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Preventing orthopedic injuries at home


If are you suffring from your knee pain and looking the best orthopedic doctor in Indore, come to the Indore Arthroscopy Center because we have highly experienced orthopedic surgeon. Book an appointment today call now us at 9826252228 and online visit for more information. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Preventing orthopedic injuries at home

Dr. Manish Maheshwari is an Orthopaedist and
Sports Medicine Surgeon in Indore and has an
experience of more than 13 years in these fields.
Dr. Manish Maheshwari practices at Global SNG
Hospital in South Tukoganj, Indore. He completed
graduation post Graduation from Mahatma Gandhi
Memorial Medical College Maharaja Yashwant Rao
Hospital, Indore in 2005. He worked in major
hospitals of Mumbai like Lilavati Hospital
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospitals.
Indore Arthroscopy Center
16/1, South Tukoganj, Global SNG Hospital,
Indore PHONE 9826252228
Preventing orthopedic injuries at home
Going to a hospital has been a major concern
during this pandemic period due to the layman's
view that they would be subjected to a very high
level of infection if they visit hospitals. This
has hindered regular checkups and treatments that
have been otherwise going on smoothly. Moreover,
new injuries are being totally ignored due to the
fear of visiting the hospital and most of the
hospital visits are postponed till the injury is
alleviated. Common orthopedic injuries sound very
simple but actions like hauling, lifting,
reaching and bending could place you at risk of
unforeseen injuries. Some injuries can be cared
for at home but for injuries that are giving
serious symptoms should be immediately consulted
with an experienced orthopedic practitioner like
Dr. Manish Maheshwari, the top arthroscopy
surgeon in Indore. Common orthopedic
injuries like twists, sprains, stress injury or
some major kinds like ligament tear or joint
locks can occur not only during sports activities
but also during simple grabbing, lifting pulling
and pushing actions during normal home
chores. Some of these common injuries can be
easily avoided or prevented to some extend by
taking some minimal precautions in our daily
routines at home.  
Clearing walking areas at home could reduce our
risk of tripping, turning sharply, overstretched
stepping and falling. A cluttered floor can be
hazardous and could easily cause a lot of
injuries. Switching over to shoes or slippers
with better grip, mats with good grip on the
floor, taking frequent breaks while working from
home on your laptops, stretching out regularly
and maintaining good posture. These small
precautions can surely help you prevent a lot of
injuries that are most likely to happen during
our chores at home. Boosting your bone and joint
immunity and health by taking Vitamin D3 and B12
in prescribed proportions could also help you
maintain stronger bone strength and prevent minor
injuries due to weak joints. Along with the
vitamins having some homemade remedies like milk
with turmeric could be a good natural
anti-inflammatory agent and consuming one
teaspoon of ghee could be good for joint
lubrication. A very important factor of keeping
yourself from minor injuries that occur at home
is by keeping yourself fit and healthy by eating
proper food and proper sleep patterns. People
who are in a habit of exercising at home can also
incur injuries that are of minor or major
proportion while doing the routine. Torn
ligaments, sprains, twists, locking of joints and
other types of discomforts can arise due to
exercising at home. These injuries also can be
avoided if some necessary precautions can be
practiced while doing exercises at home.
  • Warm-up and cool-down are a must at the starting
    and at the end of your exercise to maintain body
    heat and good blood flow in your body and heart.
  • Proper form and posture are utterly important
    while doing work out at home as there is no
    instructor or coach to check that and it could
    lead to a lot of minor or major injuries. It is
    very important to do your work out properly to
    avoid injuries.

  • Proper footwear can surely minimize your risk of
    getting injured while doing exercise. Good shoes
    can surely protect your joints from jerks and
    shocks due to landing and ankles from twisting.
  • Use of exercising mats can prevent you from
    slipping and other joint pains.
  • Prevent overexertion and stick to your limit
    while exercising. Pushing your limits suddenly
    could cause injuries. 
  • Give your body and muscles and joints good rest
    and nutrition to sustain the regime. 

Even after all these precautions if you have
joint pains, niggles near joints or any other
symptoms, it is of utmost importance to consult a
competent medical authority like Dr. Manish
Maheshwari the top orthopedic surgeon in Indore.
It is necessary to take advice from your medical
consultant as niggles could aggravate major
injuries if you delay the treatment.
If are you suffring from your knee pain and
looking the best orthopedic doctor in Indore,
come to the Indore Arthroscopy Center because we
have highly experienced orthopedic surgeon. Book
an appointment today call now us at 9826252228
and for more information.
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