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Myths & Facts about Robotic Joint Replacement


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Title: Myths & Facts about Robotic Joint Replacement

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Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospitals, Indore M.S
Orthopedics, Specialization Joint Replacement
Myths Facts about Robotic Joint Replacement
Joints are one of the most intricate joints in
your body. It is a stress absorber connecting the
thigh bone to the shin bones (the tibia and the
fibula). A coordinated network of bones,
ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and nerves allows
you to move your joints whether walking,
squatting, or standing. Robotic Joint
Replacement surgery may be required if any of
these joints are damaged due to injury,
arthritis, or another ailment.
In these processes, precision is crucial. More
precise measurement instruments aid in surgical
planning and execution.
New medical technologies are becoming
increasingly available in today's environment.
For example, using robots to perform joint
replacement surgeries is becoming increasingly
With the help of robotic technology, an
orthopedic surgeon may perform precise joint
replacement surgery. As a result of this
technique, the surgeon can insert implants with
nearly perfect orientation and almost 100
precision, resulting in a more pleasant joint for
the patient.
Robotic Joint Replacement myths and realities
We now know enough about the procedure to dispel
some myths and reveal the reality behind complete
joint replacement surgery.
Myth Robotic joint replacement surgery has a
poor rate of success,
Fact  Many patients lives have been changed for
the better thanks to robotic joint replacement.
The success rate of Robotic Joint Replacement
surgery averages around 95. joint replacement is
the best surgical treatment for people who can't
do simple daily tasks because of joint problems.
Joint replacement is a reliable method of
relieving pain and restoring full mobility.
Myth Putting off getting a robotic joint
replacement for as long as possible
Fact It is unwise to put off joint replacement
surgery until the discomfort becomes unbearable.
It will only worsen if you don't get the
If you suspect a joint problem, make an
appointment with your doctor and ask about a
robotic joint replacement. As a result, surgical
intervention should never be considered a last
Myth Joint Replacement Patients Cannot Drive
After Recovery.
Fact  This is a ridiculous urban legend. After
having joint replacement surgery, getting behind
the wheel is less challenging. You shouldn't get
behind the wheel until your doctor's cleared. The
typical recovery time for a patient to return to
driving is between six and eight weeks.
Myth Total joint replacement surgery requires
months of rest
Fact  Patients' health and post-operative care
need greatly influence how long it takes to feel
back to normal. Some people can return to their
regular lives just a few weeks after joint
replacement surgery.
Myth - Elderly patients aren't good candidates
for robotic joint replacement.
Fact  The question of whether or not replacement
is effective for elderly individuals is a valid
one. Fortunately, age is but a number for total
joint replacement.
Whether the patient is 45 or 65, age is never a
barrier to surgical intervention. However, a
surgeon's approval for surgery is usually
contingent only on the patient's clinical
Myth A simultaneous operation on both joints is
Fact  Aside from extreme cases, no medical
professional would advise undergoing multiple
joint surgeries. It is recommended, however, that
both joints be replaced simultaneously. The time
it takes to recover from surgery on both joints
is the same as that for a single joint, and you
only need to make one trip to the hospital.
Myth A joint replacement will only last ten
Fact Because of the development of cutting-edge
healthcare tools and procedures, Robotic Joint
Replacement has become a viable option for the
treatment of
Today's surgical procedures are very dependable,
and the associated risks are lower than ever. A
correctly performed joint replacement operation
is permanent. Regular monetisation by medical
professionals is all that is needed.
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