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Exit Interview (1)


An exit interview is a meeting with an employee about to leave an organization to discuss about the employee’s reason for leaving the organizations generally conducted by a human resources staff member. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Exit Interview (1)

Exit Interview
What is
Exit Interview
  • A guide by

An exit interview is a meeting with a terminating
employee that is generally conducted by a human
resources staff member. The exit interview
provides your organization with the opportunity
to obtain frank and honest feedback from the
employee who is leaving your employment.
What Is Exit Interview?
Exit Interview
Who Conducts Exit Interviews?
According to the study, "Of those, 70.9 had
their HR departments handle the process 19 had
the departing employees direct supervisors do
it 8.9 delegated the job to the direct
supervisors manager, and 1 turned to external
Exit Interview
Is Exit Interview helpful ?
Absolutely, Knowing the reason behind the
employees move can give management a valuable
opportunity to correct policies, alter work
culture and adjust personnel or pay grades.
Exit Interview
Exit Interview format
Interviews may be held in-person, over the phone
or through a video platform. The length of each
interview may vary, but it should generally last
approximately 60 minutes. HR should close
interviews on a positive note, thanking employees
for their time and feedback.
Exit Interview
Method Of Conducting Exit Interview
There are four prominent ways of taking exit
1. In-Person
2. Online
3. Paper
4. Telephone
Exit Interview
Exit Interview Purpose
The purpose of the Exit Interview are 1. Obtain
employee constructive feedback and leave on a
positive note 2. Gather employee Opinions
about the organization culture, policies
procedures 3. Management and its effectiveness
Exit Interview
4. Employer branding5. Complete the paper work
and recover the company belongings6. Any open
issues can be addressed7. Communication gap8.
Salary and perks
Exit Interview Purpose
Exit Interview
Exit interview Process
  • The exit interview process may contain the
  • Introductory steps like recording a
    resignation letter.
  • The next step is to terminate any online
    access of the
  • companys data.
  • Taking back Companys property from the
  • The status of employee benefits should be
  • Made full final payment to the employee
  • Conducting of exit interview

Exit Interview
Exit interview Questionnaire
  • What was the reason for leaving the organization?
  • Rate the level of job satisfaction.
  • Problems experienced in the working atmosphere.
    If any.
  • Write about the workload and the targets that
    were assigned to you?
  • What kind of relation you had with colleagues?
  • How did you perceive your career goals in this

Exit Interview
Exit interview Form
Form 1. Employee name Date of Joining
Last date of
employment Department
Position Excellent
Average Poor Satisfaction in the
firm Level of Growth Expectations met Working
environment Form 2. Name
Position Date Date of
Joining Last date of work
Exit Interview
Participation in an exit interview
Participation in an exit interview totally
depends on the employee. The employee should
participate in an exit interview although it may
not be useful. Many career experts believe that
there is no use participating in an exit
interview. The interaction with the employee
should be conducted when the employee is on
Exit Interview
Exit Interview Checklist
  • The exit interview checklist may contain the
  • Reason for Termination
  • Training and Development
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Work Environment
  • Administrative Matters

Exit Interview
Importance of exit interviews
1. The reason for employees departure is known 2.
The exit interviews enable the employee to leave
on a positive note 3. Any issues in the
organization can be rectified 4. Exit interview
helps to improve an organizations environment
and culture 5. Exit interviews are
cost-effective. 6. Exit interviews help in
management development and succession
planning. 7. It helps in improving training and
onboarding programs. 8. Other issues in the
management can be resolved
Exit Interview
Why employees do not participate in an exit
1. The exit interviews are too long 2. The exit
interview questions are confusing 3. The employee
is afraid of repercussion 4. The process is
difficult and uncomfortable 5. The employee is
departing and does not care anymore
Exit Interview
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Exit Interview
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