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Web Design Trends to Follow In 2021


Here are the top eCommerce web design trends you can pursue in 2021 in order to remain competitive and attract customers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Design Trends to Follow In 2021

Web Design Trends to Follow In 2021
High-Contrast Gradients
  • People believed dead live longer! In the past,
    color gradients were frowned upon after an
    absolute oversaturation on the web. Today, they
    are becoming socially acceptable again. And
    whoever thinks it is about subtle gray gradients
    has cut. The gaudier the gradient, the better. On
    Gradient, you can let yourself be inspired. These
    new color gradients have a dynamic effect and the
    combinations of retro colors create an
    emotionality. These color gradients are usually
    combined with a sober, clean design. This
    combination is new. In the past, color gradients
    were celebrated and used with all possibilities.
    Today, they serve more as a contrast to the clean
    rest of the respective website for example in
    the header.
  • But these color gradients do not only appear as
    CSS3 backgrounds. Color gradients with strong
    contrasts are also increasingly being used as
    icon colors and logo colors.

Standard Layouts/Design Templates
  • The web is becoming increasingly complex and
    fast-paced. Good web design has to adapt to all
    device sizes. This would involve a very high
    technical effort if you want to reinvent the
    wheel with every new web design project. There
    are templates and frameworks so that customers on
    a small budget can also afford a modern website.
    Simply put, these are ready-made code blocks from
    which the respective website is then put
    together. The consequence of this is that many
    websites look the same.
  • On the other hand, there is now also learned user
    behavior. The navigation is mostly on the top
    right. The user knows that and can find his way
    around websites that are structured similarly.
    This increases user guidance. The user does not
    have to have much cognitive capacity for
    navigation and can, therefore, concentrate more
    on the content. If each website looks the same,
    the operation of the individual websites is the
    same. So, you see there are not only
    disadvantages of having a uniform look.
  • The established layouts have prevailed because
    they work. However, this is only partially true.
    After all, the slider in the header is still
    standing even though there are already studies
    that prove that such sliders are ignored by the

Home Slider / Hero Images
  • You can see it again and again Slider in the
    header of the homepage. Unfortunately, the user
    ignores these sliders consistently. These sliders
    should actually build more emotionality.
    Meanwhile, header sliders are part of the
    standard repertoire of a website. No WordPress
    theme that cannot do without such a head slider.
  • In general Sliders hardly pay attention to the
    second or third slide and if your slider or hero
    image looks too much like advertising, this
    element gets no attention from the user. The user
    cannot view everything on a website. What happens
    now is selective attention. The user focuses on
    the things that seem useful to him. A header
    slider without real content or a marketing hero
    image will get no attention from the user.

Asymmetrical Layouts
  • The oversaturation of the typical grid layout of
    websites created a counter-trend asymmetrical
    layouts. Technically speaking, these websites are
    of course based on a grid. The user can only see
    it at first glance. This web design trend was
    formerly state-of-the-art and actually only
    reserved for puristic companies or institutions
    (theaters, galleries, museums). In the meantime,
    this web design trend has become mainstream and
    there are also WordPress themes with asymmetrical
  • This trend is probably not interesting for
    established and reputable companies. We
    personally have never been able to get excited
    about this trend. Falling out of the ordinary
    with all means this usually came at the expense
    of usability. And so, users are left alone with
    content and now have to fight through a confusing
    layout. Because The difficulty with such
    asymmetrical layouts is user guidance. Removing
    it from the grid certainly pays more attention to
    certain web elements and makes the layout
    interesting. On the other hand, with this raster
    lessens, you can quickly overdo it and the
    content will go under.

Experimental Navigation
  • In the meantime, navigation has prevailed at the
    top right. For the web designer, this means less
    leeway in the layout, but the user knows this
    conventional structure of the website/navigation.
    In this way, the user is guided optimally and
    does not have to look at how he can navigate
    every time he visits a website. However, some web
    designers are trying to reinvent the navigation
    wheel. The experimental navigation concept tries
    to be particularly innovative. And sometimes it
    works the user has to think inside the
    website. This creates a special level of
  • However, this experimental navigation is not
    suitable for every project. If it is a
    conventional information website that is intended
    to provide the user with information as simply as
    possible, experimental navigation may be a
    hindrance. Here, the user does not want to
    discover anything new, just to get information
    quickly. With innovative websites, the special
    form of navigation can involve the user in a
    special way. Then experimental navigation has

Split-Screen Design
  • A very nice web design trend is the split-screen
    design. The website is divided into two vertical
    areas. Sometimes it looks like a print magazine.
    The design of the two vertical halves is often
    different. Sometimes a page is used for
    navigation and sometimes a page is used for a
    full-frame image. This increases emotionality,
    but can only be used on websites with little
  • Unfortunately, this design cannot be consistently
    drawn through on particularly small screens in
    most cases, the full-format image material is
    then omitted. The split-screen web design is very
    nice and offers unique user experiences,
    especially in connection with scroll telling or
    scroll effects.

  • Videos on the web are now standard. Hero Video
    Header, Youtube, and other services ensure that
    the user is provided with videos. And the users
    thankfully accept these videos. Nevertheless,
    these web design trends are further expanded in
  • Videos provide variety on your website and
    meanwhile, decision-makers also watch a video at
    least once a week. Explainers, employee portrait
    videos, branded storytelling clips, and mood
    videos are just a small extract from the various
    types of video on the web. The video is aimed at
    a very specific target group. This has no time
    for long texts and would rather watch a video to
    consume content.
  • Google also prefers audio-visual content more and
    more and more videos are now displayed
    preferentially in the search results for some
    search queries.

  • What started as a flat design was soon to be
    pushed further and ended in minimalism. Apple
    demonstrated it the omission of unnecessary
    design elements and the use of white space as a
    design element. Some web designers have taken
    this style to the extreme and have completely
    abandoned colors and other design elements. What
    was left was some writing and a lot of white.
  • The focus should be on the content and the design
    shouldnt distract from it. That sounds good in
    theory, but you should be careful because the
    user can be guided by color and design. If
    everything is minimalistic, it is also difficult
    to guide the user. Therefore (as with all web
    design trends) minimalism is good but should be
    used with sense and understanding.

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