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Major Reasons Your House is Not Selling


In a perfect scenario, selling a home is a matter of few steps which goes the same for all kinds of properties. The steps include putting a house on market, scheduling the showings, getting it auctioned and there you get an offer. If you are searching for the best real estate agent then visit our website and get more information regarding this topic as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Major Reasons Your House is Not Selling

Major Reasons Your House is Not Selling
In a perfect scenario, selling a home is a matter
of few steps which goes the same for all kind of
properties. The steps include, putting a house on
market, scheduling the showings, getting it
auctioned and there you get an offer. Quite
simple, right? Everyone knows the procedure, and
even you know it. But still you are left
wondering that why is your home not selling as
fast as other homes. As per the real estate
agents, it takes about 30 to 40 days to sell a
house and few days up to finally settle the deal
and finish all legal formalities. This is
possible only if the best real estate agent jumps
in and agrees to get you a great deal. But
unfortunately, this is not the case with all the
houses that are listed and above all, the bad
news is that you cannot force anything if your
house is not selling. This is because number of
circumstances become responsible for the house
not selling. Out of all, the first and the most
important is not being able to find the right
buyer at the right time. Now the good news is
that you are aware of the reasons and can take
control of few of them, if not all. Here are
some of the possible points that might be
responsible for your home not being able to sell.
Let us see these together
You are targeting the wrong market
  • There are two trends in real estate market that
    every seller or even a buyer must check before
    selling or buying a house. That is
  • The time of the year you want to sell your home
    Looking into the market type Is it a buyers
    market or a sellers market?
  • A buyers market is the one where a lot of homes
    are on sale but the buyers are few whereas
    sellers market is the one where lot of buyers
    are there but the homes on sale are few. If you
    are selling your home in the latter scenario,
    you will more likely to sell your home in a less
    time because there is a lot of competition for
    properties. On the other hand, in the buyers
    market, your house is the one facing the
    competition and that may be the reason your
    house is not selling as quickly as you desire.
  • The best way to avoid the halted sales project is
    to become strategic and wait for the best time
    to come especially when chances are high for
    your house to get listed immediately and sells
    faster than you imagine.

Setting a Price Too High
  • The higher you go with your houses price, the
    lower will be the pool of buyers. Similarly, the
    homes that are priced high comparative to the
    ones in the neighborhood, cances are that your
    house will not be given the attention it
    deserves and you will lose the potential buyers.
    An overpriced home will never bring you the luck
    of selling, so, make sure that you are look
    around and do research before setting a final

Not Marketing Your Home in a Right Place
  • If you are marketing your home through
    traditional marketing mediums like print ads,
    etc., you might end up getting irritated because
    now in the digital era, all business operations
    are carried out using online platforms. Even the
    real estate agents use online platforms to list
    a property and help their clients get a better
    deal. This is because around 44 of the buyers
    takes to internet to look for a property. If you
    hire a real estate agent, then make sure you
    look into the platforms your agent uses to list
    the property. If the real estate agent uses the
    old school methods to advertise your property,
    then certainly you would be going in the wrong
    direction. If you are handling the things by
    yourself, it is advisable to use social media
    platforms to connect with the wider audience to
    get a better reach.

Your Home is not Aesthetically Appealing
The first impression is the last impression and
if your home is not well furnished, or cleaned,
no buyer would want to come up to buy your home.
So, before you begin with any step, just make
sure that you have decluttered your house, it is
well furnished and renovated, if required. If
you are still not able to figure out why your
home is not selling, then do not hesitate to
reach out to the real estate agents in
Knoxfield. DJ Randhawa, the best real estate
agent in Ferntree Gully is highly experienced
and will put you on the right path, therefore get
you the best price for your home as fast as you
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