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The No.1 Solution for High-Risk Credit Card Processing


Do you have any problem accepting credit card payments? we give you no 1 solutions for high-risk credit card processing and it's very useful to our merchants. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The No.1 Solution for High-Risk Credit Card Processing

The No.1 Solution for High-Risk Credit Card
In the High-Risk Credit Card Processing Company,
some business types and organizations are
considered High Risk. Merchant Account
Providers often feel that merchants within the
high-risk industry are just too difficult to work
with. Merchant Industry is proud to be New Yorks
best high-risk merchant account provider.
What is High-Risk Credit Card Processing?
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Before starting your business, you need to know
whether your industry is considered High Risk or
not. One major indication that youre working
within a high-risk industry is if the business
type has a large number of chargebacks or
fraudulent charges. Different processors will
have their own way of classifying and dealing
with High-Risk Credit Card Processing Companies.
Before you decide to get your business up and
running, it is best to collect information from
several processors.
How Do You Know if Youre a High-Risk Merchant?
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High-risk processors are similar to traditional
processors, but their rates will be higher than
traditional ones due to the nature of the
business types they work with. More often than
not, High-Risk merchants will have less
flexibility compared to a traditional merchant.
High-risk merchants require more documentation to
get their account approved. Apart from this,
the high-risk merchant will run the risk of
having a Reserve placed on their account.
Sometimes, processors will hold a significant
portion of an amount from the Merchant Account in
case of high chargebacks.
How Are High-Risk Processors Different Than Other
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Its very common for many high-risk credit card
processors to request what is called a Merchant
Cash Reserve or a Rolling Reserve Fund.
High-risk businesses will be required to set
aside a percentage of their deposits usually 5
15. The processor will keep this fund amount
on hold for about six months, after which the
funds will be released back to the business. This
occurs on a rolling basis so that as funds are
released, other funds are being held for another
six months. While this may not be traditional
practice, it is a requirement merchants must
follow in order to maintain a high-risk Merchant
What Is A Merchant Cash Reserve / Rolling Fund?
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All merchants need to understand how high-risk
credit card processing fees work before choosing
the best merchant account provider. There are a
wide variety of processors, each with their own
tailored solutions for specific types of
high-risk merchants. Merchant Industry is an
all-in-one Merchant Service Provider tailored to
all high-risk merchant types. If you process more
than 10,000 a month, contact Merchant Industry
today and rest easy knowing that your business is
in good hands.
High-Risk Credit Card Processing
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