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Group Recovery Coaching


This group is designed for men who know that the stakes are high and that it’s time to create real change in their lives. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Group Recovery Coaching

Group Recovery Coaching
This group isnt for everyone. Heres how to know
if its for you This group is designed for men
who know that the stakes are high and that its
time to create real change in their
lives. Perhaps you have experienced serial
relapses in your efforts to remain sober and heal
your relationships. Perhaps you are at a
crossroad where you face losing your family,
partner, job, friends and maybe even your life.
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Integration of NuCalm technology is what makes
this program special.
I am so convinced of the power of deep meditative
states to support and accelerate your recovery
and healing that I require online group recovery
coaching group members to use NuCalm, a
revolutionary new app that uses your biofeedback
signals to aid in your rest and recovery. I use
the product in my own life and recommend it to
clients because it works.
The NuCalm system supports the nervous system in
sympathetic dominance (relaxation) and sustains
the user in a deep meditative state without
spending years practicing meditation. Providing
your nervous system with daily deep relaxation
significantly improves emotional regulation,
mental focus, and helps to improve your capacity
for processing unpleasant feelings and unresolved
At the heart of all addiction is the addiction to
control. When we either dont like or cant
tolerate our experience of self, others, or the
world, we control it through substances or
Trauma-informed coaching recognizes this reality
and coaches you to resolve the underlying trauma
by stopping your behaviours and recovering your
true nature that part of you that can thrive
without needing to control unpleasant states
that part of you that doesnt have to fear being
overwhelmed (which is like DEATH to the
unconscious mind!).

Youll be a part of a new and integrated process
for healing the roots of addiction and retraining
your system to tolerate organic states of
relaxation and tolerable states of arousal. We
will use the wisdom of the ages to amplify the
power of surrender, support, and the challenge of
others, all the while using the best of modern
technology for destressing the nervous system so
that you can experience true relaxation and
capacity to feel and face everything!
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Heres what it all looks like in
practice Residential treatment is
cost-prohibitive for so many people. Thats why I
offer this online trauma-informed recovery group
for men. This is a 10-week program. Each week
includes a group coaching session (2 hours) and
an individual coaching session (50 minutes)
The group will teach you, and you will teach the
group. When you work through a personal issue or
trauma with my guidance and the witnessing and
support of the men in the group, everyone
receives borrowed benefits. As one man heals,
each man heals.
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