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Cut Down Your Packaging Cost With BOPP Bags


There are many types of packaging bags are available in the market but #BOPPbags are the best choice for all businesses because they provide various benefits at low cost and leave a mark for a long time. To know how these bags help in increasing profit by working cost price. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cut Down Your Packaging Cost With BOPP Bags

  • Cut Down Your Packaging Cost With BOPP Bags

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Packaging is an integral part of industries.
Without packaging, it is impossible to transport
products from one place to another. Let's check
what is BOPP bag is, its features and
specifications and its application in different
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What Is BOPP Bag?
  • It stands for biaxially oriented propylene bags.
    These bags are similar to woven bags. The only
    difference between woven bags and BOPP bag is
    that later comes with a BOPP lamination. The
    lamination on the woven bag made the BOPP bag,
    which turned out attractive and more robust than
    PP bags.
  • Here is how these bags are manufactured. At
    first, high quality woven bags are made,
    following the regular weaving process. 
  • After the final manufacturing of woven bags,
    printed BOPP film is laminated over it. The film
    gives the bag its final appearance. It contains
    the brand image, log, packaging details. Along
    with that, it increases the strength and
    resistance of the bag many times.

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The Application of BOPP Bags In Different
  • Pet Care Products
  • Agriculture Sector
  • India has a huge market for pet food. It is a
    safe and cost-effective alternative to pack food
    for pets. It is because woven BOPP bags are
    chemical resistant and stain-resistant.
  • Besides that, pet food manufacturers have
    increased in the market. The increased
    competition has also raised the need for enticing
    packaging. A presentable packaging bag becomes a
    need in this condition. Earlier printed woven
    polypropylene sacks were used, but now people
    have been replacing them for all good reasons. 
  • In India, the agriculture industry is one of
    the biggest consumers of packaging bags. Every
    year, a million tonnes of bags are used to pack
    harvested grains, and polypropylene woven bags
    have the highest percentage among all the bags
    used. BOPP bags application is more ubiquitous
    for retailing purposes.

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The Application of BOPP Bags In Different
  • Food Packaging
  • Building Material
  • The food packaging industry has become giant
    and global in the past few years. And the
    packaging has a significant contribution in it. A
    food without safe packaging cannot stay for a
    longer time.
  • The BOPP bags inherit all traits of
    polypropylene sack/bags because of being derived
    from the same, used for packing food in retail
    quantities. Many times small packages are
    repacked in jumbo bags or wrapped in PP fabric
    (PP woven fabric roll is used for the purpose) to
    ensure double safety of a package.
  • You must have seen PP cement bags, plaster
    mix bags and other dry material bags. The
    packaging bags used for these materials often
    remains enticing, having information with minute
    details. Most organizations are drifting toward
    these bags because these bags are printable and
    dyeable without limitations. In addition to that,
    the bags also comprises all the characteristics
    that pp woven bags possess. They are robust,
    resistant to moisture, suitable for automated

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  • BOPP bags have a wide application in different
    industries because of their characteristics. And
    despite being so versatile, the cost of these
    bags is much lesser than other alternatives. By
    including BOPP bags in the system, businesses are
    cutting costs spent on packaging significantly.

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