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Electrical Safety for Kids – Keep Your Child Away from Shocks


Go through the s to understand various safety tips and how to keep your little ones away from electrical hazards without disturbing their learning. This PowerPoint is being created by experts at Preschoool San Dimas, CA For more details, contact us: diamondbarmontessori@gmail.com (909) 396-8747 Address: 23555 Palomino Dr, Diamond Bar CA 91765, United States – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Electrical Safety for Kids – Keep Your Child Away from Shocks

Electrical Safety for Kids Keep Your Child Away
from Shocks
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By nature kids are curious and they love to
explore the space around them. They tend to learn
the best through explorations and experiments. A
huge part of their learning, especially in their
Preschools, is based on their inquisitiveness.
But sometimes it can prove to be dangerous when
it comes to electricity. Teaching children about
electricity and electrical power would make them
aware of the hazards it can cause. Go through the
slides to understand various safety tips and how
to keep your little ones away from electrical
hazards without disturbing their learning.
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  • Dangers of Electricity for Kids
  • Many of you might have experienced a situation
    where you feel a shock when you touch the
    doorknob or any other person. This shock was
    generated from static electricity which is not
    very dangerous. But an actual electric shock is
    very painful and can even result in death.
  • Electricity can cause severe burn injuries and
    fatal shocks in kids.
  • Their muscles may get tightened up.
  • They may get choked and unable to breathe
  • Electrical shocks have the potential to cause
    serious internal damages.
  • Although these are a bit scary, you can avoid
    such situations with a little bit of knowledge
    and care.

  • Electricity Safety Tips for Kids at Home
  • They should never put their fingers or any other
    objects into the electrical outlets.
  • Small kids should be allowed to touch the switch.
  • Try to child-proof at least the small electrical
  • Keep electrical appliances away from water
  • Dry your hands properly before touching any
    electrical devices.
  • Dont pull the electrical plug out of the socket
    by pulling away from its cord.
  • Keep all your appliances switched off and
    unplugged when they are not in use.
  • Replace worn, torn, or damaged electrical cords

  • Outdoor Safety
  • In preschool San Dimas, CA, teachers are always
    vigilant to protect their students from
    electrical shocks even when they participate in
    different outdoor activities.
  • Climbing trees is fine but please make sure they
    are not near the power cables.
  • While flying kites please ensure they are quite
    away from the electric cables.
  • Never touch any electrical appliances if you are
    wet or in the swimming pool or standing in the
  • Refrain from removing anything entangled on the
    power line.
  • Never go near or touch the wires that are lying
    on the ground.
  • Avoid going near the electrical substations.

  • Some Other Electrical Safety Tips for Kids
  • Keep clothes and other combustible material away
    from big electrical appliances.
  • Never use mobile phones or any other devices when
    they are in charge.
  • Maintain the power chords properly. Replace them
    immediately if it is damaged.
  • Nowadays many electrical toys are available in
    the market. If your little one is playing with
    such toys please make sure he is quite far from
    wet surfaces.
  • Try not to fly remote-controlled toys near the
    overhead power grids or cables.
  • Use electric socket covers or guards to ensure
    your childs safety at home.

  • How to Teach Electric Safety to Your Kids
  • In Montessori classes, teachers use activity
    sheets and books to get kids interested to learn
    about electrical safety.
  • Using interactive videos is quite helpful to
    address these types of serious issues.
  • Try to demonstrate what is inside the electrical
    cords. Hands-on lessons always work with kids.
  • Show them how the sockets are covered with
    plastic plugs for safety reasons.
  • Be patient listeners. Inspire them to ask
    questions and clear their doubts.
  • Ask them to share their understandings and you
    can reward them for sharing their positive
    learning take-away.

  • The management of Diamond Bar Montessori Academy
    has taken all the possible precautions to make
    sure their students are safe and secure on the
    school campus. Although all the safety measures
    are in place, sometimes it becomes impossible to
    avoid certain unlikely situations. So according
    to the school teachers, if your child experiences
    an electrical shock, you can follow these steps
  • Turn off the power source or remove it away using
    a piece of cardboard, wood, or plastic.
  • If there is a burn, please apply a bandage to
    cover the area.
  • Begin CPR if there is no movement in the child
    and calls the doctor immediately.

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