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Dr Sarita Rao is one of the best cardiologists in Madhya Pradesh, if you are searching for best cardiologist in Indore for heart disease contact Dr. Sarita Rao. Call us now for Appointment 9893925000 For more details visit online - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Interventional Cardiologist Apollo Hospitals,
Dr. Sarita Rao is a Sr. Interventional
Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals, Indore. She is
the first female Interventional Cardiologist in
Central India. She is Fellow of American College
of Cardiology(FACC) and Fellow of European
Society of Cardiology(FESC)
For OPD Appointments Contact 91
9893925000 OPD Timing at Apollo Hospitals,
Indore 1100 AM to 400 PM Location Apollo
Hospitals, Indore Sector D Rd, Scheme No 74C,
Vijay Nagar, Indore. OPD Timing at Clinic 630
PM to 800 PM Location 303, Third Floor, Vishal
Astra, Opp. Satya Sai School, A.B Road, Indore,
High cholesterol levels in the body can increase
the risk of heart diseases and heart attack,
medications play an important role in maintaining
the cholesterol level and to improve them, but
before medications the initial step that it is
kept in mind is to make lifestyle changes
maintaining healthy eating habits. 
Cholesterol is generally made in liver and also
has many important functions like it helps
keeping the walls of cells flexible that is
needed to make several hormones. But excess of
anything can cause problem meanwhile too much
cholesterol can be a problem for the body, here
are some of the tips that can help you to improve
and maintain your cholesterol levels-
  • Eat healthy foods that is good for your heart - 
  • To improve the cholesterol levels only a few
    changes in your diet can help you a lot
  • Reduce saturated fats - saturated fats are
    primarily found in red meat and full fat dairy
    products that can raise your total cholesterol.
    Decreasing the consumption of saturated fat can
    help you to reduce your low density lipoprotein
    cholesterol that is the bad cholesterol.

  • Eat food that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
    - Omega 3 fatty acids does not affect the low
    density lipoprotein cholesterol and they do have
    other heart healthy benefits as well which
    includes reducing the blood pressure, foods that
    contains Omega 3 fatty acids are Salman mackerel
    walnuts and flax seeds.
  • Eliminate trans fat - trans fats are responsible
    to raise the overall cholesterol levels the trans
    fat is usually listed on the food labels as
    hydrogenated vegetable oil that are often used 
    in store bought cookies crackles and cakes, stop
    eating pant food that contains preservatives in
  • Increase fiber - soluble fibres can help to
    reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the
    bloodstream, fibres are found in foods such as
    oats kidney beans sprouts apples and pears.
  • Whey protein - whey protein are generally found
    in dairy products whey protein is beneficial for
    many health benefits, studies have proved that
    whey protein helps in lower down low density
    lipoprotein cholesterol as well as the blood

2) Quit smoking -  
Quitting smoking can help you to improve high
density lipoprotein cholesterol levels , smoking
increases the risk of heart disease in several
ways. The immune cells in people who smoke are
unable to return the cholesterol from the blood
vessels to the blood for transport to liver,
these dysfunctional immune cells contribute in
faster development of clogged arteries in the
people who smoke.
3) Limit alcohol -
It's better to limit alcohol because moderate use
of alcohol has been linked with higher levels of
HDL cholesterol, too much of alcohol consumption
can lead to serious health problems which
includes high blood pressure heart failure and
stroke. While the moderate alcohol can also
improve reverse cholesterol transport which helps
to reduce the risk of clogged arteries and heart
4) Exercise daily - 
Exercises play a major role in improvement of
cholesterol levels, moderate physical activity
can help in raising high-density lipoprotein
cholesterol that is the good cholesterol, it's
important that you should workout at least 30
minutes of the day both the aerobic and anaerobic
exercises. Exercises play an important role in
maintaining your heart health , blood pressure ,
sugar levels and even in maintaining your
weight. Always start with low intensity
exercises like walking cycling playing your
favourite sport.  Any type of exercise can
improve cholesterol levels and promotes heart
health the longer and the more intense the
exercise is  the greater will be the benefits.
5) Lose weight - 
Weight loss is the key to improve the cholesterol
levels of the body carrying extra pounds of
weight to the body can increase the cholesterol.
Avoid drinking sugary beverages increase your
fluid intake like water stop eating packed foods
and the best way is to track your calories,
weight loss is also associated with better heart
health and maintenance of blood pressure. Weight
loss reduces the total cholesterol by decreasing
the creation of new cholesterol in the liver,
it's generally beneficial because it affects the
HDL and LDL levels.
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Dr Sarita Rao is one of the best cardiologists in
Madhya Pradesh, if you are searching for best
cardiologist in Indore for heart disease contact
Dr. Sarita Rao. Call us now for Appointment
9893925000 and visit online - https//drsaritarao
Facebook https//
Cardiologist-101841215429014 Please do follow
on Instagram Instagram https//www.instagram.c
om/drsarita_rao/ More Post- Diseases linked to
high cholesterol
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