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High-Risk Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Know


A high-risk merchant account allows some businesses that are considered high risk to accept credit and debit card payments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: High-Risk Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Know

USA High-Risk Merchant Account Credit
Card Processing
As per the title, here well talk about USA
high-risk merchant account and how does it help
in credit card processing. There are several
reasons that at somewhere your business growth is
suppressing day by day. The real problem for
your business is to reveal its pain. There are
several issues that a business has to deal with.
But when it comes to payment processing, working
with an unprofessional MSP causes a lot of
pitfalls for a businessman. A businessman needs
to understand that not every time by paying money
you can win every race. To make it short, we can
say, that your sales and business growth is
stopping due to a reason. The reasons are those
factors that it attracts towards it by its
activities. Issues that are involved in the
financial sector of your business are one of the
biggest reasons for your failure. Chargeback,
payment failures, online fraud, and offshore
transactions are some of those risk factors that
brings the doom day for you.
As an MSP, eMerchantPro has worked with many
companies that were dealing with high risk. With
our previous experience in the industry, we know
the right solution for them from the very
beginning. As for you, this USA high-risk
merchant account is the right option.
eMerchantPro can provide you with expert support
and the best merchant services.
Why should you believe in a USA High-risk
merchant account?
  • A USA high-risk merchant account is best for
    those merchants that are dealing with high-risk
    factors. Some of the high-risk are basically
    related and created due to implications in
    payment processing. A chargeback can be created
    because of poor payment processing. Online fraud
    can happen due to a low secure network, and
    offshore trading needs merchant services to the
    very end. A high-risk merchant account can
    provide you with so many benefits at a time.
  • This allows the merchant to attach a PG to the
    merchants website.
  • Well, if you are accepting online payments from
    your website then you will need a payment gateway
    to process transactions. But here we come back
    to the topic. You need a high-risk merchant
    account to attach a payment gateway to the
    website. The payment gateway will transmit the
    transaction to banks. And the merchant account
    will monitor the transactions. If you do not get
    the support of any of these, then it will affect
    your work.
  • Complete Merchant assistance for payment

This merchant account provides complete merchant
assistance to the merchant for payment
processing. It allows the merchant to receive
online transaction in his currency. Apart from
that, merchants can provide the consumers with
the option of alternative payment modes.
Consumers around the world want full convenience
in online shopping. And for the people of the
USA, we are providing full convenience. With this
merchant account, consumers would get the
convenience to pay via so many options. Discover,
Master Card, and VISA is some of those options.
If the merchant feels uncomfortable getting used
to the services he can contact our customer
support anytime.
How will credit card processing be managed?
Credit Card Processing is one of the most crucial
parts of a business. It requires a payment
service provider offering a reliable and precise
solution for easy processing. There might be
multiple payment processing issues with service
providers due to a lack of expertise and
solutions. However, our services overcome
payment failures, barriers, and ensure
streamlined payment processing.
How do the features of a payment gateway benefit
the merchants business?
  • Global Card Saving
  • Would you like to waste your time over online
    shopping more than you need? No! Right? So, for a
    complete solution, you can trust our payment
    gateway. With this feature, consumers can save
    their cards on the website and never need to
    fill in the details again.
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Credit card processing allows a merchant to
    accept card payments on a website. On the other
    hand, a payment gateway allows a business to
    accept all card payments. And payment processor
    sends the information to the acquiring bank.
    Then the acquiring bank sends the transaction to
    the PSP. In the end the PSP settles the final
    payment in the merchants business account. Thus,
    it makes the process hassle-free.
  • With an international network of banks, our
    services are perfect for high-risk merchants. And
    provide dedicated solutions to ensure that a
    business gets the most accepted payments.
  • Easy check-out
  • Among the many features, this feature makes the
    experience easier for the customer. This
    completes the buying process on one page. Thus
    the customer will not need to wait for several
    pages to buy a product.
  • When a website takes a lot of time to provide the
    results, the customers also get annoyed. But with
    the help of our payment gateway, all things
    related to payment processing will get easy for
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (3D Secure)

  • These days many cases related to online fraud
    have increased. And there are many services
    available in the international market to reduce
    these. Our PG offers the features of multi-factor
    authentication which is 3D secure.
  • This feature helps the merchant to be
    stress-free. The multi-factor authenticator
    checks the real identity of the payer at several
    steps. And if the payer is found suspicious, the
    payment will be
  • stopped immediately. It protects the reputation
    of the merchants website and also the consumers
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Businesses that accept payments in more than one
    currency are trending now. This type of offer
    will definitely increase the chances of getting
    attention from more consumers. Do you know why
    that is
  • important? That is just because consumers around
    the world want convenience more than anything.
  • Not only does the quality of your product fall
    into the category of a brands super strength.
    But the quality of your service delivery is also
    included in this category. This payment gateway
    supports multi-currency payment acceptance.
  • This means that whatever sector the merchant will
    choose will come under this facility. Now no more
    hassle, the merchant can collect payment from
    anywhere in the world with ease.
  • 247 Real-Time Reporting

This reporting system helps the merchant to stay
alert with a transaction over the website. With
that, it also alerts the merchant about
activities over the merchant account. And if he
finds any problem in any work area of his
business then he can act on it immediately. Timin
g is one of the most important things you should
consider while doing business. To reduce your
effort, this feature will definitely help you
out. Especially, we are pointing out some
favorable aspects when you need to know the real
value of time and advice.
Summing it up!
Not everyone can provide you with a high-risk
merchant account. Therefore, our expertise
provides better merchant and payment services.
eMerchantPro has worked with many companies and
thousands of products. Our experience and
merchant services are the best fit for your
business. Ecommerce platforms are very dynamic
and need more professional support. Apart from
it, if you
ever feel like youre having difficulty after
acquiring our services our customer support will
help you. No need to look at the clock, dial the
toll-free number and ask. Outcomes will be
amazing and will bring more chances to
grow. Choosing any PSP is your own decision. But
who is telling you the best or who is telling you
the right thing is more important! We dont say
that we will provide you with a solution that
will give you instant results or make your
business shine in a few days. Instead, well
provide you with something that may take time to
provide you with results but those results wont
fade away easily. Drop a mail and apply for it
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