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TRON TRC-20 Token


TRC-20 coins have the same functionality as ERC-20 tokens. However, while Ethereum is frequently crowded, resulting in high fees and poor user experience, Tron-based tokens offer a convenient workaround for many users, especially Stablecoin. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: TRON TRC-20 Token

TRON TRC-20 Token
TRC-20 Token
  • Just as Ethereum has its own ERC-20 token
  • At TRON, tokens are programmed according to the
    TRC-20 token standard
  • As a public blockchain, anyone can issue their
    TRC-20 tokens using the same basic rules, which
    can interact with other apps running on the Tron
  • Ethereum and establish the role that TRC-20
    tokens can play in the broader blockchain

Tron vs. Ethereum
  • While there are many similarities between
    Ethereum and Tron, there are also some decisive
  • Like Ethereum, Tron uses a virtual machine called
    the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) as a type of
    operating system for smart contracts running on
    the platform.
  • TVM and Ethereum both use this same Solidity
    programming language.
  • This compatibility is by design, as the Tron
    Foundation is intended to make it easy for
    developers to port existing apps and tokens to
    the Tron ecosystem.

TRC20 token standard rules
  • Like the ERC-20 token standard, TRC-20 token
    development must comply with a set of rules that
    include mandatory and optional elements.
  • There are 3 optional provisions and 6 mandatory
  • The token name is the full notation name of the
    token (for example, Tether).
  • A token ticker is an abbreviation used for a
    token (eg USDT).
  • Token precision is the smallest separable unit
    of a token, up to 1/18.

Mandatory provisions
  • Total supply refers to the maximum number of
    tokens that can be issued on the Tron platform.
  • Balance Of returns the token balance of the
    user's Tron account.
  • Transfer allows the transfer of tokens from the
    smart contract to the user's account.
  • Approve allows other third parties, such as smart
    contracts, to transfer tokens.
  • Transfer From allows another third party, such as
    a smart contract, to take a token from a user
    account and transfer it to another location.
  • Allowance queries the remaining number of tokens
    that can be transferred by a third party.

Apps and projects using TRC-20
Token Standard
  • In early 2021, Ethereum-USDT trading volume was
    Ethereum, reflecting the fact that Tron-USDT was
    more popular than Ethereum-USDT and the high
    trading fees of Ethereum are a barrier for many
  • when discussing Tron-USDT and Ethereum-USDT, the
    decentralization argument becomes almost
  • USDT users must trust Tether, the company that
    issues USDT, regardless of whether the
    transaction is on Ethereum or Tron.
  • Revain is another project that uses TRC-20 tokens
    as part of its review platform. Revain operates
    as a blockchain version of TrustPilot.
  • JUST is a variation of Maker DAI stablecoin based
    on Tron. Users can bet TRX tokens on
    collateralized debt positions to generate stable
    coins called USDJs that are fixed at the value of
    the US dollar.
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