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Best 10 Android Frameworks for App Development in 2021


These were the best frameworks for android. Mobile Application Development frameworks are important tools for creating any mobile or web application. It has to be kept in mind that each project or app has its own requirement and therefore the choice of the frame also needs to be created carefully. It is said that the development platform can break or make your mobile app development experience, so make sure that it requires time and exploration before you finalize the very best Android frameworks. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best 10 Android Frameworks for App Development in 2021

Best Android Frameworks for Android App
  • Mobcoder Technologies

Android Frameworks
  • Android the planet's popular mobile operating
    System (OS) is nowadays regarded as the best
    operating system for creating custom applications
    and it captures over 87 of the promotion share
    and is projected to rise much longer in 2022.
    Android has its focus on tablet computers, PCs,
    cars, gadgets, home appliances and a lot more.
  • The fact is that Android is highly customizable
    and because of this it's a community all around
    the world. Developers prefer to create Android
    applications. Its expansion is leading to
    constructing new Android development tools. And
    this is why you will find android app programmers
    frequently in dilemma confused which Android
    Platform they should continue with.

Top Android Frameworks for App Development in 2021
  • 1. Ionic Android Framework
  • 2. React Native Android Framework
  • 3. Flutter Android Framework
  • 4. Native Android Framework
  • 5. Xamarin Android Framework
  • 6. NativeScript Android
  • 7. jQuery Mobile Android Framework Framework
  • 8. Framework7 Android Framework
  • 9. Corona SDK Android Framework
  • 10. Appcelerator Titanium Android Framework

Ionic Android Framework
  • What's Ionic Framework?
  • Ionic a MIT accredited popular and powerful
    framework. It's a completely free open-source. It
    allows developers to utilize new era web
    technologies such as CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Who Should Use Ionic Development Framework?
  • The ionic growth framework is built in such a way
    for developers to create mixed and interactive
    mobile applications. If you are mindful of
    internet development, the build of an Iconic
    program is not difficult to comprehend. Its
    quality set of components, animations, software
    gestures and tools let you create high-quality
    desktop computer, mobile and Progressive Web
    Programs from only a mere database.
  • The ionic framework easily integrates with other
    frameworks like AngularJS and utilizes
    functionalities like Bluetooth, Health Kit and
    fingerprint authentication producing development
    of applications quicker, lighter, simpler, and
    accessible. This framework uses Cordova plugins
    and aids programmers access various elements such
    as, GPS, in a easy way.

React Native Android Framework
  • What is React Native?
  • React Native voted as the 8th most appreciated
    cross-platform android program development frame
    garnering more than 60 of votes and it's also
    the third most desired framework in a survey
    consisting more than 90,000 developers. It's the
    growing platform currently boasting 68,690 stars
    on GitHub.
  • This stage began in 2013 from Facebook as a
    hackathon Project. This platform is regarded
    among the best open source software for cellular
    growth allowing developers to leverage React, a
    flexible JavaScript library to construct mobile
    programs for the Android and iOS.
  • Who Should Use React Native Development
  • There are a lot of programmers who utilize React
    Native Development Framework and have reported
    how this stage makes it a lot easier and quicker
    to develop customized applications. This uses
    native platform-specific built-in interface and
    APIs that gives mobile programs a exceptional
    look and feel with exceptional performance.

Flutter Android Framework
  • What is Flutter?
  • Flutter is a new platform amongst others, and it
    has made its place in Google Advertising. This is
    a completely free open-source mobile UI SDK
    framework built and developed by Google for
    producing applications in diverse approaches when
    compared to other Applications assembled on
  • Who Should Use Flutter?
  • Developers around the world who wish to grow
    successful in hybrid application development.
    Flutter is currently being used by numerous
    programmers and businesses across the global.
    Developers say it is the best choice for hybrid
    development. It uses just one codebase and its
    application compiles to the native code using
    Skia, Google's 2D rendering.
  • Flutter frame made cross-platform development
    easy by enabling developers to test, unit and
    performance, UI without finding out errors. This
    frame holds a great deal of benefits like faster
    development, screen reader, rendering and themes
    for Android, iOS, etc.

Native Android Framework
  • What's Native Android Framework?
  • Native Android development framework is a stage
    very similar to other we've been discussing till
    today. This provides developers with API
    frameworks and tools to programmers that are
    important to construct, test, debug programs on
    android platform.
  • Who Should Use Native Android Platform?
  • Developers who implement parts of the programs in
    native code with the use of C and C. The
    developers will be able to access the native
    libraries using their native code. The Native
    Android Game SDK provides game developers an
    unbelievable reach, over 2.5 billion monthly busy
    apparatus Android Platform.

Xamarin Android Framework
  • What is Xamarin Framework?
  • Xamarin is also a framework for mobile program
    development, and it must try instrument for
    programmers. An Open-Source platform for
    constructing programs for Android, iOS, Windows
    with .NET.
  • In one of the surveys with React Native, Xamarin
    was voted as the 10th most famous framework for
    cross-platform app development and 15th most
    adored android app framework. To my surprise
    Xamarin programmers do not dread too much.
  • It's a friendly improvement ambience having an
    abstraction layer that manages communication
    between shared code using platform code. Xamarin
    permits you to develop apps, with shared UI code
    written in C or XAML. Subsequently, it allows
    developers to write their business logic in one
    codebase whilst achieving native performance.

NativeScript Android Framework
  • What's NativeScript SDK?
  • NativeScript SDK is a perfect option if you would
    like to improve your mobile app development. It
    is a great hybrid program framework. This
    framework is a source of Bulgarian Software firm,
    Telerik and it's completely free. It offers
    developers an open source platform for developing
    mobile applications with Vue.js, TypeScript,
    Angular or JavaScript.
  • The developers who want application development
    for various platforms in less time and less cost
    than NativeScript is a right choice for them.
    This android program framework works differently
    compared to React Native, Xamarin, Ionic,
    Cordova, PhoneGap. NativeScript supplies 100
    direct use of all iOS and Android APIs and a
    chance to reuse CocoaPods and Android SDKs, find
    free plugins, templates, etc.

jQuery Mobile Android Framework
  • What is jQuery Mobile?
  • If you'd like users to be drawn to your program,
    then jQuery Mobile is all that you want. It's a
    HTML5-based cross-platform framework, jQuery
    Mobile gives developers the simplest approaches
    to develop mobile and web applications.
  • Mobile programmer who wishes to develop high
    quality mobile software that will function on
    newest smartphones, tablets as well as desktop.
    The jQuery builder includes assorted plugins like
    Content-Slider, Pop-Up Boxes, Picture Slider, etc
    which make the web pages simpler, user-friendly,
    and interactive. JQuery Mobile can be accordant
    with programs and cellular program like PhoneGap,
    Work light, etc

Framework7 Android Framework
  • What's Framework7?
  • This is the very new frame in town. Framework7 a
    newbie completely featured android development
    stage. It is designed for developers to construct
    iOS, Android, and Desktop Apps. This frame is a
    free open source HTML frame connected with CSS
    and JS files.
  • Who Should Use Framework7?
  • It is stated that developers who are well versed
    with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then Framework7 is
    a simple and right platform for them. Framework7
    isn't in tune with all platforms but it pays
    focus more on iOS, Google Material layout.

Corona SDK Android Framework
  • What's Corona SDK Framework?
  • Corona SDK frame is a 2D mobile development
    platform. This framework is similar to others is
    a free open-source platform. With these
    developers develop games, software for desktop,
    smartphones TV devices on a single code. It frees
    Lua, a strong, easy to learn and use, lightweight
    scripting language. Corona SDK framework is
    devised in such a manner that it enables fast
    development of jobs and publishes it to various
    platforms such as tablets, telephones, TVs.
  • Who Makes Corona SDK?
  • Corona SDK is employed strictly by game
    programmers, but Android programmers also use it
    since it's known as a general-purpose Android
    growth framework too. With Corona SDK making
    games or business applications everything becomes
    easy to build. It enables the developers to
    observe changes quickly.

Appcelerator Titanium Android Framework
  • What's Corona SDK Framework?
  • Corona SDK framework is a 2D cellular development
    platform. This frame is similar to other people
    is a totally free open-source platform. With
    these programmers develop games, applications for
    desktop, smartphones TV devices on a single code.
    It frees Lua, a powerful, simple to learn and
    use, lightweight scripting language. Corona SDK
    framework is devised in such a manner that it
    enables rapid development of tasks and publishes
    it into various platforms such as tablets,
    telephones, TVs.
  • Who Makes Corona SDK?
  • Corona SDK is utilized strictly by game
    developers, but Android developers also use it
    because it is called a general-purpose Android
    growth framework also. Together with Corona SDK
    making games or business software everything
    becomes simple to construct. It enables the
    programmers to observe changes quickly.
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