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5 Trending Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021


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Title: 5 Trending Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021

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Introduction Businesses strive to go deeper into
markets by developing highly intuitive and
engaging mobile apps that can connect businesses
with customers at any time using mobile devices.
As per statistics, the global mobile application
market size was valued at USD 154.05 billion in
2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual
growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5 from 2020 to
2027. Businesses seek optimum and cost-effective
solutions and look for a top mobile app
development company in Netherlands for app
development expertise. This enabled
cross-platform apps to emerge as an essential and
unequaled alternative to native apps for mobile
app development on both Android and iOS
platforms. Cross-platform apps have penetrated
the app development sector. The interface given
by cross-platform app development frameworks is
accessible and simple to use, and building an app
is no more seen as a painful and time-consuming
process by developers, as it was previously. The
development of technology has provided us with a
platform that is convenient to use and does not
make us fearful of technology. Lets have a look
at the best 5 cross-platform app development
frameworks in 2021.
  • 1. Flutter
  • Flutter application performance is the greatest
    since it does not rely on any intermediary code
    representations or interpretation. The Flutter
    app is written in machine code, which removes any
    performance issues that may arise during the
    interpretation process.
  • Flutter is well-known for its comprehensive set
    of features. It has also made it big in previous
    years. It is a solid open-source cross-platform
    for developing interfaces for both iOS and
    Android. It is Googles SDK for mobile apps.
  • Features Of Flutter
  • High Development SpeedBecause of the one
    codebase for the iOS and Android platforms,
    development is faster and saves time, effort, and
  • Hot ReloadAllows you to make changes to the code
    and quickly see the effects without having to
    recompile it. This makes bug fixes and
    experimenting with various UI components easier.

  • Customization and Quick RenderingSince Flutter
    has a layered design, you have control over the
    pixels on the screen and can integrate and employ
    overlays and animated images, movies, text, and
    controls seamlessly.
  • Testing Is LessBecause the same code is used
    across platforms, flutter app development needs
    less testing.
  • Same UIFlutter allows for the exchange of both
    UI code and UI between platforms.
  • Native App-Like PerformanceFlutter application
    performance is the greatest since it does not
    rely on any intermediary code representations or
    interpretation. The Flutter app is written in
    machine code, which removes any performance
    issues that may arise during the interpretation
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  • 2. Ionic
  • The Ionic app development framework has made
    hybrid app creation easier. If you want to create
    your business app more quickly, Ionic is the way
    to go. Ionic apps for different platforms are
    built on a single code base. It features a large
    tool library and is made out of the most recent
    components. Ionic draws a few design features
    from iOS and Android, allowing it to create
    native-like hybrid applications and progressive
    web apps.

  • Features Of Ionic
  • Faster Development And Time-To-MarketWhen
    compared to native apps, Ionic creates your
    mobile app in a relatively short time for both
    platforms. Building apps for each platform not
    only takes a long time, but it also results in a
    delayed time to market and additional expenses.
  • Browser SupportIonic provides browser support,
    which is useful for both developers and
    businesses. Ionic experts provide Angular mobile
    application development using web-views in
    thebrowser. They dont require any complicated
    IDEs or editors to design the application layout,
    simply browser web-views.
  • Large Set Of UI ComponentsIonic provides a
    diverse set of plugins and UI components to boost
    Ionic developers productivity while reducing
    development cost and time.
  • Native Plug-InsIonic includes several native
    plugins that allow developers to use native
    device APIs. This provides the best possible
    experience for app users on both the iOS and
    Android platforms.
  • Programming LanguagesIonic employs front-end web
    technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and
    Angular. It makes use of HTML5. For a startup,
    you may need to talk to a professional mobile app
    development company to oversee your app
    development while matching your business
    objectives for both platforms with emerging

  • 3. PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap is an open-source, cross-platform mobile
    app development framework that makes it easy for
    mobile app developers to build apps. It gives
    developers the freedom to utilize multiple
    languages without regard for hardware
    constraints. PhoneGap is a cloud-based solution
    developed by Adobe that allows mobile app
    developers in Netherlands to create mobile apps
    straight in the platform.
  • Features Of PhoneGap
  • Robust BackendAllows for speedier development
    while minimizing developer effort.
  • Programming LanguagesProvides mobile app
    development in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java,
    HTML5, Objective-C, C, and C.
  • Multi-PlatformEnables mobile app creation for a
    variety of platforms, with a native appearance
    and feel.
  • UI LibrariesIncludes a large number of UI
    libraries that help in enhancing the visual
    experience for various target viewers.
  • Faster DevelopmentBecause of its flexibility and
    agility, it allows for a faster development
  • Huge Community BaseProvides a large community
    base with extended support.

  • Uses Device HardwareAllows full use of device
    capabilities such as the camera and geolocation
    for a rich user experience.
  • 4. React Native
  • React Native, the most well-known open-source
    cross-platform app development framework was
    created by Facebook and released in 2015. It has
    a motto that goes, Learn once, write
    everywhere. React Native is ideally suited for
    apps that must be compatible with both Android
    and iOS. If you need a mobile app with a unique
    design, React Native is a good option.
  • Features Of React Native
  • Faster Time-To-MarketAllows for speedier
    development since it allows for the creation of
    apps for different platforms using the same
    codebase. It uses the same codebase as iOS,
    Android, and the Web (with ReactXP and React
    Native for Web)
  • Cost-EfficiencyBecause a single codebase is used
    to create apps for many platforms, React Native
    mobile applications are cost-effective because
    they save money, time and effort.

  • One Development TeamBecause only a single
    codebase is necessary, you may have your app
    created by a single development team of the best
    mobile app developers who are experienced with
    JavaScript. This lowers the cost of developing a
    mobile app. You do not need to hire separate
    teams for each platform. Get the best mobile app
    development company in Netherlands at your
  • Diverse EcosystemBecause of its access to a
    multitude of libraries and tools, it allows for a
    faster software development process, increasing
    developer productivity.
  • Consistent GrowthEnsures growth by providing a
    collection of components that know how to show
    the app on a specific platform. The ability of
    React Native to create apps without getting too
    deep inside the platform lets developers focus
    solely on application development. This leads to
    a process of stable and resilient app development
    features, as well as a structured feature
  • 5. Xamarin
  • Xamarin is a cross-platform app development
    solution for iOS, Android, and Windows. For
    creating elegant and engaging mobile apps,
    Xamarin uses.NET and C and shares 90 percent of
    the code with other platforms. Xamarin supports
    Android and iOS apps by using C bindings to
    native Android and iOS APIs, resulting in the
    native user interface, notifications, graphics,
    animation, and other device capabilities.

  • Features Of Xamarin
  • All Platforms Use The Same StackIt develops
    mobile apps for any platform using C and the.NET
    framework. For Xamarin app development, you may
    use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.
  • Native App-Like PerformanceXamarin apps are
    deemed native since their performance is
    constantly enhanced to meet native development
  • User ExperienceBecause of its usage of
    platform-specific UI components, Xamarin provides
    an excellent user experience.
  • Hardware SupportXamarin solves hardware
    compatibility problems and works with common
    devices across platforms.
  • Easy MaintenanceBecause of its cross-platform
    nature, Xamarin makes maintenance and upgrades
    easy. It allows for the simple deployment of
    updates and improvements for both iOS and Android
  • ResourcesThere are several learning resources on
    Xamarin to assist users in developing tech skills
    on this platform.

Conclusion There are several cross-platform
open-source development frameworks that have
shown their worth in the market. Each of them
offers us a variety of distinct characteristics
from which to choose. All of these are so dynamic
that they cater to everything a user can conceive
of, not just one sort of project. The interfaces
are now more user-friendly and adaptable to every
demand in the IT business. As a result, building
apps that are not confined to a single sort of
interface is now a simple process. If you have a
unique app idea and want an expert to bring it to
life, contact Zimble Code, and find the best
Flutter app developers in Netherlands. Get a
free consultation today. Article Resource -
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