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Security challenges and solutions


Major industries all over the world stand transformed as a result of the pandemic. Some security businesses were adaptive right from the start, shifting to remote guarding in the early days of Covid-19. The rest took some time to figure things out. Either way, the things we learned last year about security in a time of upheaval will be instrumental in helping security companies deal with the challenges ahead - the second and third wave of the pandemic seem to be upon us already. Read on to learn about – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Security challenges and solutions

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the security challenges
  • Before we commence our deep dive into the
    intricacies of each site-specific security
    sector, we want to share an interesting piece of
    research. According to the 2020 State of Safety
    survey conducted by Safewise, a burglary happens
    once every 26 seconds on average. In fact, 62 of
    the respondents named break-in as their top
    property crime worry. Despite that high level of
    concern, only 24 of Americans have a home
    security system, like security surveillance, to
    protect their property from burglary.

What exactly are the challenges faced by
the businesses that are responsible for the
health of citizens, storing goods, constructing
buildings or educating people?
  • Last year, healthcare organizations were
    repeatedly put to the test when disease outbreaks
    and riots ravaged the world. Such events can put
    the safety of staff and patients at risk even
    further, making it critical for security
    providers to ensure that these places of
    healing do not turn into spaces where lives are

Threats in Healthcare
  • In January 2021, President Joe Biden used his
    executive powers to direct the Departments of
    Education and Health and Human Services to reopen
    educational campuses. Both schools and colleges
    can be kept safe using gatehouse monitoring,
    video surveillance as well as ticket escalations
    to on-ground law enforcement.

Threats in Campuses
  • Without CCTV surveillance, these facilities will
    be dealing with theft, vandalism and intrusion
    all by themselves. Until the general public is
    vaccinated, vaccines will continue to be at high
    risk for damage and theft. Warehouses are unique
    spaces with a unique set of security challenges.

Threats in Warehouses
Construction site
  • Construction sites are constantly laden with
    high-value plants and materials. It is
    continuously growing in value as the project is
    building. Sensitive plants, fuel and costly
    materials are the main assets at risk through
    theft, while vandalism, attacks on workers, arson
    and security breaches of temporary site buildings
    are also genuine hazards.

Threats in Construction sites
You may never know when a mishap will cause you
an unexpected loss.
In matters as serious as security,
isnt it best to make changes over care?
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