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Foods to Avoid During Joint Pain | Dr. Sachin Chhabra - Pushp Clinic – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Orthopedic Surgeon in Indore Dr Sachin Chhabra - Pushp Clinic

Foods to Avoid During Joint Pain and Inflammation
Research shows that dietary interventions, like
eliminating certain foods and beverages, may
reduce symptom severity in people with
inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis, also
improve their overall quality of life. Processed
meat Red meats. Some research links red and
processed meat to inflammation, which can
increase arthritis symptoms. Heavy in treated
and red meats inclusive diets prove to be high
levels of inflammatory markers. Go
Gluten-free. Gluten may be a group of proteins in
wheat, barley, rye, and triticale (a cross
between wheat and rye). Some research links it
to increased inflammation and suggests that going
gluten-free may ease arthritis symptoms. A best
orthopedic doctor in Indore can guide you for
better. Avoid sugars(even those hidden within the
canned packed foods). You should restrict your
sugar consumption despite what, but particularly
if you've got arthritis. Added sugars are found
in candy, soda, ice cream, and various other
foods, including less obvious items like
Chutney/ sauce. Packed goods. Ultra-processed
items like nutriment, breakfast cereal, and food
are typically high in refined grains, added
sugar, preservatives, and other potentially
inflammatory ingredients, all of which can worsen
arthritis symptoms. Research suggests that
Western diets rich in heavily processed foods may
increase your risk of RA by contributing to
inflammation and risk factors like obesity. For
any queries or check- up choose a bone
specialist in Indore, to be diagnosed. Research
shows that you simply should avoid certain foods
and beverages, including highly processed foods,
red meat, fried foods, and people rich in added
sugars. confine mind that lifestyle factors like
your activity level, weight, and smoking status
also are vital to managing arthritis.
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