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Video Management Software for Optimised Video Security

Description: Video Management Software (VMS) is an amalgamation of Video Management System, which is designed and is configured to provide a state of the art data-enabled security solution delivering intelligence in a single-pane-of-glass view. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Video Management Software for Optimised Video Security

Video Management Software for Optimised Video
There are times wherein technology gives way for
many flaws and inconsistencies whether its in
the form of home electronics, software solutions
or even services. This in turn, defeats the whole
purpose of making our lives easier and instead
poses many challenges for us. However, in the
event that these flaws contribute to potential
threats, then those factors need to be looked
into and addressed promptly. Companies today
need to implement advanced security systems and
not just the generic video surveillance that is
commonly used by other small scale enterprises. Video management software for
enterprises and large scale corporations that
offer smart solutions with preventive security
that issues real-time alerts thus enabling you to
take timely action and prevent damage rather than
investigating at a later stage. VMS software can
save time and money by ensuring lightening your
workload. state of the art Video
Management Software helps with fully automated
object, activity, person detection, recording,
live view, and real-time alerts. Wobot
Intelligence stands as a reliable solution for
futuristic video monitoring and business growth.
  • Video surveillance management solution
    specifically designed to meet diverse and complex
    needs of large enterprises having multiple sites
    connected to a central location or a large site.
  • It Is Made on Five Pillars
  • Centralized management and security
  • Preventive safety and security
  • Storage optimization
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Integration with Peripheral IP system.
  • It is not just a passive monitoring tool but is
    packed with many intelligent features and video
    analytics. This helps business owners, managers,
    and security personnel in respond proactively to
    prevent unwanted incidents which leading of
    productivity or loss of human/ physical assets.

The organization can try out a free VMS to test
out before buying it. Every enterprise has unique
security requirements that cannot be fulfilled by
general video surveillance. Management system for
corporations provides intelligent video analytics
like motion detection, intrusion detection, face
detection to ensure real-time preventive security
of employees and assets. It's not limited to
security and packing management solutions because
it boosts productivity and ensures customer
retention by enabling you to provide best
services at all times. Cloud video management
system helps to seamlessly manage footage from
additional devices as needed. Our vision is a
safe, comfortable, and sustainable world, and our
broad set of innovative Security products and
services focuses on what one needs to make
people, facilities, and assets safe. We offer
everything from access controls to intruder
prevention, from video surveillance to
cybersecurity. Operating in more than 150
countries with a global set of partners, we
leverage the latest technology to integrate our
products and services. We ensure maximized
security, improved efficiency, business
continuity, and, on the other hand innovating
continuously to offer leading edge solutions.
Edge computing allows the data to be processed
and analyzed at the point of the collection
itself instead of being carried out in the cloud
or at the data centre. Thus, it is attached to
physical machines and has proven highly
beneficial for industries prone to network
outages. Technological prowess in edge computing
promptly resolves latency and network
accessibility issues, resulting in a better
real-time response. Moreover, it allows the
moving of only relevant insights to the cloud for
further analysis. In labor-intensive processes,
the software examines every step of the
manufacturing process and detects anomalies in
real-time with the help of video analytics. The
recorded data provides a holistic view of the
entire process. It saves hours of human labor and
identifies bottlenecks in-real time. Video
analytics software on edge is emerging as a
viable option for business needs in 2021 with
faster computation, real-time insights, and high
data security.
Cloud Video Management Software Starts with
security as service Easily control cameras,
grant access to doors, set intelligent alerts
with centrally managed software and
cloud-connected hardware. An unlimited number of
cameras and access control points can be added.
Cloud VMS is safer, faster, simpler security from
data center to cloud environments. Cloud offers
physical security solutions and brings all the
typical benefits associated with any digital
transformation centralized management, scalable
solution, access to tools that require powerful
processing, and reduced costs. They are
delivering versatile security solutions for
customers from retail, manufacturing, and
finance. Leveraging cloud surveillance for
better video surveillance- Monitoring, searching,
and sharing surveillance data while responding to
events can be time-consuming and slow without the
right solutions in place. Slow response times can
affect protecting property, recovering valuable
assets and keeping staff, employees, and
customers safe.
Video Management Software supports unlimited
cameras and allows viewer access on individual
devices. No Network, No Problem - Cellular
solutions plug into standard power outlets and
connect two cameras directly to the cloud using
3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Data analytics - that's
such a smart solution. Analytics in clude people
detection, object detection, abandoned object,
crowd formation, vehicle detection, queue
detection. More Affordable - cloud solutions
move expensive hardware, and doors can afford
remote access control. More Secure - Remove the
security risk of stolen key cards, physical keys.
Securely grant and revoke access. Set schedules
to assign when and where people can unlock
doors. Smart access control situations can work
in places without traditional network access,
such as remote gates, trailers, or sub-stations.
People can use an app on their mobile devices to
unlock doors.
  • Leverage existing investments and upgrade over
    time. Even in the enterprise/organization, video
    cloud management software can be installed in
    school as well. This facility helps to keep a
    safer school.
  • Watching student activity
  • Monitoring building access
  • Providing after-hours surveillance
  • Aiding first responders in case of emergency
  • Saving resources that could be used elsewhere.
  • Video management software is an excellent tool
    for optimized security owing to different
    features making it the best in the market.
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