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International Ocean Freight Forwarding Services - Faster Freight


Faster Freight offers the ability for businesses to ship goods overseas by sea through ocean freight in the United States. Ocean shipping has brought numerous worldwide economic benefits. About 90 percent of everything is transported through the ocean. In this Presentation, we try to cover the basics of ocean freight to help you understand how international ocean shipping works. We give a headache-free ocean freight forwarding solution with fast online quotes, that simplify your shipping and the resources to get your freight on the water fast. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: International Ocean Freight Forwarding Services - Faster Freight

Faster Freight
  • Faster Freight Inc. is one of the fastest growing
    international freight forwarding service
    providers, offering integrated shipping services
    by Ocean worldwide.

  • Ocean Freight Shipping.
  • Your Ocean Freight Questions Answered.
  • When should I use ocean freight logistics
  • What are the typical cargo Shipped Through Ocean?
  • How International Ocean Freight Works?
  • What Type of Ocean Cargo is Sent by Sea?
  • What Can International Ocean Freight Companies Do
    For You?
  • How Long Does Ocean Freight Take?
  • When to Choose Sea Freight Shipping?
  • What are Ocean Freight Cargo Services?
  • What Affects Ocean Freight Rate?
  • How Does Faster Freight Simplify Ocean Freight
  • The Advantages of Faster Freight Services for
    Ocean Freight Shipping.
  • Key Features of Our Solution.
  • About Faster Freight.
  • Contact us.

Ocean Freight Shipping.
Ocean freight transport is the shipping of goods
by sea via shipping containers. Ocean freight is
the most common mode of transport that importers
and exporters use. In fact, a full 90 of
everything is shipped by ocean freight and sea
When should I use ocean freight logistics
Ocean shipping makes sense when your shipments
are large (more than one pallet), or of any size
if you are not in a hurry for goods to reach
their destination. When it comes to freight
rates, all but the smallest shipments will be
less expensive to ship via ocean freight (when
compared to air-freight costs), so if your budget
is constrained, an LCL (less-than-container-load)
or FCL (full container load) shipment will be
your best bet. What is Faster Freights
experience with ocean freight global shipping?
Faster Freight is part of Agility, one of the
worlds largest logistics companies. We are
leveraging new technology to give SMEs access to
Agilitys vast and well-established network of
transportation assets and partnerships. Ocean
freight services are core business for Agility
and Faster Freight, so you need not be concerned
with the insecurities that might typically
surround startups in the freight forwarding space.
What are the typical cargo Shipped Through Ocean?
The shipment agent can identify whether the ocean
freight suits your shipment. A rule of thumb is
that shipments with weight more than 100kg or
those consisting of multiple cartons usually suit
sea freight. Though there are some restrictions
regarding the commodities which can be shipped
through sea freight, most items are allowed.
Dangerous goods are moved under specific
conditions while perishable goods are transported
in appropriate containers. You can even transport
refrigerated or frozen items and even products
like sugar that need to be kept dry during the
How International Ocean Freight Works?
In ocean freight shipping, goods are packed in
shipping containers and the freight forwarder
books container or space with the shipping agent.
Shipment moves to the port and passes through
customs at the point of origin. Goods are loaded
into full containers or shared containers
depending on the volume and put on the cargo ship
for transportation. When they reach the
destination, goods pass through customs again
generally arranged by the shipping agent and upon
payment of duties and taxes, released for
delivery. The goods are delivered to the receiver
either in the same container or on pallets.
What Type of Ocean Cargo is Sent by Sea?
  • There are two types of cargo shipments for ocean
  • LCL or Less Than Container Load shipments suit
    the goods which are too less to fill a whole
  • In such a condition, the goods are loaded into a
    shared container with others rather than a
    dedicated container. FCL or Full Container Load,
    on the other hand, is good for high volumes of
    goods which fill entire container.

What Can International Ocean Freight Companies Do
For You?
  • International ocean freight companies can offer
    reliable and affordable ocean freight services
    for overseas shipments.
  • They are specialized at handling shipments of any
    size from less than container to full container
    loads and oversized and special equipment cargo
    such for shipping vehicle.
  • They also provide freight forwarding services to
    book the cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery,
    manage shipping documentation and handle other
    procedures regardless of the carrier and point of
    destination. Also facilitate the entire
    forwarding process to meet the requirements of
    the import and export countries.

How Long Does Ocean Freight Take?
  • There are various factors that determine the time
    of transit an ocean freight takes.
  • The time spent on the water and the time taken
    for door to door shipments are different.
  • This is because there are many steps the goods go
    through before reaching the vessel and after they
  • The location of the goods also affects the time
    sea freight shipping takes. You can typically add
    a weeks time on each end of the process on the
    top of the time on water.
  • Delays in shipping also affect freight time.
    Other delays can result when goods are held up at
    customs or when there is no sufficient
    documentation available with the importer.

When to Choose Sea Freight Shipping?
Sea freight shipping is often a cost-effective
option when you want to import bulk amount of
goods from overseas. People buying their stock
from other countries find sea freight the
cheapest method. However, sea freight takes
longer to ship and should be chosen when you have
enough time.
What are Ocean Freight Cargo Services?
  • Ocean Freight Cargo Services are intended to
    benefit shippers by getting their goods
    transported overseas under careful supervision.
    This will simplify the entire process and take
    care of each of the steps involved in ocean
  • Example freight forwarders helps customer with
    the process of any international ocean freight.
    This companies, also speed up the shipping and
    let you transport the goods at cheap prices. They
    offer a reliable port to port or door to door
    shipping services between two countries.

What Affects Ocean Freight Rate?
  • Calculating the ocean freight rates can be
    complicated because there are so many variables
    and most of them keep changing at different times
    of the year. There are four major factors
    affecting ocean freight rates
  • Fuel This is the most crucial factor to
    determine the freight charges for any type of
  • Currency Currency rates have a significant
    effect on ocean freight rates.
  • Season Changing seasonal demands of goods also
    affect ocean freight rates.
  • Capacity Ocean freight can be considered to be a
    commodity and like steel, natural gas or oil, the
    value rises when the demand is higher than the
  • Sea freight rates are controlled by the shipping
    lines and they can quote how much freight using
    the vessels cost you at any given time.  

How Does Faster Freight Simplify Ocean Freight
  • When the world of global trade is at your
    fingertips, entering new overseas markets is an
    inviting prospect, but the complexities of
    international ocean freight shipping can create
  • Faster Freight solves that problem, by bringing
    Agilitys global logistics network to your
    virtual front door. One digital online platform,
    a straightforward sign-up, and you're shipping
    like the big boys.
  • An-easy-to-complete form to get your initial
    ocean freight shipping quote.
  • Thousands of international trade lanes served.
  • FCL and LCL ocean freight shipping services.
  • Ocean freight door to door shipping and port to
    port services.
  • Transparent pricing includes shipping and
    transport fees.
  • A customer support team to help you with more
    complex shipping requirements.
  • Online compliance engine to simplify document
  • Get your quote, make your booking, pay your
    freight, and track your shipment, all online, on
    one tab of your browser, with Faster Freight.

The Advantages of Faster Freight Services for
Ocean Freight Shipping.
  • Online Instant Quotes.
  • Easier Online Booking.
  • Diversified Payment Methods.
  • Track Your Cargo Transit Online.
  • Stress-Free Customs Clearance.
  • Ship the Way You Want.
  • Get Help When You Need It.

Key Features of Our Solution.
  • A powerful quote engine that can supply a global
    ocean freight shipping quote in moments .
  • An experienced pricing team to help shippers with
    more complex requirements.
  • A fully integrated freight quotation, booking,
    payment, and tracking solution.
  • Access to help through live chat, by phone, or
    via email.
  • A logistics network that serves around 100
    countries worldwide.
  • Platform-access via a free, fast, and simple
    registration process.
  • Live shipment tracking provides end-to-end
    visibility of your freight.
  • A compliance engine that makes it easy to
    generate shipping, import,
  • and export documents.
  • Quick-quote facility available for users to enter
    shipment details without signing in.

About Faster Freight
Faster Freight Inc. is one of the fastest growing
international logistics and freight forwarding
service providers, offering integrated shipping
services by air, water, and land worldwide. Since
our humble beginning in 2005 in the USA as a
small local freight forwarding company, we have
come a long way in establishing ourselves as the
preferred logistics partner to our vast customer
base across all industry sectors. Our offices are
located in the USA, India, the UAE, and the
Philippines. In the UAE, we are strategically
situated at SHAMS Free Zone in Sharjah which has
easy accessibility to Dubai, Sharjah, and Al
Maktoum Airports, as well as Jebel Ali
seaport. Currently, we are rapidly growing our
range of services and network offices in order to
serve our customers better. Our experienced team
comprises of full-time specialists to help them
with all their shipping needs at the most
competitive rates possible. We take care of the
entire documentation process and other
formalities like Customs clearances and provide
personal attention to every consignment. Our
customer-focused solutions, in-depth market
knowledge, and vast industry experience ensure
that the shipment arrives safe, secure, and on
time, every time.
Contact us
1111 Kane Concourse Suite518 Bay Harbor Islands,
FL 33154
305 306 9511
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