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Web Animation: Meaning, Significance & Disadvantages


Ever thought about what visuals mean for your website content & structure? Your website is your way of expressing your business ideas and potential. Visuals can be a great tool to help you out with your UX design. Visuals are of different types. There are Images, Videos, GIFS, or Animation that define your business perspective effectively. Text content has also got a special place in your website but sometimes text can’t explain things. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Animation: Meaning, Significance & Disadvantages

Web Animation Meaning,
Significance Disadvantages
Ever thought about what visuals mean for your
website content structure? Your website is
your way of expressing your business ideas and
potential. Visuals can be a great tool to help
you out with your UX design. Visuals are of
different types. There are Images, Videos, GIFS,
or Animation that define your business
perspective effectively. Text content has also
got a special place in your website but sometimes
text cant explain things that pictures are able
to convey. Sometimes pictures help us
experience and remember more effectively. A
motion picture or animation can enhance your
message even more efficiently. In this article,
weve highlighted web animation briefly so that
you can understand the worth of smart content
for your website UI UX. Animation is an
advanced and fun way of conveying information. It
looks attractive and doesnt go out of trend. In
fact, several website owners make use of old and
vintage animation effects to provide a particular
group of visitors. In this post, youll learn
how web animation came into existence and its
corresponding advantages disadvantages
too. Web designing development involves
numerous decisions on your part and you have to
specify your project requirements way ahead of
facing such decisions. SFWP Experts assist you
in different ways through your web designing
development projects. You can reach out to our
Award Winning Custom Website Design Company and
share your designing issue today! Origin of Web
Animation Animation is also a designing
technique related to graphics. It started with
the introduction of GIFs animation in the mid 90s
with the famous movie Batman Forever. Though it
wasnt associated with a web designing project
of that time, it was a revolutionary concept and
a matter of inspiration for many emerging
website building experts. However, there was a
promo site featuring the movie graphics GIFs
and inspired many other designers of that time
to come up with a product accordingly. GIFs are
also shared even today on different social media
platforms and websites. Web Animation has come a
long way since then. The internet has also been
introduced and has changed the way web designing
development used to be. There are numerous
online websites and tools that could help you
with your web designing animation goals today.
Some best ones that
  • we can recommend in this context are- Origami,
    Adobe After Effects, Mockplus Cloud, Motion UI,
    Framer, etc.
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    consultation or complete web design support at
    SFWP Experts anytime. Our groundbreaking Custom
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  • What is Web Animation?
  • After knowing about its origin you might be
    curious to know more about web animation. It is
    a designing technique that can be used to
    visualize various steps and designing workflows
    for your website building project. Web animation
    is a creative UI product of your website that
    your users are definitely going to like. It
    simply provides fun accessibility to your website
    users. Moreover, you can use web animation tools
    to create innovative video content for your
    website. Video content is one of the most
    influential contents that you can use to attract
    your target audience. Coming back to the
    website, you can make use of web animation to
    adorn the following elements
  • Website Layout
  • Navigation Structure
  • Notifications
  • Message Boxes
  • Icons
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Text Fields
  • Buttons
  • Toggles etc
  • Animated effects are usually colorful so you need
    to make sure of corresponding color schemes.
    Overall Web Animation is a fun thing but

  • offers certain advantages and disadvantages to
    the designing professionals that well discuss
    in the approaching segments.
  • Advantages Disadvantages of Using Web Animation
  • Web animation can do numerous things for your
    designing project. It can hold the user's
    attention and project a considerable first
    impression before the users. It is an innovative
    way of intensifying your marketing messaging
    efforts too. If youve got an eCommerce business
    a good Web Animation support can improve the
    buyer's journey on your website exceptionally.
  • Web animation is generally of two types- Static
    Web Animation Dynamic Web Animation. Where
    static animation deals with consistent styles and
    creates a stable aura, dynamic web animation is
    more user-centric and depends on corresponding
    actions. If youre a fresher web designer or
    animator, you may find the enlisted pros cons
    of applying Web Animation quite considerable in
    this context
  • Advantages of Applying Web Animation
  • Web animation can be advantageous in various
    circumstances for your website building project.
    Web animation is a fun thing to do and you enjoy
    applying corresponding web designing principles
    to draw considerable web animation results. It
    can be a powerful part of your designing
    workflow. Here are the leading advantages of
    using Web Animation for your designing project
  • Regarding the APNG Technique, it supports the
    alpha channel
  • The Web Animation platform is easily available to
    everyone in the form of GIFs. Even if youre not
    using a CMS plugin you can manage easily it with
    a GIF setup

  • Web animation also performs well with the support
    of JavaScript and the corresponding SVG
    Animation Library. You can do considerable image
    sequencing with the help of these
  • It also creates a very easy-to-learn ambiance
    when mixed up with HTML or CSS 3 support. The
    programs allow pixel vector animations as well
  • Moreover, you also got SMIL support if youre not
    satisfied with the properties that CSS handles
  • Disadvantages of Applying Web Animation
  • So, theres a lot you can do with your Web
    Animation plan in this situation. Additionally,
    Web Animation can enhance your interest
    associated with your designing project and helps
    you make it a bit more effective for the
    corresponding output. Now comes the negative
    part. You can face problems applying your Web
    Animation principles along with the
    above-mentioned web development programs. Lets
    check them out
  • It doesnt help you maintain your SVG if you
    apply the same as an image with your JavaScript
  • The SMIL language is usually not supported in all
    sorts of browsers so you can face problems
    conducting your Web Animation project
  • Some SVG properties cant be animated with the
    help of CSS. Thats where you have to jump to
    JavaScript or SMIL accordingly
  • If youve decided to go for the outdated flash
    language then you can face disappointment
    regarding your web animation plan. Only a few
    platforms support that language to be exercised
    especially for doing a Web Animation kind of

  • The same problem follows in the case of APNG
    files. Most of the browsers wont let you
    perform corresponding animation actions with the
    help of such a program
  • If youre making use of GIFs, you can face
    problems associated with the size of the file.
    Moreover, you cant use alpha channels amid
    using web animation along with GIFs like that
  • So, these were the matter of concern in this
    context. You can make decisions on your
    corresponding language or web designing program
    to add the best web animation effects to your
    website as such.
  • Conclusion
  • Web designing is a very crucial concept for the
    creation of your website. You cant ignore the
    fact that website UI UX plays an important role
    in user satisfaction, fun, and trust in your
    online business, your website. We suggest you
    visit SFWP Experts if you think you cant deal
    with a bigger challenge encompassing your web
    designing development plan in this context.
    Were a team of skilled Custom Website Designing
    Development Experts from San Francisco!
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