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How to deal with heart failure to live longer?


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Title: How to deal with heart failure to live longer?

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How to deal with heart failure to live longer?
What comes in mind when we hear the term heart
failure, heart failure doesn't mean the heart has
failed or the heart has stopped working. But it
means the heart does not pump enough as it should
Nowadays heart failure is a common and a major
problem which affects more than 10 million
people, it is one of the most common cause of
health issues in old ages. To prevent such hard
diseases we need to learn how to keep a good
balance and how to deal with it to live longer.
Heart failure also known as congestive heart
disease, is a major cause of chronic heart
diseases such as narrowing in the arteries
(coronary artery disease), high blood pressure,
that leads the heart too week to pump blood
Causes of heart failure-
Heart failure is often developed after the
condition that has weak and the heart, it can
also occur if the heart is too stiff. Some of
the conditions that can damage or weaken the
heart and cause heart failure are
  • Coronary artery disease and heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart valves problems or faulty heart valves
  • Any inflammation in the heart muscles
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Arrhythmia

There might be acute heart failure due to some of
the reasons that can cause sudden damage to the
heart, it includes
  • Allergic reactions
  • Overuse of certain medications
  • Viral infections
  • Blood clots

Risk factors-
Even a single risk factor is enough for any hard
disease, heart is the main organ of the body that
controls the blood flow any disease or problem in
heart can affect the life of an individual and
may lead to death if not detected early.
Eliminating the risk factors as soon as possible
can help you to prevent any kind of heart disease.
Some of the risk factors that are mainly
responsible for the heart disease are as follows
  • Coronary Heart Disease- this leads to narrowing
    of arteries that supplies blood and oxygen.
  • Heart Attack- it occurs some suddenly and damage
    the heart muscles that leads to sudden stop in
    pumping of heart.
  • High blood pressure- high blood pressure can lead
    to stress on the heart and the heart works
  • Irregular heart beats- they have normal rhythm
    are suddenly slow and fast that can weaken the
    heart muscles.
  • Alcohol addiction- consuming an alcohol too much
    becomes the heart muscles and damage the liver,
    that can lead to heart failure.

Dealing with heart failure-
The main thing to prevent heart failure is to
reduce the risk factors. Reducing the risk factor
can control and eliminate the factors of heart
diseases that includes healthy lifestyle changes,
proper diet changes and proper medications
prescribed by doctors.
  • Stop Smoking - Smoking causes Cancer as well as
    serious heart disease because it is the major
    factor that causes damage to the arteries and can
    cause heart failure.

  • Eating a healthy diet - Try to consume a healthy
    diet that's specially have a lot of advantages
    for a healthy heart. Eat food that contain low
    saturated fat, include fruits vegetables, low-fat
    dairy products and lean protein to your diet.
    Such as chicken eggs milk and green vegetables
    specially. Eating a healthy diet ultimately
    creates a healthy lifestyle, that accompanies
    proper care of the body excluding any of the
    problem including heart failure.
  • Controlling certain conditions, such as high
    blood pressure and diabetes - Have a regular
    check on these conditions such as high blood
    pressure and diabetes because they lead to
    weakening of heart muscles causing heart failure
    especially in old ages.
  • Exercising - Exercises are the most effective hue
    a that helps in strengthening of heart, exercise
    daily practice low to high intensity workouts,
    which ultimate leads to cardio vascular increment
    improving muscles of the body as well as the
  • Maintaining a healthy weight - Along with diet
    and exercise try to maintain your weight as this
    this is the main reason of stress to the heart.

Along with all these precautionary measures which
will help you to deal with heart disease try to
reduce stress and anxiety from your life, living
a stressful life may lead to high blood pressure
which directly affects the heart. Maintaining
proper posture of the body, giving proper rest to
the body are some of the most an identified
points that people doesn't keep in mind.
Practicing a healthy lifestyle and diet can never
lead to any heart disease.
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