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How To Make At least 60 Dollars Per Day Online


This ebook shows you how to market your brand, how to make money online with links and various methods of making your product available to the public. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Make At least 60 Dollars Per Day Online

  • Make Money Online Guide
  • So you are looking for a way to make money
    online! I was looking all over the internet to
    find a way to make money online like you! And
    believe me I have tried everything you can think
    of! I failed and failed again and again, after
    months of looking for online money-making
    methods and wasting time. Finally, I found a good
    online money making method! So, I decided to
    share it with you and to save you the trouble of
    wasting time like me!
  • Before we start I need to tell you something, you
    can use this method from any country! And
    therefore you dont have any excuses for not
    starting! At the Start of my work I made
    nothing! Nothing! Because I didnt know the right
    ways of doing it so, read this eBook carefully
    please! There is nothing called AUTOPILOT MONEY
    MAKING and a 1-night get rich quick method! You
    need to put in work at the start of anything!!!
    So, let's start, what will you need to start
  • A computer or mobile device.
  • An internet connection.
  • A PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet or Web money
  • (You Can Have A Bitcoin Wallet from Any Country)
    So if you dont know what Bitcoin is, you can
    search it on google.
  • There are 2 ways of making money with this
  • Link shortening
  • Referring people (When you refer people you will
    receive 20 of their earnings in your balance)
  • NOTE Referring people is the important key of
    making money with this method So, for example if
    you refer 5 active people, you will make 2x your
    earnings. However If you want to get the best
    results and make the most money, you should try
    both Ways.

My Two Month Income
Figure 1 Payment Proof
Website Link Shortening Website. It is a 100
Legit Link Shortener website that pays me about
300 per month!!
STEP 2 When you sign up, go and enter any link
you want to shorten and then click on shrink!
Figure 2 Shrink Dash Board Image
Well Done! Now everything is already set for you
to make money! I will also write some additional
information about how you get paid Go to this
link payout rates, here you can see payout rates
now. What does it mean? When you share your
Shortened Link to people in these countries you
will get paid!
Figure 3 Pay Rates image
  • You can make up to 150 per 1000 simple visits to
    your link!! You might say wow 1000 visits? Its
    a lot, NO! ITS SO SIMPLE TRUST ME! Just keep
    reading, I will show you some methods to get
    10000 visits per day easily! Now everything is
    ready you just need to share your link to people
    and make money!
  • Get Huge Traffic from Facebook Groups (This
    method and next method are also my favorite

  • Just Signup in Facebook if you dont have any
    account or if you already have an account, login
    and then Search for groups in a special niche For
    example, making money niche Then go to that
    group and share your shortened link.
  • And I will also show you a nice trick about
    getting referrals to your referral link and you
    will be able to earn 20 of their earnings in the
    next step! The money making niche was just an
    example you can follow other niches like
    fitness, health, dogs and so on.
  • IMPORTANT To post shorten links on Facebook
    without any problem please use anotepad or any
    free online notepad sites dont over spam.
  • Get Huge Traffic from Quora This is one of my
    best methods that I like too!
  • May be you dont believe me but I have about 100k
    views per month from Quora. Quora is one of the
    biggest QA websites that has huge free traffic.
    Just go and signup at Quora. Then just start
    answering people, For example, if someone is
    looking for a way to lose weight, just go and
    search in YouTube, find a video about how to
    lose weight (Note it should be a creative
    commons video to avoid copy right issues), and
    then shorten the link of that video, go back to
    Quora and answer the person who asked that
    question (While including a link to that video in
    your answer, dont spam)! Just repeat and repeat
    this! Believe me you will make more than 1000
    per month by doing this simple job!
  • IMPORTANT To post shorten links on Quora
    without any problem please use anotepad or any
    free online notepad sites.
  • Share your Shortened link in YouTube if you have
    a YouTube channel.
  • Create a blog (it's really nice)
  • Share on other Social Media Sites and so many
    ways to share your link you can search it on
  • This is the best way to make a lot of money from
    this method. The referral program is a wonderful
    way to spread the word of this great service and
    to earn even more
  • money with your shortened links! Refer people and
    receive 20 of their earnings
  • for life!

Just think you have 20 active referrals, so 20 x
20 4!!!!You have 4 other people that are
working for you ). So, i will give you a best
way to get a lot of referrals per day! Just
follow me STEP 1 Log into your account, Click
referral on top, and Copy Your referral link
Figure 4 Referral Section
  • STEP 2
  • Create a word document of how to make money
    online with link shortening. How to get info for
    eBook easy. Use google, paraphrase the info for
    your eBook to avoid copy right issues.
  • STEP 3
  • Add your referral links from the link shortening
    site to your newly created eBook.
  • STEP 4
  • Go to ilovepdf and convert the saved document to
  • STEP 5
  • Share the pdf everywhere! Share it on PLR
    Websites, Telegram Channels Groups, Facebook
    Groups, Instagram and EVERYWHERE. Family Groups,
    Friend Groups and everyone you know needs to
    make money online. I'd recommend sharing it on
    internet marketing forums.
  • Below is a list of forums to share the pdf on
  • Uk Business Forums
  • ForumsDigitalPoint
  • V7n Forums
  • Forums Seo Chat
  • Affilorama Forum

Share the PDF with your friends as well. Very
soon, they will share it with their friends
too! Note Dont forget to work hard, trust me
you will make more than 2k per month. You just
need to spend your time in the first few days
working hard. Never Give Up And Good
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