Fracture and Bone Healing By Joints Replacement Surgeon in Indore - Dr Sachin Chhabra - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fracture and Bone Healing By Joints Replacement Surgeon in Indore - Dr Sachin Chhabra


Dr. Sachin Chhabra, as well known orthopedic doctor, and surgeon at Pushp Clinic Indore, provides the best medical care service to the patients. He is the best orthopedic surgeon and also he is the chief joint replacement surgeon in Indore, Dr. Sachin chhabra has excellent listening skills & professional advice while considering patient input. He completed his post-graduation from the institutions of USA & South Korea,Pushp Clinic is Located in the middle of Indore it is a health center which is providing high-quality orthopedic care. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fracture and Bone Healing By Joints Replacement Surgeon in Indore - Dr Sachin Chhabra

Dr Sachin Chhabra
Orthopedic Doctor Joint Replacement Surgeon in
Indore at - Pushp Clinic
Fracture and Bone Healing By Joints Replacement
Surgeon in Indore - Dr Sachin Chhabra
Everyone who experiences a fractured bone will
heal differently. The healing process will depend
upon the character and extent of the injury, the
steadiness of fracture fixation, and biological
processes, so a correct healing process is
Brace Usually, doctors put an initial sew on the
limb with the broken bone and take it away after
a while. Then, the doctor will put the limb
during a functional brace, which allows its early
movement and mobility. Open When an individual
features a severe bone fracture, doctors may have
to perform surgery to correct the break. In an
open reduction procedure, doctors expose and
reposition the bone by hand. People may require
open reduction if they need complex fractures or
fractures that are unsuitable for treatment with
a cast. Traditional cast After repositioning the
bone, doctors will typically immobilize the
broken bone with a plaster or fiberglass cast. A
cast will allow the bone to heal within the
correct position. Doctors often use casts to
treat fractures within the leg, foot, arm, and
wrist bones.
Here is how you'll speed up the
healing. Multi-supplements Antioxidants remove
free radicals that are generated by tissue
damage. Because bone fractures cause tissue
damage, taking antioxidant supplements may help
with bone healing. People can find antioxidants
in supplements that contain vitamins E and C,
lycopene, and alpha-lipoic acid.
No tobacco  People who smoke may experience
delayed bone healing. Sometimes, this might cause
a situation where the bone doesn't heal and
develops a non-union fracture or takes longer to
Workout If performed under the best orthopedic
surgeon in Indore's supervision, exercise can
improve blood flow to the injured site, help to
rebuild muscle around it, and speed up bone
fracture healing. Furthermore, some people may
regain limb function through exercise.
Proteins As an outsized part of a bone consists
of protein, taking protein supplements can help
the bone to rebuild and heal itself. People with
a protein deficiency may develop a rubbery callus
around the fracture rather than a solid callus.
Orthopedic Surgeon in Indore Dr Sachin Chhabra
- Pushp Clinic
Dr. Sachin Chhabra is an orthopedic surgeon in
Indore at Pushp Clinic. He has years of
experience in Joint replacement surgeries of
knee, hip, shoulder and more. For an appointment,
call  91-9302033501.
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