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Things to Know About Ad*Star Cement Bags


Ad*Star cement bags are heat-sealed PP bags & deliver excellent performance for high-speed filling processes & are widely used in the construction industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Things to Know About Ad*Star Cement Bags

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What are AdStar bags?
  • AdStar bags are heat-sealed polypropylene bags
    (no glue or stitching). These bags can be
    produced with valves or open mouth. They are
    widely known as Block Bottom Valve Bags. These
    bags deliver excellent performance wherever
    high-speed filling processes are used.
  • The development of a new sack concept was started
    by Starlinger in 1933. The idea was to take all
    the advantages of the traditional sack and
    combine them all into a new product, and thats
    how AdStar Bag was born.

What are AdStar bags used for?
  • Many factors are responsible that affect the
    quality of cement. Some of them are water ratio,
    aggregate ratio, temperature, humidity, and so
    much more. While transporting material, these
    factors start overwhelming the cement, ultimately
    you will opt for a packaging material preventing
    your product from each of these factors. Here is
    where Block Bottom Cement Bags or Ad Star Bags
    plays a vital role.
  • Cement bag manufacturers are aware of the vital
    role these bags play in transporting and storing
    cement by ensuring that the material is protected
    from temperature, humidity, and many other
    factors. The good news is, the applications of
    these bags are not limited to the storage and
    transportation of cement. They are being widely
    used for packing seeds, grain, spices, animal
    feed, fertilizer, and fine chemicals, to name a

The AdStar bag design
  • AdStar bags are manufactured without adhesives
    as their fabric is welded together with heat
    instead, specifically designed by keeping in mind
    the automated filling and handling processes.
    These bags are brick-shaped for hassle-free
    automatic handling and are tight and flexible
    like PE bags along with the strength and
    resistance of woven polypropylene bags.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of
these bags
  • Strength-
  • One of the most outstanding features of the
    AdStar bag is strength. These sacks are one of
    the strongest sacks available in the market. The
    fact that they are made from Polypropylene fabric
    imparts AdStar bags a high degree of resistance
    to any form of breakage or damage.
  • Easy to Store-
  • Owing to their rectangular shape these sacks can
    be stored efficiently using lesser space as
    compared to other types of bags as they can be
    stacked higher relatively easily. Due to their
    tensile strength and toughness, they can be
    loaded manually as well as automatically.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of
these bags
  • Resists Humidity-
  • AdSTAR Cement Bags consist of tiny microscopic
    holes that allow air to escape the bag and
    contain the cement without making any of it seep
    out. This unique design does not even allow
    humidity or rain to damage the material inside
    the bags. The cement stays packed properly even
    during transit and while loading and unloading as
  • Environment Friendly-
  • The significant reduction in breakage, in
    comparison with other contemporary sacks, has had
    environmental and economic benefits. Moreover,
    these bags can also be recycled as the
    polypropylene bags can be converted into 100
  • Ad Star bags are highly cost-effective and are
    15-20 cheaper than other paper bags or PE bags.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of
these bags
  • Protection-
  • Due to its high-quality woven polypropylene
    coated fabric, you can be assured that you will
    receive your product unharmed. AdStar bags are
    known for their high resistance to breakage and
    damage. It is strong, waterproof, and widely used
    for packing a variety of products.
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