  • Dig a little deeper, see whats there
  • Unconditional Bliss by Raphael Cushnir
  • Living The Questions
  • Feeling into the Core of the Feeling, by Tom
The Living The Questions Process
  • Whats happening right now in your body?
  • When you think about that whats happening right
    now in your body?
  • Can you be with it?
  • Notice whether you can really be with the
    feeling, or whether your resisting it
  • Keep your focus on the most intense part.
  • Check back in
When To Use Which Technique
  • Give the client a lot of space be willing to
    have silence
  • If youre worried about not creating enough value
  • Just be with the feeling until the feeling is
  • The more you do this process the easier it gets
  • You cant be with it to try to get rid of it
  • The ultimate outcome is to feel happy peaceful
  • Focus on the most intense part of the most
    intense part
  • Start with something small
  • Work with it on your own, then with your trios
  • Coaches With Clients presents...

The Rapid Coaching Academy Professional Coach
Training System Session 7 Mastering Your
Psychology, Part 1