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Myths and Facts on Total Knee Replacement (TKR)


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Title: Myths and Facts on Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

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Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospitals, Indore M.S
Orthopedics, Specialization Joint Replacement
Myths and Facts on Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
Any invasive procedure to any part of the body is
a concern to every patient. Everybody has
apprehensions about many things about any kind of
surgery even if it is a very minor surgery.
People would rather take medicines than go for
surgery. But some conditions can only be
rectified by surgery. As far the knee goes, it
goes through a lot of wear and tear and is prone
to a lot of injuries both due to age-related
issues like in elderly people and excessive use
issues like with a sportsperson. These injuries,
whatever the reason, may need surgery and some
may heal on their own with rest and medication. 
Most of the time the patient hesitates to go for
surgery due to some hearsay myths about the
surgery. Let us debunk some myths about Total
Knee Replacement Surgery. 
Myth 1. Bending the knee correctly would be a
problem after surgery. Fact the surgery is
aimed at giving you discomfort-free knee
movement. You will surely be able to move your
knee correctly after the proper and complete
rehabilitation process is done.
Myth 2. Knee replacement surgery is for elderly
people only. Fact Knee replacement surgery does
not have age limits. Whenever you have a knee
problem that has to be rectified by Knee
replacement it is better to get it done. The
sooner the better as delay in surgery may cause
further complications.
Myth 3. Foreign metal or prosthetics means side
Fact The most compatible metals and prosthetics
are being used to replace the worn out, torn or
damaged parts of the knee. Knee surgery has a
gone a long way in improving the standards of its
implants and nowadays they offer no adverse or
side effects at all.
Myth 4. recovery would be slow and would need
regular physiotherapy.
Fact Very few people require physiotherapy after
the surgery. The surgeon or the doctor himself
trains the patient how to walk and what
precautions to be taken and exercises to be done.
Most of the patients start walking normally from
the 5th week. 
Myth 5. High risk of failure The only risk with
this surgery and that too it has only been seen
in less than 2 of patients getting Total Knee
Replacement surgery. Moreover, it is just a
matter of proper care of the wound till it heals.
This risk is there in almost all invasive
Myth 6. Cannot drive after knee replacement
surgery. Facts Driving is the next thing you
are eligible to do after you start walking after
a knee replacement surgery. Driving does not
exert much pressure on your knees so it is a very
comfortable experience after knee replacement
Myth 7. Diabetes and blood pressure patients
cannot undergo a knee replacement surgeon. Fact
it is a thing of the past, now surgeons give you
pre-operative medications and stabilize you
before do the knee replacement surgery. 
Myth 8. Total knee replacement cannot be done
twice. Fact It can be done twice mostly it is
called a revision joint replacement surgery. 

Myth 9. lasts for only 10 years Fact The modern
computer-assisted knee surgeries and highly
compatible implants and advancement in the field
of knee surgery have given it a longer life span.
Most of the surgeries have been studied to last
more than 20 years and in some cases even up to
25 years. 
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