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Get an On-Demand Food Delivery App like UberEats, GrubHub


If you are all set to enter into the booming online food delivery business, then you have to get a well structured and highly functional mobile app to start with. To learn the complete process of getting on-demand food delivery app like Zomato, Swiggy, GrubHub, UberEats, read out this ultimate guide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Get an On-Demand Food Delivery App like UberEats, GrubHub

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How to Get an On-Demand Food Delivery App like
UberEats, GrubHub?
(Protocloud Technologies)
  • Food is a basic necessity for living and some
    foodies, food is the purpose of living. Thus, the
    demand for instant food delivery apps like
    Zomato, Swiggy, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and many more
    is at an all-time high.
  • Food apps have made it simpler for people to
    order from any restaurant, pub, bakery, or any
    other edible selling place with one tap. The
    success graph of the food delivery apps has been
    constantly going up as who doesnt want to order
    his or her favorite food items anytime.
  • Especially millennials are all about instant
    deliveries. Thus, the majority of businesses are
    thinking about starting their online food
    delivery app because hunger is never going
    anywhere. Moreover, today mobile app development
    companies like Protocloud Technologies have
    enabled businesses to get on-demand app
    development easily under their budget.

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How to Get a Food Delivery App?
  • If you are all set to enter into the booming
    online food delivery business, then you have to
    get a well structured and highly functional
    mobile app to start with. However, your online
    food delivery wont simply take off with a good
    app, no you have to consider numerous factors
    before getting your food delivery app.
  1. Analyze your Idea
  2. Run a Complete Market Research
  3. Find a Food App Developer
  4. Follow Technology Trend
  5. Features of Food Delivery Apps

1. Analyze your Idea
  • Before starting the online food delivery
    project, you have to analyze and scrutinize your
    idea on different scales. You can start your
    analysis by reading the case studies of popular
    food delivery apps such as Uber Eats. By
    evaluating goals, objectives, revenue generation
    rate and core audiences of the popular brands
    will help you in evaluating your idea.
  • Your food app idea analysis should be focused on
    the following points your target audience, your
    business plan to reach your audiences, and your

2. Run a Complete Market Research
  • Once you have evaluated your idea, then the next
    step is to run complete market research. The
    motive of market research is to find out whether
    your food delivery app will offer the desired
    results or not. To run the market research, you
    have to consider the following pointers
  • a.) Focus on Implementation
  • Dont limit the area of research on the profit
    generation part only. Instead, you should focus
    on the implementation of your app. If you can
    properly implement your app, then revenue will be
    automatically generated.
  • b.) Work on Branding
  • Dont chase behind the structure of any other
    brand. You should emphasize on creating a unique
    identity of your app so that users can know what
    special you have to offer.

  • c.) Understand Customer
  • The crucial part of the market research is to
    understand the requirements and demands of your
    customers. Once you understand the demand of your
    core customers, then you can focus on creating
    the supply for the demand.
  • d.) Emphasis on Partnerships
  • To provide the best services to your customers,
    you have to partner with the best food joints and
    delivery facilities first. So, divert your
    attention to finding the best partners as well.

3. Find a Food App Developer
  • All your market research and business plan
    analysis will go into the vein if you dont have
    a good mobile app development company to make a
    highly responsive app for you. It is a crucial
    point to find the highly reputed and versatile
    mobile app development company with the optimum
    experience in the food app delivery field. You
    should select the food mobile app development
    service provider based on
  • Experience Make sure that the company has
    adequate experience in developing food apps.
  • Reviews Check online reviews of the company to
    analyze the experience of previous clients.
  • References Demand company to show you
    references of previously created food apps.
  • Budget Ask the company to provide you with the
    complete price of developing the app to publish
    it on the app stores.

4. Follow Technology Trend
  • If you check out the features of all the popular
    food delivery app brands, then you will find a
    single common thing in all. They all are
    following the latest technology trends to keep
    their brand ahead of one another. Without
    following the prevailing technology trends in the
    market, you wont be able to gain a competitive
    edge over your competitors. To survive in the
    online food delivery business, you have to follow
    these technology trends

  • a.) Artificial Intelligence
  • AI is the trending technology that has been used
    by numerous food apps. This technology can be
    used in your food app in multiple different
    manners you can introduce speech recognition
    features in your app so that customers can order
    food by talking to the app, you can add chatbots
    in your app to address all the queries of
    customers automatically or can predictive
    analysis by evaluating incoming information.
  • b.) Payment Gateways
  • The delivery app is incomplete without the
    competent payment gateways so that customers can
    pay directly using their debit or cards. The
    on-demand app development industry today requires
    secure and protected payment gateways to smoothly
    run operations of the business.

  • c.) Push Notifications
  • When a delivery arrives, the delivery person or
    a service operator usually calls the customer.
    Push notifications are way less intrusive and
    disruptive than calls, though. Just by sending
    push notifications, you can notify the delivery
    details to the customers. Moreover, when you
    create new offers or make changes in your current
    policies, then through push notifications you can
    instantly inform all of your customers.

5. Features of Food Delivery Apps
  • Food delivery apps have three versions one for
    your customers, one for your partners, and one
    for the restaurants. All three versions of the
    app need some basic features to make them fully
    functional. Such as
  • a.) Customer App
  • The customer version of the food app must have
    following features
  • The app should open with the registration screen
    where customers can create their unique login ID.
  • The option to register using Facebook, Twitter,
    Instagram, and other social media platforms
    should be given.
  • Dont include too many steps in the registration
    process that customers get frustrated with.
  • Dont force customers to sign up, let them
    explore your app on their own, and make the
    decision to sign up.

  • b.) Partner App
  • The food delivery business has numerous partners
    such as courier services, payment services,
    delivery agents, and so on. For these partners,
    the app should have the following features
  • The first thing when developing an on-demand food
    delivery apps partner version is to make
    delivery partner signup.
  • Facility to decline or accept the order.
  • A delivery boy should be given the proper address
    of the customer and picked up at the restaurant.

  • c.) Restaurant App
  • This is the most important version of the food
    app and it needs to have-
  • The basic registration page like the other two
  • List of all the restaurants linked with your
  • Once the order is placed, then the restaurant
    should have the option to allow delivery to the
  • The real-time feeds related to food processing
    should be provided to the customers.
  • Once the order reaches the customer, then an
    automatic successful delivery report should be

  • Starting an online food delivery business might
    look simple, but you have to thoroughly plan
    every stage of your business to make it a
    successful venture. The demand for food apps is
    high, but competition is also high in the
    industry. Thus, if you want to launch your new
    food delivery app today, then you have to focus
    on uniqueness. If you can provide something to
    your customers that no other food app has offered
    yet, then you will automatically succeed.
  • Now, if you want to launch your unique food
    delivery app, then you need assistance from
    experts like Protocloud Technologies who can
    offer you technical as well as business
    analytical solutions.

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