7 Most Potent 'Anti-Nazi' Ways To Live Like GOD IN Trump's Regime - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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7 Most Potent 'Anti-Nazi' Ways To Live Like GOD IN Trump's Regime


Trump is just a Pawn in this game. This 'Game' that is played around you, exploits you and takes you for granted... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 7 Most Potent 'Anti-Nazi' Ways To Live Like GOD IN Trump's Regime

7 MOST POTENT Anti-Nazi Ways To Live Like GOD
In TRUMPs Regime
He grabbed them by their pussy. Scored at least a
century on the number of Sexual Assaults he
conducted. And would have even dated and banged
his own daughter Ivanka if he was not her
father.   You know how that went on   Well, he
promised to build wall on the southern border of
United States? and make Mexico pay for it because
he thinks they're all druggies, rapists and
criminals.   And said on everyone's face that
you can never be too greedy.   Also, he thinks
this world should have more global warming just
because his balls are freezing in his comfy Trump
Tower in New York.
What's more ?   Well, he thinks his fingers are
long and beautiful as it has been well documented
and also his various other parts of his body.   I
think you got what he meant by that.   And hes
the president of Miss World Enterprise, an
organization whose agenda is to make teenage
girls wear bikinis and high heels, show their
skin as much as possible and make them jump on
stage.   That explains why he wants to date his
I don't know if this guy is even human
emotionally when he said to an opposing lawyer in
a court case that shes disgusting just because
she wanted to take a medical break to pump breast
milk to feed her 3 year old daughter.   (I'm kind
of getting a feeling that he was accidentally fed
Vodka as breast milk when he was a kid).   Let's
not forget this one - he thinks his IQ is the
highest and we should know this. Also we
shouldn't feel stupid or insecure because it's
not our fault.
Want to know where he got his Spoiled Rich Brat
genes from?   Well, my best guess is that he got
this from his father Fred Trump.   Being an
American-German he was one of New York's biggest
property developer.   And was sued by US Justice
Department because he refused to rent flats to
African-American people, and was even arrested at
a KKK rally.   That explains his racist genes and
frequent attacks on Obama.   Like father, like
Now let's come back to reality.   He did all
those things on everyone's face and still got
elected as President without many popular
votes...   Congratulated his haters on New Year
who lost so badly in presidential
elections...   Signed an executive order just as
he entered the White House and banned immigration
from 6 Muslim countries where his company doesn't
have any kind of business.   Climate Change is
already out of his priority list.   And his
Health Care bill bombed just like his previous
His haters seem to grow and his streak of
inappropriate actions also continues to grow in
size.   He seems to feel like a Dictator with no
rules to hold his mind right in a democratic
world. What You Should Know By Now?   No matter
how much he grabbed everyone's Pssies, one
thing is for sure that hes considered one of the
successful businessman on planet.   Considering
his Negotiation skills and techniques he knows
how to hook and trigger peoples emotion and use
it for his own benefit and to create anger in
people's mind.
And you know what happens when you become angry,
all the rational, logic and clear thinking falls
aside because it's such a powerful emotion that
overpowers all the other emotions youve. His
4B personal net-worth is a result of this
strategy.   And yes Tony Schwartz, who's the
ghostwriter of Trump's The Art Of Deal book is
known to be the Dr. Frankenstein of Trump.   He
kind of created the Trump you see and hear
everyday. This book, which was highly successful
and acclaimed set Trump as one of highly
successful businessman in New York and
abroad.   Schwartz was paid around 500,000 in
advance and half of the book's royalties. But the
past is past and he regrets it badly when Trump
denounced Mexicans as 'rapists.
How To Make Sure Trump Doesn't Grab You By Your
Balls?   Well, simple. I have listed below 7
strategies or habits to make sure that you don't
fall prey to the brainwashing that he and the
media is doing to you.   Remember, this guy feeds
on your Emotions. You feed him anger, he will
make you angrier. You feed him hate, he will make
you hate him more.   After all hes a
Negotiator.   The only way to break out of this
loop is to understand that he's just a mirror of
what your mindset is. Hes not the real deal.
He can't hook your brains if you don't even give
him a single chance to.   Well without any
further blah blah, let's get down to the real
deal . . .  
Killer Strategy 1 The Wise Man's Habit - BOOK
As simple and boring as that sounds, every
successful person in this world knows that
key to get anything you want from life.   Be it
money, health, Emotional health or taking your
game to another level, there's always some stuff
or strategies out there to get you anything you
want in life.   Want to get promotion? Want to
start a successful online business? Want to learn
a new skill? Want to learn cooking? Or simply
want to learn persuasion strategies that Trump
himself uses on you?
Whatever it may be, you can find the 3 bestseller
books on Amazon on any skill you want to learn.
Simply read them. Take notes and apply
it.   Guess what? You don't have to simply dream
and hope of what you want. You can always get
what you want by simply learning it from masters
whove spent decades mastering the one thing they
do and are extremely good at.   Theyve spent
their whole life finding the solution to the
problem that you have. They went through all
the failures, with lots of fake high hopes, and
got even burned down during the process. And
still they got to a perfect solution that you
want. They know all the ins and outs of their
field. They know every single detail out there
that you don't know.
So learning from them makes sense.   30 years of
experience, compiled in a 200 page book, and only
costs hardly 20-30 approx. Which btw you can
finish reading in just one week.   Now compare
that to the time, money, and all the intense
emotional suffering youve to go through to find
the solution to the same problem.   Or compare
that to learning in a college and school, or any
degree. This is The Best education you can that
gets you real results in this real life.   Why
the hell reinvent the wheel, when someone else
has already done this for you?
These guys are masters for a reason. They have
suffered the same thing that youve.   And if you
think that your problem is unique or out of
world, guess what? It's not. As long as you're
a human and not a scary ass alien from Mars,
you're? going through the same thing that someone
else has already went through.   So make books
your new friends. Coz they will never betray you.
And yes, you can trust them to change your life.
Killer Strategy 2 The Highly Potent MEDITATION
Trump is just a pawn in this whole game. This
game that is played around you, that makes you
follow rules and believe things without even
questioning them.   Right from White Coats whore
the new Lords and Knights of this new world, to
advertisers, Hollywood, news and media companies
that control every aspect of your life.   Youre
made to follow rules without knowing the whole
game while the Lords, Knights and Kings sit on
top and make agendas behind the curtains and
closed doors.
Including the society, youre made a consumer
since the day you're born. They make you think
this hierarchy is how the world is. And then
they teach you to be a part of that System. But
not at the very top. Instead at the very
bottom.   Now the people whore on top they know
how the game is being played. They were once
trapped in it. Then they realized if they trap
you in this game, then they themselves can be
free. Free as a bird at the top. The number of
players in this game are always the same. Except
their level or position in that game is what they
change giving them highest possible benefits and
leverage in this world.
Money, Women, Power, Honor, Pride, Freedom - and
all the things they can get their hands on and
show and brag about it to their friends.   But
then there are some who escaped the game fully
and can take Birds-Eye view to see how it's
being played at the root level.   They can see
all the traps, they can see all the challenges,
they can see what other players hold secretly in
their pockets, they can see how the walls of this
game are constructed and a what they're made of,
and they can see all the smokes and mirrors out
there that people usually fall for. They knows
this game itself is the core root of suffering.
And is not the whole Truth.
The truth was right in front of you. But the eyes
could only see things that reflect light and
block, and not the things that light passes
through.   Some call these people with special
abilities as Mystics, Monks and Meditators. Or
sometimes Superhumans.   Now, Meditation is not
something that can be described as to what it
feels like when you meditate. The only thing you
can do is experience it.   The peace you feel
when you meditate just for 15 minutes is way
beyond words. And the technique is simple
too.   Close your eyes and simply concentrate on
your breath. Simply watch how the breath comes in
and how the breath goes out.
If your mind wanders bring it back to your
breath   Doing this daily for 15 minutes will go
a long way. Start with only 2 minutes if 15 is
too long.   ( Don't have 2 minutes?? Seriously
look around. If you don't even have 2 minutes,
then chances are you've been dead since a long
time. You just don't know it yet. See if you can
go through walls. )   Within a month you will
realize how unstable your mind is. Till now you
thought you were in control of everything that
happened to you. But slowly you'll uncover the
mystery of this universe and your life purpose.
And how your whole life was big lie till now.
Better late than sorry right?
There's also an another way or potent strategy
that takes 5 minutes max to apply but works as
potent as how Cocaine works for drug addicts, and
it's totally legal, if that's what you're
searching for then go here   https//goo.gl/vloU
JS   By the way it works like gangbusters. You
will see for yourself.
Killer Strategy 3 Reverse The BRAINWASH.
News Sites, Ad Agencies, Marketing and all the
other Media Companies are way too ahead of you in
this game. These guys know what hooks you in
your heart. They know exactly what your heart and
brain craves.Ever watched the 7pm news? You
know exactly what they show.   Someone got
murdered . .   Someone got shot . . .   Someone
got raped . . .
Some old white-coat guy got caught red handed in
a scam . . .Some woman felt betrayed in a
relationship and killed herself . . Some guy
got falsely accused in sexual harassment case . .
.How nations are progressing secretly in
Military and War and preparing nukes on a
deserted island . . .How some people are
starving in Africa. . . How some rich Sheikh in
Dubai bought his 100th Lamborghini . . . and how
people think that he should instead donate that
money to the poor . . . (even though the
middle-class people whose pockets are full after
every paycheck decide to blow it away on parties,
junk food and lavish things and never donate
How the world is heading to a doom . . .You got
the point, right? These companies only frame the
bad things that happen in this world. Same
twisted things every now and then.If you
analyze this pattern closely, youll slowly
realize that you were never really control of
your life.These Media Companies were the ones
that told you that youre ugly if youre
fat. They tell if you dont last longer in bed
you suck. That women are sluts if they hang out
with lots of men friends. All men are dogs. And
how youre cool af if you party regularly and
They tell you directly how to live the life that
never made any sense.What they never really
tell you is that how minding your own business
and stopping the brainwash that they do is really
the best way to live life on your terms and to be
the God of your own life. They never tell you
how one farmer planted a million trees and grew a
forest on his own.   How people in the past
have helped to lower down the number of poor and
starving people in this world. How many new
schools have been built to help poor kids
How they wiped an old disease that has been
crippling the world for years. How some people
are moving to green energy sources and saving
thousands on electricity bill. How some people
are growing their own organic food, free of
pesticides, in their own backyard and freeing
themselves from long-term pesticide
poisoning.   How some people have completely
quit junk-food and got rid of cancer causing
chemicals that are added to it.But most people
are so focused on expectations of others and what
other people think that they forget in the end
were all going to the grave.
They think they always need directions from
someone else and they need to be told by someone
else what to do next in life, when the truth is
they themselves were extremely capable of turning
their life around with some willpower and nothing
else.Truth is, these companies know how to
trigger your negative emotions. They really
master that art behind the curtains.Because
when someone is angry, insecure, scared or felt
ashamed, all the other rational things and
emotions fall aside and we do anything in that
moment to attain emotional justice to our belief
structures.Belief structures that were simply
nothing but smokes and mirrors since your birth
and have been fed to your mind by the society.
So here's a strategy that I call as Reverse
Brainwash. It's simple af. All you have to do
start following the pages on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram that are related to goals you want to
achieve.   Want to get fit, start following at
least 10 pages and blogs that are related to
fitness and health.   Want to start blogging?
Start following the blogs, pages and accounts
that are related to this topic.   Want to Travel
more? Start following the travel related blogs
and pages.   Want to learn Guitar? Start
following the music training blogs that are
catered to Guitar.
Anything you want to learn but think is not
possible is already out there. All you have to do
is Like and Follow.   The thing here is to
feed your brain the stuff that is catered to your
goals. So instead of wasting 3-4 hrs daily
following shit pages on Social Media that give
you nothing but crickets, you now use the same
Social Media as leverage to bring you closer to
your goals.   Do this for each social network you
use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,
YouTube, Snapchat, you name it.   As time will
pass, all these Social Networks will slowly
brainwash you in a positive way. And slowly
youll start thinking in term of goals.
Your life in the meanwhile will? take a drastic
turn in a way that you wanted it to be. And the
way you self-improve will be significant
too.   And the resources that you need to get
there are right on your feed.   Although there's
one thing you need to make sure that the ratio of
Goal related pages you follow and shit pages you
follow should be at least 15.   Yup. Five good
pages for one shit page. Every once in a while
even we need to chill and relax, so this one shit
page is an exception. Hey if you want to be
brainwashed, then why not do it in a more
positive way? Makes sense right?
Killer Strategy 4 Blogging To FREEDOM
Here's something that you should know. We kind of
right now live in a Golden-Age of
Internet.   Yeah seriously. People are becoming
dot-com Millionaires every day doing nothing but
by simply writing a blog on a topic that they
love.   Now of course there's a strategy behind
taking your blog from crickets to a million
dollar level.   You need to know how to bring
Viral Traffic, turn this traffic into Leads, and
selling products using email marketing to these
Leads, and also creating a minimalist product
that you can sell either Tangible (Clothes,
Gadgets, anything I that you see around) or
Digital (Ebooks, Video Course, Paid Newsletter,
Membership site, you name it.)
Now this may go over your head and you may think
and even resist this idea in your head. But if
you look carefully at this strategy theres one
thing in common and that's Writing.   I mean
people are writing shit posts on Facebook and
Instagram about all the things that are happening
in their life and no one even bats an eye. (Celeb
accounts are exception).   Instead here you get
to do that plus you get to write about what you
love. The beautiful thing about blogging and
writing is that it's way psychologically easy
compared to speaking on a stage in front of
hundreds of people.   And you can edit it as much
as you can before hitting the send button which
you can't do when speaking in front of public.
But most importantly it helps you put yours
feeling and words across the paper that you badly
wanted to share with the world. And most of all
it's therapeutic to write.   It calms you down
and gives you amazing rush when you're done
writing. A feeling of serious accomplishment.   No
w you can write about the thing you love or you
hate. Actually you can do both. And the thing is
you can write about anything you want.   If
you're Gym Freak you can write about
Fitness   If you love Cleaning your House, you
can even write about that. If you love TV
Shows, Music, Video Games, Book Reading . . .
If you love Industry Gossip. . .   Or Fashion and
Style   Or skills youve right now like
painting, sketching, programming or like getting
good grades in college and schools . . .   Or
even have skills to date any woman . .
  Remember, wherever there's a demand or problem
in public and ability in people to pay for supply
or solution, there's a market. So anything that
you're? good at or anything you're bad at can be
turned into a blog.   Even if you're depressed
about life right now. . .
You can use strategies from internet and books to
get rid of it and improve yourself and you can
share your experience with people all over the
world that are going through the same thing right
now. Your sufferings and problems right now can
pave way to a blog that is read by millions of
people every day.   Well the truth is your blog
can help you be financially free and make you
quit your job and live like a king. Even the
skills that you've and are required for your day
job can be turned into a successful blog.   But
like I said successful blogs require successful
marketing strategies and a little understanding
of human behavior. And if you master the
strategy itself, you're? on your way to build not
one but an army of million-dollar blogs.
Also if you're into Travelling and want to live
no-strings-attached or No Fcks Given Traveler's
life with complete freedom while travelling to
exotic and out-of-the-world places, then this
Travel Blogging strategy will be a boon for you.
( And no, these things are not taught in
schools and colleges.)   Coz most travel blogs
fail to generate enough revenue to keep going and
bomb badly within the first 2 months.   But this
strategy was modelled from a company that makes
around 40 Billion annually using nothing but
So it's highly potent and not to be messed around
in a bad way, but when used correctly, your
Travel Blog will be on its way to make your bank
accounts go full and making you live the Travel
Life you always dreamed of with zero string
attached.   And there's deep science behind this.
So get this potent Travel Blogging strategy
here   https//goo.gl/VM82Km   And don't simply
read it. Apply it!
Killer Strategy 5 Finding The Highest Possible
Most people settle for things that they seem fit
for them and accept that this is how things
should be.   Yes, accepting the way things are
right now is good. And sending gratitude to the
Universe for everything you have right is an
excellent technique to improve your inner
peace.   But there should be a balance to it.
Simply accepting the things the way they are will
never get you out of your comfort zone. Youll
never know who you really and the great power
sleeping in you that is waiting to be
unleashed.   Truth to be told, Gratitude is like
a Foundation to your self-development. The
foundation of a Skyscraper you can say.
Finding Leverage or the 80/20 Rule in
everything you do is like the whole building
itself. The Skyscraper cannot exist without a
foundation. Also the Foundation without a
building itself is incomplete as it will never
reach its height it was meant for.   So
Gratitude and 'Leverage go hand-in-hand. So
whatever skills you've? right now, believe me
theres always a way to do it as simple as
possible while getting extreme results from the
same.   Right from Cooking, Gym and Fitness,
Graphic Design, Coding, Video Editing,
Entrepreneurship, Travelling, Photography or
anything you do everyday, there's always a set of
'secret strategies that pros in every industry
or field possess.
They may not tell you publicly, but look around
you. There are guys sitting on top of the Throne
and then there are guys sitting below them. This
hierarchy can be seen in every field you work.
Ever wondered how an average looking guy with
qualifications less than you and with extremely
low work experience in his resume is sitting in
his cozy personal Office with a personal
secretary for his assistance at his finger and is
kind of running the whole company? Ever wondered
how your Boss became the 'Boss?   Ever wondered
how a Marketing Director became what he
is?   Ever wondered how J.K. Rowling became J.K
Ever wondered how Michael Jordan became Michael
Jordan?   Ever wondered how Steve Jobs became
Steve Jobs?   Ever wondered how Arnold
Schwarzenegger became Arnold Schwarzenegger?   Fee
ling envious to them or saying they got lucky
is what we feel. But what we see to forget is
that they know something about their field that
you don't know.   The reason theyre sitting on
top is that they know 'Strategies that's? giving
them the highest possible leverage at what they
do or they wouldn't have been sitting there.
So finding the 80/20 rule or even 90/10 is what
you should focus on. Get actively involved in
what you love to do. Take notes actively so that
subtle things that have highest leverage don't
slip out of your hands.   Use YouTube, Books,
Blogs, anything you can find to improve yourself.
Research the strategies itself to see if anyone
has ever applied it. Read forums, private
Facebook groups, participate in it and get
feedback from the people who previously applied
the strategies. Having people around you who
love passionately the things they do and who
always focus on improving the skills they are
good at is kind of a best thing for
you.   Because then youre surrounded by people
who crave for success at what they do. And
believe me it always works in your favor.
Killer Strategy 6 The Army Man's WorkoutHIGH
Ever wanted a simple workout that made you sweat
like hell and doesn't take too much time to
do?   Of course you want to bulk up and act big,
I mean that's what motivates most men out there,
but I have seen bulked up men breathing like
dragon when they try hiking on a hill or a long
trek.   They simply couldn't breath. They have
all the muscle they want on their body, but their
cardio sucks like crazy.
Muscular strength is good, but what's? the point
if your Hearts strength itself sucks. After all,
your heart is the one that pumps blood and keeps
breathing. Take that away and you don't exist
anymore. And this is where HIIT comes into play.
HIIT workouts are short-timed and very high in
intensity. They take your heart rate to such a
level that youll start sweating in less than a
minute.   Imagine pouring a bucket of water on
your head in the morning. That's how you actually
sweat. Plus youll realize how your health really
sucks.   Most people know that their fitness
sucks. But rarely someone takes action to turn
things around. So have a little pity on your body.
People lie to each other everyday. But please
don't lie to yourself. That's the worst thing you
can do.   People who lie to themselves are the
worst breed of humans. Even if they pretend in
front of others that they're a great person, the
core truth is they suck! And they never reach
their goals in life. Instead they depend on
others and get fcked later.   So take some
things in your control, because they're worth
taking control. It's your own body, it's your own
mind. Be selfish at least in this thing.   And
the payoffs are way too huge. So turn your
insecurities into your greatest strength. If you
feel insecure start taking action on things that
will make you OWN that insecurities.
And slowly you'll realize your insecurity is your
biggest strength. Not dreams or ambitions, but
the things that tell you from inside that you
suck, and something needs to be done to change it
and own it.   As of HIIT, you don't need any gym
equipment. All you need is your own body weight.
  Just one workout for one minute. And give that
one minute your highest potential. Only for that
minute you push yourself way beyond you pushed
yourself before.   And youll know you're more
than what you thought you were. And this is where
the line of ''What You Are and What You Can Do
gets blurred. Jumping Jacks, High Knees,
Burpees, Speed Skaters, Tuck Jumps, Mountain
Climbers, Star Jumps are some workouts you should
If you want a shredded body then make sure you
follow a Clean Bulk diet with 1 cheat day every
week.   Diet is what really gives 80 of the
results, the rest 20 is workout. Abs are made in
kitchen not in gym. And take baby-steps to
reach towards your goals. Step by step increase
the workout times. And the same goes for Diet
too.   But like I said, start with 2 minutes. 2
minutes everyday, that's it. After 30 days you
automatically become a master of that thing. It
will become a habit.
And once it becomes habit, there's no one who can
stop you from getting what you want. And all it
takes is 2 minutes to get started.   And the
momentum builds up as time passes and the results
Killer Strategy 7 The Modern Path Of Liberation
This is why The NutCrackr came into existence
Travelling. The modern path of Liberation.
  Travelling is something that people put off
mostly in their lives. They think living a Travel
Life takes a lot of money.   And yes they're?
true in some way. Considering you do need a
constant cashflow that is free of time and work
location constraints. But that's where Strategy
4 comes into play. But aside from that, the best
thing to get started in Travel Life and to get
the feels of Travelling is Camping.
Yup the old-school camping. And truth be told you
don't need a lot of money to get started. And you
can start right now with places that are near
your hometown or city.   A simple Google search
can drop a list of hundreds of exotic spots that
are near you where you can camp a whole night
with a campfire and a smoking hot barbecue.   You
can go with friends or even go solo. The thing is
it's way too? risk free compared to going on a
long journey on a different continent.   Then you
need a passport, thousands of dollars in bank
account, plan a month ahead, pack for a week,
saying goodbye to everyone and all that
things. But in camping the expense and headache,
both are less. You don't need passport. You don't
need your bank account overflowing with money.
Plus you can plan it in a matter of minutes. And
your friends can easily come and there's way too
less chance of anyone ditching you at the last
moment.   And don't forget about having fun. Of
course it's not going to be like city life where
the normal thing you do is stick your nose in
your smartphone.   None of that. Just pure living
for that specific moment.   You listen to music,
watch stars all night, roll over the grass, feel
the earth, talk and laugh your ass off, listen to
stories, even read a book, or even write
something that you never thought of before.
It's fun. But not the type of fun a
Concrete-jungle Addict can truly
experience.   But if you're the type of person
who even has a little fire in your heart to
travel the world someday, well not someday but
today.   Then you can grab this simplistic af
First 'Epic Camping Trip checklist that can put
you in your Travelling Pants right now and make
you go on your first true adventure of your
life   https//goo.gl/v7ojAS   And yes,
sometimes the simplest things gives you the
highest possible peace and results. Same goes for
Travel Life too.
The Conclusion?   Well Trump is not going to come
in your home and wake you up daily to brush you
teeth and shower you everyday.   He's not going
to go to work for you everyday. Hes not going to
drop your kids to school everyday.   Hes not
going to teach you how to live your life. Hes
not going to help you get fit and be the best you
can.   He's not going to turn your passion into
million dollar blog one day. Hell he's not even
going to take a shit for you.   Even you have to
do that yourself.
Like I said, he's just a pawn in this game. Not
the whole game itself. Youre the one who's going
to take control of the game and bend it to your
will.   So chill out, relax. Remember how far
you've come in life. Appreciate whats already
you own and have in life.   Then take control of
it. One by one. Piece by piece.   And then
you'll realize what a great power you possess
inside you that you didn't even know existed
before.   Peace out.
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