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How to earn money online in 2017? Quick & Complete Guide to Online Earning


Are you currently searching for the methods how to make money online? Can you decide to try to make money online before but failed to succeed? Earning online is not as much difficult or hard work s all of us consider it. Earning online in considered as rocket science. Some students and poor people wants to make money online for supporting their families. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to earn money online in 2017? Quick & Complete Guide to Online Earning

How to Make money online
Online earning is Preferable Why?
  • Are you currently searching for the methods how
    to make money online? Can you decide to try to
    make money online before but failed to succeed?
    Earning online is not as much difficult or hard
    work s all of us consider it. Earning online in
    considered as rocket science. Some students and
    poor people wants to make money online for
    supporting their families.
  • They do not get the right directions from experts
    and randomly start online earning without knowing
    how to make money online? They search for the
    possible ways to make money online. Due to lack
    of knowledge about online earning leads them to
    some scam sites. But the fact is that how a
    person unaware of online earning can make money

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Online earning is Preferable Why?
  • Here bellow is the detailed answer to your
    question with few popular ways to make money
    online. Students and peoples who want to work in
    a hustle free environment can make extra money
    online by adopting these methods. This article
    for sure is a major guidance for males and
    females who want to do part time or full time
    online earning along with their earning. As the
    modern world believes in earning with learning.
  • We are showing you some of the best ways to earn
    money online. Also you can take lectures and
    tutorial about how to earn online through
    WordPress and YouTube earning SEO courses from
    our SEO Experts.

How to earn money online
  • 1. Making money via Blogging
  • If you want to make money online via blogging,
    you need to know about blogging. Here a short
    introduction of blogging along with some ideas so
    far I consider that can help you make money
  • Blogging is to run your own website by writing
    articles about information services. You can take
    a news from the TV channel, as soon the newspaper
    and other social media post it. You create a blog
    and share it. Provide information services to
    your visitors, like how to do things, how to do
    tutorials, trending news, advantages,
    disadvantages, health tips, and reviews about
    newly launched products, cooking recipes and many
  • Make a celebrity blog, reviews about films,
    release dates, heroes, heroines, Hollywood and
    Bollywood scandals and more. Make a sms or poetry
    blog, funny jokes, technology, jobs are also good
    ideas to workout. Make sure your blogs contain
    unique and only content not published on the
    internet before.

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1. Making money via Blogging
  • But the Question is that how will you make money
    via blogging?
  • You can make money online via blogging by using
    display advertisements such as Google AdSense,
    Infolinks, AdWager, Chitika and many more. These
    display advertisement organizations will provide
    you with advertisement to display on your blogs.
    Whenever people visit and clicks on these
    advertisements revenue will be generated to your
  • As I have discussed that you need to publish
    unique and only content created by you, never
    copy paste content from other websites.
  • Just focus on your work be patience and create
    unique articles to draw internet traffic to your
    website so that you can earn money online from
    AdSense other Advertisement Network. You can
    earn from 200 to 1000 per month. This is most
    preferable way to make money online and also my
    favorite one.

2.Earning via YouTube Channel
  • You can make money online with YouTube too. As
    you know the World largest Video Social Media
    YouTube introduced a Partnership Program. If you
    create a real and genuine work like creating your
    own Video Tutorials, Reviewing Websites. Products
    like newly launched Cell-phones, tablets,
    laptops, games walkthroughs, tutorials, cooking
    recipes, funny pranks, Latest gadgets, news and
    many more ideas. You can easily become a YouTube
  • What if you love shooting videos on all those
    occasions than there is a great opportunity for
    you to earn money from YouTube. As I have told
    you earlier you need to create a unique stuff to
    go viral for earning online.
  • All you have to do is upload the videos on
    YouTube and become a YouTube partner. For each
    and every view on the videos uploaded you will
    get paid.

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2.Earning via YouTube Channel
  • You can earn a huge money if one of your video
    goes viral over the internet.
  • Our Experts have given the following steps that
    are needed to make money online from YouTube.
  • Sign into your YouTube account. You must need
    your google account for creating your YouTube
    channel to make money online.
  • After you have created your YouTube channel for
    online learning. You have to upload unique,
    original, self-created, self-captured videos.
    Never copy content from other YouTube channels.
    It will create problems for AdSense approving.
  • After you have worked hard on your channel and
    you got almost more than 10,000 views on your
    YouTube channel.
  • Enable your channel for Monetization
  • After monetization you will apply for YouTube
  • Connect your channel to AdSense
  • Monetize your channel with advertisements
    provided with the Google AdSense.
  • You will earn money online whenever viewers view
    your videos.
  • You will earn online money extra whenever viewers
    click on the ads.

3.Online Earning via Freelancing.
  • Freelancing is another alternative and popular
    way to make money online after AdSense and
    Blogging. As a Freelancer you can use your skills
    and work with small and big companies and
    websites on a temporary basis to provide them
    with your services.
  • According to a survey I have come to know that a
    Freelancer can make 500 to 2000 per month.
    Depending on the skills a freelancer can use to
    do the jobs and provide the services.
  • You can work as a content writer, web designer,
    graphic designer, logo designer, SEO expert, data
    entry, making presentations, making excel sheets,
    video editing, photo editing, and many more.
  • There are numbers of popular and trusted websites
    that provide you environment for freelancing.
    Sites like Elance,, WorkNHire,
    Upwork, People per Hour, etc. these sites can
    give you ready platform with ready clients. All
    you have to do is to create your profile a unique
    and attractive one. So that a client can trust
    you and ask you to do their work and provide your

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4.Make money online from PTC sites
  • If you do not have enough time to spend in
    working hard and be patience for a long time. Do
    not worry if you are trying to earn money online
    and need less amount then PTC sites are the best
    and easiest way to start.
  • In PTC sites you have to click and read the
    advertisements for ten to thirty seconds. You
    will get paid for each and every advertisement
    you view and read. There are number of PTC sites
    where you can register and earn money online by
    reading ads.  
  • And in this online earning these site are free
    and there is no investment at all. We have short
    listed some of the trusted and best PTC sites are
    NewBux, ClickSense, RebelPrize, BuxP, and

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5.Make money online with GPT sites
  • For adding some extra money into your online
    earning. You can also join GPT sites where you
    can earn money online, just by taking small
    surveys, watching videos, playing games and doing
    many more activities. These sites will help you
    to make money online. 
  • But before joining always check the authorized
    and trusted sites. As there are number of scam
    sites, who do not give money. Be aware of these
    sites . We have shortlisted these GPT sites to
    make money online are, InboxDollars, CashCrate
    and Swagbucks.
  • These sites are best for the extra income to your
    online earning. You can further search and get
    number of sites which will provide you with
    opportunity to work by doing simple tasks.

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6.Earn money online via Captcha Solver
  • If you guys have more time to earn money online
    you have opportunity to increase your online
    earning. You can become a Captcha Solver. We
    ourselves consider it as the easiest way to earn
    money online. Which easily increase your pocket
    money also online earning.
  • As a Captcha solver you have to read the Captcha
    images. Just like sometimes search engines and
    websites ask you to click the images. You have to
    read these images and type the characters or
    identify the certain objects in the images. But
    you have to be very fast in order to earn money
  • You can get paid upto 4 for every 1000 captchas
    you solve. We have shortlisted the Captcha
    solving sites for our fellows, which are
    Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, CapthcaTypers,
    ProTypers, Captcha2Cash, 2Captcha, Qlinkgroup and
    many more.

7.Earn money online from Survey
  • Here you can make money online by just completing
    small surveys. These small surveys take about
    five to thirty minutes depending on the
    requirements of a particular type of survey of
  • You have to write your feedbacks and opinions in
    a survey to submit it to company. You have to
    select your choice from the given question and
    sometime you do not need to write anything. 
  • You can make money online from surveying about 1
    to 20. It depends on the length of the survey,
    your profile and the country you are living also
    matters. Our online learning team and experts
    have shortlisted some site to make money online
    are Star Panel, Toluna, Panel Place, Brand
    Institute, Permission Research, Planet Pulse,
    SurveySavvy, NPDOR, Socratic Forum and many more.

8.Make money from home as Virtual Assistant
  • You can make money from home as a virtual
    assistant. A virtual Assistant can make money
    from home by just working home online for someone
    without being physically present.
  • A virtual Assistant can do a variety of task.
    Some of the tasks like taking care of websites ,
    counselling, writing Proofreading, publishing
    content like research papers, blogging,
    marketing, social marketing, coding, web
    designing, app designing and many more.
  • Some of the shortlisted companies that offer you
    to make money from home includes HireMyMom,
    MyTasker, Zirtual, 123Employee. You

9.Make money fast by Writing Jobs
  • You can make money fast by writing jobs. Writing
    is such a great job for you to make money fast.
    You can make money fast by writing blogs,
    companies surveys, institutions journals,
    individual people project thesis, and many more.
  • Writers get paid to make money fast depending
    upon their types. Usually witers get paid 5 or
    more for just 500 words content. You can go these
    sites like Elance, iWriter, WriterBay, TextBroker
    to find the content writing jobs to make money

10.Online money making via Web Designing
  • You do not have idea that web designing and Web
    Development are such online jobs. Which are
    online money making jobs. If you have great
    skills of Web designing and web developing then
    online making money is best for you.
  • In this way of online money making you can earn
    money online by taking orders from the customers.
    You have to develop websites for them. There is
    no need to worry if you do not have any idea of
    web designing and web developing? You can take
    trainings and then start online money making.
  • This field has got a great importance and
    potential. Either you can create and promote your
    own website to attract the customers for online
    making money. Do not worry your hard work will
    pay off via online money making. You have to
    build your profile strong enough to attract the
    customers and organization. That they call you to
    design and develop their sites.
  • Our experts consider this online making money
    high paid online earning job. 

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11.Make money online as SEO expert
  • You are well familiar with the power of Search
    engine optimization. This is one of the most
    popular to make money online. If you know the
    tactics of Search engine optimizations then you
    do not need to worry to make money online. 
  • Companies and organizations spend hundreds to
    thousands of dollars every month on Search engine
    optimization. So that their websites can get on
    the top of Google search Engine with their
    business keywords.
  • You can take training from different online
    tutors like Lynda, Udemy and many more. These
    sites offer you with Search engine optimization
    courses. Besides this you can learn Search engine
    optimization from our SEO Experts. They have a
    great vision in the field of Search Engine
    Optimization. Here you can learn practical search
    engine optimization tips and tricks to implement
    to rank the websites of your client organization
    and companies 
  • After you have a great practical and applied
    knowledge of Search Engine Optimization you can
    make money online easily.

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12.Make extra money through Micro-Working
  • You can simply and easily make extra money
    through Micro-working. If you are person who is
    already earning enough but want to add some extra
    and small online earning about two hundreds to
    three hundred dollars. Then you can become a
  • In micro-working you can get work from variety of
    sites. Tasks to make extra money like identifying
    an object, rating and commenting on different
    sites. Visiting some websites, finding content,
    content details, doing small research , writing
    small articles and many more tasks.
  • There are many websites for micro-working but our
    Telecom Experts have shortlisted them for your
    convenience. Sites like mTurk, MicroWorker,
    SEOClerk, GigWalk and many more where you can
    work as a micro-woker and make extra money.

13.How to earn money by selling on Fiver?
  • We always receive these comments that how to earn
    money on Fiver? We think that we have find the
    answer of their questions. Fiverr is such a place
    where you can do any service just for 5. You
    have to visit website Fiverr and check which type
    of the services and jobs you can do on Fiverr.
  • one of the ways to make money online is to become
    a seller on Fiverr and create your Gigs. Here you
    can make money online by telling people that you
    can do multiple tasks each for 5.
  • I have already told you as a freelancer, all that
    matters is your profile and gigs. People just
    visit your gigs and profiles to judge your work
    and devotion. Even if you complete one gig a day
    you can get 150 a day. And this amount means a
    lot to me. I do not know how you will enjoy such
    a huge amount by online earning.
  • You have to be skilful to survive on fiverr
    otherwise the competitors will take the bids.

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14.Earn money online from your smartphones
  • There are various smartphone apps that can make
    you earn money online just by doing some simple
    task. You have to complete simple tasks to earn
    money online on smartphones. 
  • There are at least ten apps that can earn money
    online and add extra income in the range of 100
    to 200 a month. You have to use your smartphone
    to take simple surveys, complete offers by signup
    on other websites, play games watching videos and
    many more.

How to make money online by selling photos online
  • There is an easiest and fastest way to make money
    online for persons who love capturing the moments
    in their cameras. You do not need the specific
    DSLR cameras for this purpose to earn money
    online. You can also use your smartphone for
    capturing photos. You have to take high quality
    photos of nature, places peoples, things,
    dishes,homes, etc. and sell them online.
  • There are number of sites like Shutterstock,
    Fotoila,iStockPhoto where you can easily submit
    your photos.
  • Whenever some customers wants to purchase your
    photos, you will get paid and make money online.
    The amazing thing is that you will paid for as
    many times as that picture will be sold.

Conclusion future Scoop
  • I would recommend viewers to start online earning
    today. Only little investment of money and your
    hard work, devotion, and your skills can earn you
    online money very fast. Do not disappoint from
    failures. Just backup with a new zeal and zest.
    Life is not a bed of roses you have to get
    started at some part of life, then why wait for
    tomorrow when you can do it better today to make
    your future bright.
  • For further information regarding ways of online
    earning you can visit following URLs
  • http//
  • For further queries about Scholarships, and jobs
    you can feel free to ask our Experts from

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