How to Create Your Own BEP20 token in Binance smart chain? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Create Your Own BEP20 token in Binance smart chain?


Go through a complete guide for BEP20 token development on binance smart chain – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Create Your Own BEP20 token in Binance smart chain?

Guide to Create Your own BEP20 Token on Binance
Smart chain

BEP20 Token - OVerview
  • BEP20 is token standard for Binance smart chain
    which is equivalent to ERC20 which is a token
    standart of Ethereum. Basically it is a
    cryptocurreny token developed in binance
    blockchain via BEP20 token standard. Due to its
    interoperability and interchangable features this
    token is highly popular. One best thing about
    BEP20 is it is interchangeable with BEP2 token
    and ERC-20 token. This is why BEP20 token
    development is in demand.

How to Create Your Own BEP20 Token?
  • To create your own BEP-20 token in the binance
    smart chain, you just need to stick with a
    reputed BEP20 token development company . This is
    because, before getting into the development
    process, there is a lot to sort out and ro
    conclude several factors like languages,
    platform, type of token, symbol, supply etc. With
    the help of a leading token developer like
    Security tokenizer, you can fix all your needs
    and futurize what your token needs to be.

Here is some basic details you should know before
going for BEP20 token development
  • Token Owner
  • Capped Tokens
  • Every token will have an owner. The owner will
    have the power to mint new tokens and also will
    have the authority to stop minting the tokens.
  • Initially the number of tokens should be
    specified i.e limit to create tokens. Once that
    number is reached, the minting process will not
    be placed.

  • Mintable Tokens
  • Burnable Tokens
  • Mintable is nothing but minting the tokens which
    you require to generate. Until the capped number,
    you can mint the tokens.
  • This is the process of destroying the tokens.
    These types of tokens can be burnt if you require
    to minimize the count of your token in the

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