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Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks of 2021


You will learn the benefits that SDKs offer to the process of app development followed by the top 10 mobile app development frameworks. Technource is an expert in developing mobile apps and has successfully done so for the past 9 years. If you are looking forward to hiring a mobile app developer you have just come to the right place. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks of 2021

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks of 2021
  • Numerous frameworks are used by the developer
    community and each has its preference. Hence, no
    one framework can be coined as the best of all,
    but heres a comprehensive list of all (by Mobile
    app development company) that our team of experts

  • Flutter has been developed by the tech giant
    Google and was released in 2017. It is an
    end-to-end free and open-source SDK. Using
    Flutter one can build applications for Linux,
    iOS, MAC, Android, Windows, and the web with a
    single codebase. Though Flutter has been released
    way after its competitor React Native.

React Native
  • React Native was introduced by Facebook in 2015.
    Its a cross-platform and open-source app
    development platform that makes use of React.js
    and JavaScript to develop Web, Mac, Windows, iOS,
    and Android apps. React Native is currently the
    top JavaScript framework that functions on the
    objective Learn once, write anything.

Native Script
  • Native Script is one of the best frameworks to
    build native iOS and Android apps making use of
    TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, or Vue.js. The
    source code for coding apps on this framework is
    written in web languages while the apps can
    directly run on native devices without making use
    of DOM manipulation and WebViews.

  • Xamarin is a cross-platform and open-source app
    development framework that uses C as its
    programming language. It end can create high-end,
    modern, and high-performing apps for Windows,
    iOS, and Android. The framework allows developers
    to share more than 90 of their applications
    across all major platforms.

Adobe Phone Gap
  • The platform was introduced to the world in the
    year 2009. Most people are acquainted with their
    old name Apache Cordova that was later changed to
    Adobe PhoneGap as Adobe acquired the company
    Nitobi in 2011. The framework offers the
    convenience of using the platforms such as
    JavaScript, Web APIs, HTML 5, and CSS to develop
    cross-platform apps.

  • Ionic is a framework that was released in 2013 by
    Drifty. The platform makes efficient use of HTML,
    CSS, JavaScript while offering integrations with
    Angular, React, Vue, and Apache Cordova to build
    apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Progressive
    Web Apps. The framework has improved drastically
    over the years and is widely used to enhance
    performance with minimal DOM.

Appcelerator Titanium
  • Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source
    cross-platform app development platform. It
    released in 2008. It can be used to create apps
    for Windows, Android, iOS with a single
    JavaScript codebase. MVC-based framework alloy,
    direct access to native APIs using Hyperloop, and
    cross-platform API for accessing native UI and
    device functionality are some of the core
    features of Titanium SDK.

Mobile Angular UI
  • Mobile Angular UI is a mobile UI framework that
    uses Bootstrap, AngularJS, and HTML5. If youre
    familiar with Angular JS and Twitter Bootstrap
    then you dont have much to worry about. The
    framework offers awesome mobile components that
    such as scrollable areas, overlays, switches,
    sidebars, and absolute positioned bottom and top
    navbars that dont bounce on scroll.

JQuery Mobile
  • This framework was developed by the JQuery
    developer team and was released in the year 2006.
    It happens to be a strong user interface system
    that is based on HTML5 that supports many
    operating systems such as Firefox, Windows,
    Kindle, Mac, and more. The simple API and
    responsive framework allow developers to create
    apps at a rapid pace.

  • Corona is an open-source and free hybrid
    framework that is used to design mobile apps for
    games for desktops, mobiles, smart TVs, and
    tablets. Its powered by a lightweight scripting
    language and Lua-based framework that offers ease
    of usage, flexibility, and speed to develop apps.
    We use this framework to build cross-platform
    apps in a short period.

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