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What are some Real-Life Challenges of Big Data? | JanBask Training


There are certain challenges in Big Data that you must necessarily know about as you need to understand them and then avoid or tackle them if they come your way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What are some Real-Life Challenges of Big Data? | JanBask Training

Real-Life Challenges of Big Data
Learning Objectives
  • Acceptance of big data
  • Confusing variety of big data technologies
  • Big data on-premises vs. in-cloud costs
  • Complexity of managing data quality
  • Data from diverse sources
  • Unreliable data
  • Dangerous big data security issues
  • Recruiting and retaining big data talent
  • Troubles of upscaling
  • Conclusion

What is Big Data
Big data - refers to the big clusters of data
that is generated every day by millions of people
all across the globe. It has provided many
benefits to the companies who use it as a tool to
understand their data and take conscious business
decisions based on it. It is an evolving field
and has got some real challenges too.
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Challenge 1
Insufficient understanding and acceptance of big
  • Organizations neglect to know even the very
    basics of Big Data Advantage
  • Clear comprehension
  • Organizations may burn through bunches of time
    and assets on things

Challenge 2
Confusing variety of big data technologies
  • Do you need Spark or would the paces of Hadoop
    MapReduce be sufficient?
  • Is it better to store information in Cassandra or
  • Finding appropriate responses can be precarious.

Challenge 3
Expenses - Big data on-premises vs. in-cloud costs
  • You'll need to mind the expenses of new
    equipment, new contracts, power, etc.
  • you'll have to pay for the advancement,
    arrangement, setup, and support of new
  • If you settle on a cloud-based huge information
    arrangement, regardless you'll have to contact
    staff (as above) and pay for cloud administrations

Challenge 4
  • Data from diverse sources - At some point or
    another, you'll keep running into the issue of
    data integration, since the data you have to
    investigate originates from assorted sources in a
    wide range of configurations.
  • E.g. web-based business organizations need to
    break down information from site logs
  • call-focuses, contenders' site 'sweeps' and
    online life.
  • Information configurations will contrast
  • Unreliable data - No one is concealing the fact
    that big data isn't 100 exact. And with
    everything taken into account, it isn't so
    damaging either. The fact remains is that you
    never know when is it exactly and when it is with
    faults. It is likely to contain wrong data and
    duplicate copy of itself.
  • big data isn't 100 exact
  • contain logical inconsistencies too
  • It's far-fetched that information of a very
    second-rate quality can bring any helpful bits of
    knowledge to your business.

Challenge 5
Dangerous big data security issues
  • Security difficulties of big data is seriously a
    huge issue that merits an entire other article
    committed to this theme.
  • Big data selection tasks put security off till
    later stages
  • The multiple times big data security just gets
    thrown away.

Challenge 6
Recruiting and retaining big data talent
  • Big Data Salary (Annual)
  • big data analyst 135,000 and 196,000
  • data scientists 116,000 to 163, 500
  • business intelligence analysts 118,000 to
  • Manageability Deficiencies
  • Many are expanding their financial limits and
    their enrolment and maintenance endeavors
  • they are offering all the more training chances
    to their present staff and for the individuals
  • numerous associations are looking for innovation

Challenge 7
Troubles of upscaling
  • The most common component of big data is its
    dramatic capacity to develop
  • Your solution's structure might be thoroughly
    considered and acclimated to upscaling with no
    additional endeavors.
  • The genuine issue isn't the real procedure of
    presenting new handling and storage limits.

  • Understanding those challenges give an upper hand
  • Study these challenges well and see that you do
    not fall prey to any one of them
  • Experience the technology, tool, or process

Thank you
Happy learning
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