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Tron token development company. Create your TRC20 Token


Tron token development is your best choice if you want all the functionalities of Ethereum, without the outrageous gas fees. Our Tron token development services allow you to create and deploy tokens on the tron network in minutes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tron token development company. Create your TRC20 Token

Overview of Tron Blockchain
  • Blockchainx

Tron Blockchain
  • TRON is an advanced blockchain platform built to
    decentralize and democratize the content delivery
    industry through an arsenal of permission less
    tools, platforms and protocols.
  • As a blockchain with smart contract capabilities,
    TRON enables developers to build and deploy
    high-capacity decentralized applications (DApps)

Founder of Tron Platform
  • The platform was founded in September 2017 by
    tech entrepreneur Justin Sun, who currently runs
    the Tron Foundation a non-profit organization
    that helps develop and grow the TRON ecosystem. 
  • It raised a total of 70 million in initial coin
    offerings (ICOs) and launched its core network in
    June 2018.
  • It has since grown into the top
    20 cryptocurrencies by market cap and for a short
    time was in the top 10.

How does TRON work?
  • Development of TRON Token is similar to EOS in
    that users on the network need to acquire
    resources to make transactions or interact with
    smart contracts. At TRON, these resources are
    separated into four types bandwidth, CPU,
    storage, and RAM. Users need to freeze
    (temporarily lock) their TRX to gain bandwidth
    and power.
  • When users make regular transactions, bandwidth
    points are consumed, while smart contract
    transactions also consume energy. Bandwidth and
    power gradually recover over a 24-hour period.

 TRON Virtual Machine
  • Like most smart contract platforms, TRON has its
    own virtual machine in this case known as the
    TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). 
  • TVM is basically an operating system used to run
    smart contracts in a secure, decentralized, yet
    reliable environment. 
  • TVM is said to be Turing-Full, but its full
    features are still being parsed.

Tron Consensus
  • TRON is protected by a consensus Delegated Proof
    of Bet (DPoS) mechanism, which uses a network of
    27 super representatives (SRs) to verify
    transactions and package them into blocks. 
  • These Super Representatives are selected in
    position via open voting, which sees TRX holders
    vote for their favorite SR based on their
  • Super representatives are also tasked with
    proposing improvements to the TRON network
    which are then selected or rejected by other SRs
    and a second type of node known as partner SR.

Road map of Tron
  • In the original TRON white paper, a 10 year
    roadmap was set out for the project. TRON is
    currently almost halfway through this itinerary
    and, as of April 2021, is in the "Great Journey"
    era of development.

What makes TRON unique?
  • TRON is built to support a decentralized internet
    where individuals can access content without
    geographic restrictions, censorship or
    restrictions. It includes a number of features
    that help you achieve that goal, including
  • Token support
  • High scalability
  • Chain Governance
  • Well-developed ecosystem

Tron Token Development
  • BlockchainX is a leading Blockchain Development
    Company that has a team of expert Blockchain
    developers who have tremendous knowledge and
    experience with Solidity, Hyperledger, Tron,
    Corda, Hedera development, and all the branches
    of Blockchain Technology.

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    Tamil Nadu, PIN Code 641035
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