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Executive Search Versus Traditional Recruitment - WalkWater Talent Advisors


Unlike traditional recruitment, top executive search firms in India use an absolutely different approach that helps to bring in the most suitable candidates for a senior-level job, through thorough research and investigation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Executive Search Versus Traditional Recruitment - WalkWater Talent Advisors

Employees are one of the most important aspects
of any company, which decide a significant part
of the success of a business. This is why
companies moved forward to recruit third parties
to help them hire candidates, rather than
approaching candidates on their own by searching
through resumes, or posting advertisements for
vacant positions.
But again, recruitment strategies have not ceased
here. Companies are now moving further ahead to
hire specialized executive search firms, when
they want to hire candidates for important
positions like managers, directors, CEOs, and
other senior-level ranks. The reason behind
hiring such specialized firms is that there is
too much competition around, and every company
wants to be at the top. Now, this becomes
possible only when you have the finest candidates
working for you. Specialized executive search
firms are especially aimed at finding such
qualified candidates from a large pool of
  • What differentiates executive search firms from
    traditional recruiters?
  • If youre still unsure whether you should invest
    in hiring executive search firms, lets help you
    know 5 basic aspects that make such specialized
    firms much more qualified than general
    third-party recruiters.
  • Recruiting an individual for a senior-level role
    is a very challenging job! One wrong hire may
    mean a high risk for your business, let alone
    time and money wasted behind the hire. General
    third-party recruiters may be able to find a
    good candidate, but an executive search firm is a
    better bet because they are focused on finding
    only such high-level candidates, rather than
    diverting their attention to search for every
    kind of big or small role.
  • Executive search firms have a large pool of
    candidates to search from. General third-party
    recruiters will only search for candidates that
    are actively seeking a job. But, executive
    search firms also look for the perfect match in
    candidates who are already happily working
    elsewhere. If they
  • think the candidate is a perfect fit for their
    client organization, they will put in efforts to
    enthral him into coming in for an interview, even
    though the
  • candidate isnt looking for a job change.
  • When you hire executive search firms, you can
    rest assured that it is going to be a highly
    customized process. The search firm will first
    invest their time into understanding your
    business, your working culture, and your
    requirements. They will then look into their
    entire database to search for the most fitting
    candidates, and try to bring them to you. General
    third- party recruiters wouldnt want to invest
    so much time into understanding you better all
    theyll do is take a look at the job profile, and
    try to match it with the resumes they have from
    job-seeking candidates. This doesnt always
    prove to be a genuine recruitment.
  • A general recruitment agency will get in touch
    with only job-seeking candidates to see if they
    are interested in your package. If not, they will
    move to other candidates. But, an executive
    search firm will put in all possible efforts to
    persuade a suitable candidate to come in for an
    interview, even if they arent much interested in
    your recruitment package. Persuading a suitable
    candidate to come in for an interview is already
    a huge task done!
  • General third-party recruiters have a specific
    methodology that they follow to fill up a vacant
    position because they have all sorts of client
    organizations they want to place candidates in.
    They are more interested in simply filling up
    the vacant positions so that they can receive
    their payment. But, an executive search firm is
    dedicated at finding the perfect

fit for you. Rather than just filling up a
vacant position with the help of a specific
methodology, they will make it an effort by
planning up a customized strategy based on your
organizational requirements and functioning.
Thus, all your specific needs are taken care
of. Theres no reason you wouldnt want to hire
an executive search firm now when you want to
hire senior-level candidates, is there? Although
a little expensive, but the results are
certainly worth it! And, when you plan on doing
so, make sure to consider WalkWater Talent
Advisors, one of the top executive search firms
in India, who are well-known for the optimal
results they help their client organizations
achieve. The results achieved are made possible
with the immense efforts they put in to
understand their clients, use their best
resources, do a thorough research, and bring in
the most suitable candidates for every kind of
senior-level job.
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