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OctaPay - Simplify Your Payments


At Octapay, we give bespoke services to all our clients, understanding that each business is different. Your work becomes our work, and the growth of your business is ours. We are a high risk merchant provider, Specialized in Forex, Gaming, Bitcoin Merchant Account. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: OctaPay - Simplify Your Payments

Everything You Need to Know About Merchant
  • A merchant account is a type of bank account that
    allows businesses to accept payments using a
    credit and debit card. A merchant account held
    with an acquiring bank holds customer payments as
    long as they are approved by the customer's bank,
    prior to being sent to the merchant.
  • Some people make the mistake of confusing a
    merchant account with a regular commercial bank
    account. These are two completely different

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?
  • Most small business owners will never hear the
    term high risk merchant account until their
    business is identified as such. This seems a
    little cryptic at first. In some cases, this may
    seem like an unfair judgment about your business,
    the services you provide, the products you offer,
    or yourself. This is not true. From a seller's
    perspective, merchant account for high risk is
    often a sign that your business poses a greater
    risk of chargebacks and has nothing to do with
    what your business did or how it worked.

Why are Some Businesses Defined as High Risk
Merchant Accounts?
  • Understanding this important definition gives you
    clues to the universe when it comes to
    understanding how high risk merchant service work
    and identifying the best payment processing
    partners to work with your business.
    Unfortunately, there is no single industry
    standard that defines merchant account for
    high-risk business while exempting everyone else
    from that designation. This is incredibly
    subjective, and several factors simply make your
    business a more likely target for this naming,
    including the following

  • You work from home. Your business location and
    home business are more risky propositions for
    payment processors. In this respect, doing
    business outside of the country can also mark you
    as a high risk trading account, so keep that in
    mind before you plan to take over the universe.
  • The length of your tenure in business. The longer
    you are in business, the more partnerships you
    will have.
  • Your history with other trading accounts is
    important. Keep your records and be honest when
    looking for new trading partners.
  • The amount of chargebacks - there is little to
    say about this. Avoid them if possible. Create
    policies to solve customer problems, offer
    refunds, and communicate with customers to avoid
  • You are in one of the identified high risk
    industries - some industries are simply more
    risky than others in terms of payment processing
  • Your personal credit. Believe it or not, it has
    more impact than many business owners think.
    Improving your creditworthiness makes you more
    attractive to business partners.

  • Of course, there may be reasons not included in
    this list that define why your business does not
    include high risk merchant account instant
    approval. If you have any questions about whether
    you qualify for a high risk trader, please
    consult your trading service provider for advice.

How a High-Risk Merchant Account Impacts Your
  • In some cases, the status of a high-risk trading
    account means that you will have to go through
    additional verification in order to receive the
    seller's services. You can even be limited to a
    certain number of transactions per month, or have
    a certain amount of cash reserves.
  • In most cases, you will have to pay higher fees
    and / or increase processing speed in order to
    receive various commercial services due to your
    high risk category. Some providers may even
    refuse to work with you.

Benefits of Having a High Risk Merchant Account
  • You may be surprised to learn that identifying a
    merchant as a offshore high-risk merchant account
    offers several benefits if you are willing to pay
    the additional fees and additional due diligence
    and supervision faced by high-risk trading
    account holders. Among these advantages are the
  • More flexible payment options - Low-risk
    merchants can only earn certain types of income
    with a credit card. High-risk sellers have fewer
    restrictions, which means they can
  • Offer recurring payments
  • Handling higher sales volumes for presentation
    events and special sales
  • Sell ??a wider range of products and services
  • Ability to work internationally - Low-risk
    sellers are limited and severely restricted when
    it comes to international transactions. High risk
    trading accounts have fewer restrictions that can
    limit their goals of global expansion.

How Gaming Merchant Account Market is Growing?
  • With the continued growth of the Internet and
    technological innovation, some industries have
    begun to flourish. The online gaming universe is
    one such industry. However, in the early stages,
    this phenomenon known as Gaming grew into a
    multibillion dollar business. The digital gaming
    industry is booming and there is a growing
    interest in online gaming worldwide for gaming
  • It is growing rapidly compared to other
    industries. Not only are global giants taking
    advantage of the many innovative opportunities
    this industry provides, but game startups are
    also benefiting.
  • With online gaming gaining traction in several US
    states, now is the perfect time to find the best
    credit card processing solution to maximize your
    profits. In the online gaming industry, sellers
    know better than anyone what it takes to launch a
    successful gaming website. With our gaming
    merchant account or online gaming merchant
    account, you can have peace of mind knowing that
    your website can accept real-time payments

What About Forex Merchant Account?
  • Forex business is not easy. Since this is a
    high-risk business, it comes with some problems
    related to payment processing. Thus, Forex
    traders must find a reliable payment processing
    system for forex trading merchant account that
    can easily open a Forex trading account for them.
  • Due to the high risk in the industry, Forex
    traders are often charged large sums up front to
    make money. The good news is that Forex traders
    can find exceptional credit card processing
    solutions in the market with the help of forex
    merchant account. By having a reputable high-risk
    trading provider, you, as a Forex trader, can
    indeed access great benefits. As a result, you
    will be able to increase sales and make profits.
  • This is why working with the right payment
    service provider is critical for Forex sellers.
    Only a true professional in their field can solve
    problems with deposits and payments and provide
    sellers with great competitive advantages.

About Us
  • At Octapay, we give bespoke services to all our
    clients, understanding that each business is
    di?erent. Your work becomes our work, and the
    growth of your business is our
  • We are a high risk merchant provider ,
    Specialised in Forex , Gaming , Bitcoin Merchant
    Account .
  • Website - https//octapay.fund
  • Phone - USA 1 302 380 4048, UK 44 114 299
  • Email - sales_at_octapay.fund
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