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Top promotional wine bags models & why they make great gifts


Wine bottle bags are one of the most useful items you can think of if carrying these bottles has been a concern for you. Also, for gifting someone wine, you definitely need to find the best fit bag for carrying them and presenting in a decent manner. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top promotional wine bags models & why they make great gifts

Top Promotional Wine Bags Models Why They Make
Great Gifts
Promotional Wine Bags Over View
  • Wine bottle bags are one of the most useful items
    you can think of if carrying these bottles has
    been a concern for you. Also, for gifting someone
    wine, you definitely need to find the best fit
    bag for carrying them and presenting in a decent
  • At Bags247, we have kept these little things in
    our minds and have assorted a collection that
    truly meets your varying needs. Business owners
    can also use these custom wine bags to promote
    their brand by offering them to their customers,
    clients, employees, and business partners.
  • Most of our items are reusable in nature and can
    keep their effective presence among the users
    giving extended visibility to your brand name or
  • Our collection includes a non-woven single bottle
    bag, non-woven two-bottle bag, jute wine bag,
    canvas wine bag, one bottle jute bag, and more.
    The usual colors are natural jute colors, white,
    and black. The non-woven bags can be found in
    colors like orange, red, and others.

  • Professionals engaged in promotional activities,
    campaigns, and drive always look for some
    innovative products that can carry their brand
    name well.
  • In this regard, the use of custom printed wine
    bags, Australia has been effective because of its
    appeal and high impact. We have worked with a
    number of business owners and marketers who
    readily choose this product to get custom printed
    and circulated in the market.
  • A few reasons for this popularity are listed

Using Calico as Carry Bags
  • Reusable in nature
  • The durability and reusable nature of wine bags
    give good value for your investment. Once
    invested, your bag will be reused making their
    presence felt among the people. You can
    buy reusable wine bags wholesale and get a good
    deal on the cost.
  • Useful and trending item
  • Keeping wine bottles safe is very important.
    That is why everyone looks for a bag that can be
    convenient to use and safe to carry to long
    distances. Presenting such a bag customized with
    your logo or companys name is sure to get the
    attention of the user and all around them. You
    can make lasting impressions in the mind of
    people with the right use of these bags.
  • Eco-friendly material creates a good reputation
  • There are many types of wine bags available in
    the market. Most of them are non-biodegradable or
    made of expensive natural resources. While you
    use eco-bags made of jute or non-woven fabric,
    you end up building a good reputation as your
    item is reusable and nature-friendly. 

  • Types Of Wine Bags And Why You Should Choose Them
  • The very mention of the word 'wine' conjures up
    images of luxury, culture, health, intoxication,
    surreal landscapes, and pure celebration.
  • Different types of wines (and other intoxicating
    brews) have found formulation and eager consumers
    for hundreds of years.
  • In todays times, the practice of gifting wine
    has gained precedence, leading to the creation of
    products such as wine bags.
  • These are fashioned from a variety of materials
    such as cotton cloth, burlap, jute, flexible
    vines, and even high quality polyethylene.
  • The end product using such fabrics are the canvas
    wine bags, jute wine bags, cotton wine bags,
    non-woven bags, paper wine bags, fancy jute wine
    bags, and other types of bulk wine bags.
  • They remain popular because they protect bottled
    wine from extremes of temperature, light, and
    humidity, thereby preserving the wondrous brew
    from the elements.

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The material used to make these kinds of
wine bottle wraps are actually bent wood. They
cover the bottle well and protect them while
giving a very descent look. The ends are tied
with a fancy thread that adds to the attraction
of the wine bottle and its look. 
These are one of the eco-friendly options of
carrying the wine bottles. The non-woven bags are
biodegradable and do not harm the nature when
discarded. The bag can be used for carrying other
things as well. There are different sizes of such
bags and you can choose an appropriate one based
on your bottle size. 
These are the sturdiest and lasting option for
carrying the wine bottles. They come with padded
handles as well as with drawstring closure.
Whatever be the look of the bag, rest assured
that the bottles are safe inside such bags. They
are also available in attractive colors and
designs. These bags allow good quality printing
of companys name or logos and hence they are
used as custom-wine bottles for promotions and
brand advertisement.
They come in beautiful color and embossed
with some designs. The string handles are easy to
carry and look great. These foldable wine
bags are easy to get printed and used as
promotional wine bags allowing companies and
brands to increase their brand visibility. You
can use ribbons across them to make them look
like an impressive gift. 
  • Why use wine bags?
  • Carrying a bare bottle does not look good.
    Neither are they safe considering the bottles are
    glass material. So, here are a few reasons as why
    you should use wine bags?
  • Safe Carriage of Glass Bottles
  • Modern wine bags are designed with utility in
    mind. When equipped with handles and other
    carriage devices, the wine bag serves as a safe
    refuge for expensive bottles of vintage brews or
    recent wines. In effect, wine bags add a high
    level of mobility to bottled wine, thereby
    encouraging the wide geographic dispersion of
    fermented liquids and lubricating the idea of
    social intercourse. The use of bulk wine bags can
    serve as an interesting stimulant to modern
    commerce, wherein wine producers can export their
    prized produce to distant markets and earn
    handsome profits. We could also view wine bags as
    a promoter of Mediterranean culture to different
    points of the globe.

  • Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic
  • Wine bags fashioned from natural fibers present a
    wonderful alternative to plastic carrier bags.
    The exacting dimensions of such bags allow them
    to carry a variety of wine bottles, thereby
    preserving the integrity of the product and
    projecting a distinctive, aesthetic silhouette.
    These bags infuse interesting shapes into the
    domain of carrier bags and remain a cornerstone
    of visual novelty in the everyday lives of human
    beings. In fact, reusable wine bags can find
    multiple uses as storage units that can contain
    minor household effects, thereby reinforcing the
    concept of a domestic environment free of
  • Reuse the wine bags at home
  • Non-woven wine bags present extremely sturdy and
    durable carriage products. Clusters of such bags
    can be deployed to amplify limited storage space
    inside cabinets, shelves, and closets. Small
    items of value such as jewelry, watches,
    pendants, writing instruments, medals, bunched
    packages of coins, etc. represent ideal materials
    that can be stored safely inside wine bags. In
    addition, foldable wine bags that offer large
    capacity storage can be deployed as part of
    innovative storage solutions (for small items of
    clothing, cleaning materials, provisions) at home
    and other domestic spaces.

  • Plethora of designs in Wine Bags
  • Mass production techniques have enabled the
    creation of cheap burlap wine bags that lend
    themselves to imaginative uses of such products.
    For instance, interior design professionals can
    integrate numbers of such eco-friendly products
    to create unique design artifacts and outstanding
    artistic creations. These could add visual flair
    to trade shows, outdoor children's fairs,
    business conventions, the interiors of a
    warehouse, commercial premises, retail outlets,
    and pop up stores. In addition, marketing
    professionals could deploy quantities of such
    bags in the form of customized reusable wine
    totes that broadcast the sponsor's brand signage
    in multiple locations.
  • As part of Gift Kits
  • Wine bags can serve as decorative items when
    socialites and (party animals) brainstorm
    custom-designed gifts for friends and family
    members. A large woven cradle can house a
    top-notch bottle of wine, a wine bag shod in
    soothing colors, bags of crackers, packs of dried
    fruit, canisters of sparkling water, and boxes of
    exotic cheese. These stupendous gifts can emerge
    as conversational items that add high flavor to
    year-end social events, and other occasions such
    as weddings, anniversaries, etc. The wine bag can
    be inscribed or decorated to serve as a unique
    reminder of time spent in the company of loved

Top Reasons Why You Should Gift A Wine Bag
Why wine bags as a gift? Wine bags represent an
interesting image - that of a cloth article that
can hold a decent bottle of bubbly intoxicant,
such as wine. Such combinations are a perfect
example of adding a dash of excitement to a party
event, social gathering, birthday celebrations,
wedding anniversary, etc. A range of stylish wine
bags has established a firm presence in the
market for interesting gifts. These represent an
upmarket alternative to traditional glitzy
packaging materials, paper bags, plastic bags,
etc. We will explore the rationale for gifting
wine bags in the paragraphs below. 
Occasions on which you can present wine bags as a
gift Wine bags are a typical gift item and might
not suit all the occasions. So, here are a few
selective occasions when you can consider
presenting them as a gift.  Anniversary Gift
Extraordinaire Sets of printed wine bags loaded
with bottles of fine wines (such as champagne)
can distinguish a wedding anniversary
celebration. Each wine bag can showcase a
gorgeous color such as peach, rose, and
silky-shiny black. When affixed with bow ties,
each bag presents a fine instance of a wonderful
gift that lifts the spirits of the celebrations.
Hosts and guests can partake of the wine and
admire the fine presence offered by these wine
bags. Social Events The smooth texture of wine
bags and promotional wine bags makes them ideal
for gifting during social events. A small
collection of such bags can add interesting
variety to a large hamper of gifts bearing wine
bottles, glasses, packets of crackers, and
selections of fine cheese. Each bag can sport a
variety of designs and colors, thereby adding to
the visual variety encased in the gift hamper.
Hosts of the social event can elect to load wine
bottles into the bags and display the article to
admiring guests and visitors.
Wine bags as return gifts These are ideal as
return gifts for guests who have completed a
commercial cruise-vacation on the high seas, for
instance. Organizers of the cruise line can
consider gifting reusable shopping bags wholesale
Australia as part of their public relations
exercise. The cork print imagery emblazoned on
these bags makes for an interesting visual, while
the bottle of wine should help win the hearts and
minds of well-heeled vacationers. Likewise, they
can also be gifted to the esteemed guests of a
five star hotel, the regular visitors of a club
or a community party program. Community events
and festivals Organizers of a literary event,
festival, or book reading sessions can package
special gifts in wine bags wholesale Australia.
These bags present an environment-friendly
alternative to plastic bags and therefore, help
raise the level of public awareness on the
earth's natural environment. Shades of shimmering
gold or the royal vibes of a solid purple can
distinguish the wine bags, effectively turning
them into conversation pieces for those attending
such events and festivals.
Corporate events There are many special days in
any organization which they celebrate. A few of
them include the foundation day of a company, the
annual day, sports day, family day, festive
celebrations etc. In all these occasions,
presenting your employees a promotional wine
bag can do wonders. This gift would not only make
your people happy but will also do the most
needed promotion of your brand in a subtle way.
you just need to get the bags customized
beautifully with your logo and brand name. not
only the users but others around the bag will
also get a look of your brand name and would know
about your brand.
  • Where to buy wine bags wholesale Australia?
  • Online portals are stocked up with a variety of
    wine bags you can easily see, compare, and buy.
  • At Bags247, our collection mostly comprises
    of eco-bags which make very good fabric for
  • You can buy them in bulk and they designed or
    printed the way you want.
  • Our creative designers can offer you some good
    ideas as well to make your bag look beautiful and
    communicate your message effectively.
  • Place an order for bulk wine bags at wholesale
    rates and get them delivered at your doorstep.
    Call us NOW!

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