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How long will you knee replacement last?


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Title: How long will you knee replacement last?

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Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospitals, Indore M.S
Orthopedics, Specialization Joint Replacement
How long will you knee replacement last?
A knee replacement treatment is carried out when
a knee joint becomes so damaged (from age,
injury, or disease) that it cannot be repaired
naturally. Damage to a joint can cause
significant discomfort, trouble moving around,
reduced mobility, impaired range of motion, and
oedema. Knee replacement surgery is a great way
to provide long-term pain relief. It's when a
prosthetic knee is implanted in place of the
patient's natural knee.
The artificial knee is expected to perform the
same functions as the natural one it replaces.
Patients who have knee replacement surgery regain
complete mobility in their knees and relief from
knee discomfort.
The reason why do we need Knee replacement
Knee replacement surgery is typically performed
to alleviate arthritic discomfort. Patients
needing knee replacement surgery typically have
mobility issues, making everyday tasks like
walking, stair climbing, and getting out of seats
Surgery on the knee often allows for replacing
only the damaged component. When a total joint
replacement is necessary, the shinbone and
thighbone ends are reshaped, and the joint is
resurfaced from top to bottom. These skeletons
have tough outer walls and a softer inside tube.
The prosthetic components' ends are implanted
into the bones' more malleable medullary cavity.
Tissue bands called ligaments aid with joint
stability. If the ligaments in your knee aren't
up to the task of keeping the joint stable, your
surgeon may recommend connecting implants to
reinforce the joint.
What is the Expected Life of a Knee Implant?
Knee replacement operations require an implant or
prosthesis, which unfortunately does not endure
forever. The average lifespan of a knee
replacement is 20 years. If you have a knee
replacement before you're 50, you'll probably
have to have it redone at some point.
Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Knee Implant
You can't make your implant stay forever, but you
can take steps to make it last as long as
possible. After undergoing a knee replacement
procedure, consider the advice below.
Stay away from anything too physically demanding.
Physically demanding activities, such as
participating in contact sports or engaging in
vigorous exercise, can significantly accelerate
the wear and tear on a knee replacement. A knee
replacement will eventually need to be replaced,
just like your car's tires. You can speed up the
implant's degeneration by using it too much.
Therefore, while exercise and an active lifestyle
are recommended, they should be kept to moderate
levels. Aquatic sports, for example, place less
stress on the body's articulations and can be
enjoyable for people with joint pain.
Try not to lead a sedentary existence.
As with any artificial joint, knee implants
should not be used if the patient leads a
sedentary lifestyle. To ensure optimal implant
performance, you should maintain a regular
walking schedule. Physical treatment to
strengthen the knee joint structures may be
necessary if knee pain reappears a few months or
years after surgery. Weight gain, another problem
for a knee replacement, is exacerbated by a
sedentary lifestyle.
Maintain a healthy balance between rest and
The state of your implant is directly related to
your general health in many ways. Therefore, to
provide a healthy environment for the knee
implant, it is vital to take good care of your
overall health and chronic illnesses, such as
diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.
To conclude 
You and your orthopaedic surgeon may discuss
protecting your knee implant and lowering the
likelihood of future revision surgery.
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