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Guide To Develop On-Demand Game App Like PPPoker & GGPoker


If you are thinking of creating apps like PPPoker or GGPoker from scratch, we have the best guide for PPPoker like app development. This guide will acknowledge you about the procedure of poker game development. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guide To Develop On-Demand Game App Like PPPoker & GGPoker

Guide To Develop On-Demand Game App Like PPPoker
Is there anybody who doesnt know about poker
card games? From the ancient period to now, card
games are still so popular. Along with those
classic card games, now people also like to play
the modified version of these card games like
on-demand PPPoker app, GGPoker mobile app, etc.
These poker card game apps are so in-demand that
many ventures hire top poker game app
development companies to have their clone
scripts. If you are also thinking of creating
apps like PPPoker or GGPoker from scratch, we
have the best guide for PPPoker like app
development. This guide will acknowledge you
about the procedure of poker game
development. Introduction To PPPoker Game App The
PPPoker android app has reformed the online poker
industry with its interactive and new social
experiments among poker players. It permits the
poker players to play their home games and
tables that allow them to play with their known
ones or friends. This game is certified by GLI
and gives GPS and IP restrictions to prevent the
bots. It also makes sure transparency among
  • This on-demand PPPoker app also has a proximity
    tracker to notify users if two players in a
    poker room are sitting beside each other in their
    real-life. It doesnt support third-party
    tracking tools and HUDs.
  • Facts about the game-
  • It is not a standard poker room such as Poker
    Stars and party poker. It only provides private
    hosts for game organizing, play money tables, and
    game responsibilities without any gambling
  • It takes all the account abilities right from the
    funds safety, and Rake back, payments, etc.
  • For a PPPoker similar app, you have to deal with
    the RNG (gaming client fairness), and no cheats
    on the tables (collusion, bots, chip dumping,
  • Introduction to GGPoker Game App
  • GGPoker mobile app development solutions are the
    only ones that got the boost this long, even
    into the coronavirus pandemic between March and
    May. This mobile game app is new to the industry
    and released in 2014 as a B2B network. It got an
    average of 1368 seats before a year, and now it
    is known as the prime competitor for PokerStars.

  • Source
  • 2017 was a life-changing year for GGPoker mobile
    app as it got a license for the UK. After that,
    it released GGPoker Skin and now it is on the top
    in the gaming industry. Currently, it has 4000
    concurrent cash game seats. It also has a 28
    dot-com market share that was 12 a year ago.
    The operator also includes the micro-stakes cash
    game tables down to PLO2 and NL2 recently.
  • How To Play the Basic Poker Card Game?
  • Apps like GGPoker and PPPoker are known as
    popular poker card games that are simple to
    learn but tough to master. Here we are providing
    you with details on play, strategies, and tips
    for beginners, mediocre, and pro players to
    succeed in playing poker.
  • How to play-
  • You can play the Poker card game with a
    systematic deck of 52 cards. In this, users place
    bets against each-other based on their available
    hand, luck, and winning strategy. In Texas Hold
    em, the most famous poker version, you create a
    poker hand after dealing with the two hole cards
    and five community cards. Now players have to
    blend them to create a five card-hand with
    equality. You can win poker in 2 ways
  • You get the best valuable five-card hand out of
    all at shutdown.
  • Bluff and make your rivals fold their hands.
  • In apps like PPPoker, a showdown can happen when
    there is no winner from the betting rounds, so
    all the players have to show their cards to
    decide the winner.
  • Basic Strategy to Win the Poker Game

  • To use GGPoker and PPPoker clone apps, you have
    to combine psychology, strategy, and destiny.
    Have proper knowledge of the poker terms and the
    games playing process in every round. After
    dealing with the cards, users have the option to
    call, fold, or raise. Without knowing the exact
    terminology, there are chances to make a wrong
  • Following are the tips for beginners, mediocre,
    and pro players. Before starting, it is
    essential to familiarize yourself with card
    dealing. While having PPPoker or GGPoker mobile
    app development solutions, remember you must know
    the poker game. Take a look at these below tips-
  • Poker Tips for Beginners
  • Follow these tips to make your game and the
    position strong to begin improving your
  • Dont play all the hands it may increase the
    chances of losing.
  • Focus on the cards and find out what are more
    valuable ones
  • Better play your cards and dont bluff too much
  • Be attentive towards your table position.
  • Try to learn the game and play for a long time.
  • Poker Tips for Intermediate
  • After knowing the basics of an app like GGPoker,
    now its time to know about the intermediate
    level. Here are the tips-
  • Good understanding of the odds to know when to
    call, fold or raise the hands.
  • Here learn to bluff smartly to become a great
    poker player.
  • Consider raising to evolve confidence and send
    other players away.
  • Deal with questionable hands with a growing
    experience like low pairs to confuse the
  • Identify the betting patterns to know the weakest
  • Poker Tips for Advanced Players

  • Get to learn from professional players while
    having online competition.
  • Read More How Much Does It Cost To Make A Draw
    Poker Game
  • How to Develop On-demand Apps Like PPPoker
  • After knowing all the things about PPPoker app
    like development solution, here is the guide to
    develop on-demand apps like PPPoker GGPoker.
    Following is an arranged planning step that will
    be applied for GGPoker or PPPoker clone script.
  • App Plan or Strategy
  • You have to identify various factors to have a
    PPPoker app like development services. It is a
    prime part of the app development strategy where
    one apps motive can be different from another.
    It will include-
  • App users identification
  • Competition analysis
  • Objectives and purposes of the app development
  • Choose a mobile app platform
  • Finding all these things will help you clear your
    mission and vision both for developing apps
    Similar to PPPoker.
  • Execution of Planning
  • To turn your idea into reality

  • Start creating use cases and getting complete
    functional needs.
  • Keep attentive to GGPoker like app requirements
    and collect them into delivery indicators.
  • Consider a minimum viable product (MVM) for the
    initial launch if you have any concern about
    resources, time, or cost.
  • This phase will help you to know the needed
    skills for app development. For instance, there
    is a different technology stack for iOS, Android
    and web app development.
  • Appealing UI/UX Design
  • If you are going to have a PPPoker clone script,
    you must have a more appealing UI/UX design than
    the original app. It will give an amazing user
    experience and make your app more accessible,
    natural, and collaborative. These attributes are
    significant for user engagement.
  • App Creation or Development
  • The development phase determines the overall
    functionality of the PPPoker app like
    development services. It includes-
  • Technical planning
  • Suitable technology stack
  • Development indicators
  • There are integral segments further
    server//back-end technology, Application
    Programming Interface (API), and front-end
    mobile app.
  • Testing phase
  • The entire development procedure that you have
    done for the creation of apps Similar to
    PPPoker now, it is time to test its
    functionality. The hired quality assurance
    engineers will test it on different parameters
    such as safety, speed, responsiveness, functions,
    etc. They will prepare test cases and will
    describe all the issues. To reduce it, you can
    include the testing team in the analysis and
    design procedure. If there is a bug, they will
    fix it, then again it will go for testing, and
    this process will continue until the app is
    error-free. Following are the different sorts of
  • App security testing
  • App Performance testing
  • Platform and devices compatibility test

description of the app to define its working and
features properly. It can include- description,
category, keywords, app icon, required
screenshots, features specification, etc.
Various apps Similar to PPPoker and GGPoker are
available on the app stores, so make your app
unique to them. After the deployment, you will
need KPIs (key performance indicators) and mobile
analytics platforms to calculate the apps
success. Check crash reports often and reported
problems by other users to improve the app
performance. Read More 888 Poker game How to
Play and Rules? Features of Our Provided PPPoker
Game App Here are some of the exciting features
delivered via PPPoker Android app. It includes
chip storm, EV chop, and PPST (PPPoker Super
Tournament). Below are the details- Chip Storm PP
chips will get down onto the chosen club tables
across the storm nights and will provide
guaranteed and exciting rewards to players. It
also gives a chance to get the grand prize of
10K. EV Chop This in-game feature delivers
players an opportunity to combat the poker
variants. All the in-players will have a chance
to use it and also declare the pot proportion
despite the decided result by the cards. PPPoker
Super Tournament (PPST) This brand-new game
feature will help to bring unions and clubs
together to provide a chance to get exciting and
bigger pools actions. Thrilled poker
experience Have an exciting poker game experience
with the dynamic poker environment by PPPoker
game development. Detached Protection Table
issues can occur due to external connection
aspects that can result in loss and downtime.
So, detached protection is essential to provide
users extra time to act to protect a stable
connection before getting out of the
table. Threats shield In on-demand PPPoker app
development, we provide in-built DDoS protection
for analyzing the different threats and blocking
variants attacks to make the app secure and
  • In-search For a PPPoker GGPoker like app
  • Development Company At an In-expensive Rate?
  • BR Softech is the one to help you in providing a
    ios android PPPoker clone script at a fair
    cost. With the blend of best and suitable gaming
    technologies, our developers will offer you
    enriched, intuitive, and responsive poker apps
    for your venture. This PPPoker app, like
    development services, will costs you more than
    10,000, but it can vary as per the different
    aspects that are the following
  • Mobile app platform
  • The complexity of the game
  • 2D 3D Unity engine Mobile game
  • Time of game development
  • Mobile app testing
  • Our efficient and skilled developers and
    designers will guide you at every step of
  • on-demand PPPoker app development. As per the
    modern trends, our advanced app solution will
    help you to compete with the existing poker
    solutions in the market.
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